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Jul 22, 2021

July 27, 2021: First 1/6 Hearing and the Mercury-Pluto Cycle

by Jude Cowell

Thursday July 22, 2021: Recently we discussed the two horoscopes of the 1/6 Trump Mob Attack along with the July 27th First 1/6 Hearing when topics such as intelligence communications and the possible exposure of a variety of secrets will be on the House Select Committee's agenda going forward. And of course, you know that America in July 1776 was founded under a surveillance-oriented Mercury-Pluto opposition (24Cancer11 Rx vs 27Capricorn33 Rx), an ambitous, strategy-prone Moon-Saturn influence across Astrology's security polarity and suggesting General Washington's use of spies against the enemy. History rhymes!

So nowadays, having transit Pluto within orb of America's first-ever Pluto Return (2022) repeats 'hidden hand' Pluto's original aspects from 1776. Transit Pluto has been opposing 1776 Mercury for a while now within a 5-degree orb resulting in an intense period of obsession, misused or abused information, subversive activities, intelligence endeavors, news of space travel (Bezos!), powerful plans, and subtle manipulation of thought and action. Through Mercury-Pluto, struggles for control are front and center during this period yet big-picture conflicts can also erupt underneath the surface of public awareness in a subversive or underhanded way.

1776 Pluto's other aspect is a beneficial trine with 1776 Neptune, a generational influence in which societal institutions provide a measure of comfort (ex: stimulus checks) and potentials for societal conditions to facilitate an increased level of power from higher sources (whatever they may be). Of course, we can't have Pluto without Mercury's involvement so a Mercury-Neptune sextile is implied (from Cancer to Virgo) which is suggestive of a period of deeper intuition, broader perspectives, inspired solutions, and media involvement. Travel, especially over water, may also be indicated.

Add to this the transiting Saturn-Uranus square, now waning, which has increased opportunities for rebellious, even violent acts and 'inspired' revolts against the law.

Then add these dynamic energies to the ongoing Neptune in Pisces opposing US natal Neptune in Virgo and we're experiencing various forms of persecution and exploitation along with serious health problems, for as you know, the Virgo-Pisces axis tends toward victimization vs rescue issues in society as the contagious Covid pandemic is having its way with the unmasked and the vulnerable while tragically forcing our hospital systems and medical workers into crisis mode once again, due to the tragically increased contagiousness of the Delta variant.

So with the first 1/6 Hearing scheduled for July 27, 2021 at 9:30 am edt on Capitol Hill, it seems to me that a DC Horoscope of a related cosmic event which perfects on Sunday July 25, 2021 might contain information within, so below is a bi-wheel of the 2021 Mercury-Pluto Cycle as shown by their Conjunction of January 4, 2021 (just prior to 1/6!), center, and their culminating July 25th opposition surrounding; as always your on-topic, name-tagged observations and any encouraging Share you can spare will be much appreciated:

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