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Jan 2, 2024

Horoscope: US Chiron Return April 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Issuing from the late afternoon July 4, 1776 Horoscope of America (DoI) with its 4th house Chiron @20Ari08, here is the first of three Chiron Returns for America in our era. As you see, multiple astro-notes are penned on the chart, and the dates of Chiron Returns #2 and #3 are listed, upper right corner:

As you see, this Return occurs on April 20, 2024, the day of the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction and the freedom issues and the potential for breakthroughs that the duo's 14-year meeting tends to herald.

Now other American Horoscopes may be used for Return charts with slightly different results, but one reason I continue to like the late afternoon chart for July 4, 17776 is Chiron's Sabian Symbol and the implications of its the 4th house placement of Roots: because after all, our nation did begin with pugilists (aka, combatants) fighting on behalf of independence and freedom from the Big Bully across the sea. Plus, in general the 4th house = Basis/Foundation, and Domestic Scene (and Ending/The Drain but let's not go there: these are what our country's enemies are attempting to achieve: the ending of America and the destruction of democracy here and worldwide so Vote Blue in 2024).

For as we know in 2024, a Big Bully and his comrades are inside the house and doing as much damage as they can.

Yet despite this, Chiron in Aries is an optimistic placement for the Wounded Healer centaur, aka, The Key, and suggests that for best results, our focus should be on our willingness to take risks on behalf of the freedom to do and know more and this resonates closely with the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction - on the very same day!

Then as you know, there's another prominent cosmic event due in April 2024: a Great American Eclipse number 3 of 3 @19Ari24, a visionary affair that precisely conjuncts transit Chiron and sets up the globe for disruption and a change of direction!

On a personal note as 2024 begins: Continuing to write and publish Stars Over Washington takes resources for paper, ink, and keeping a scanner-printer in working order. If you value my time-consuming efforts here on behalf of America, please consider subscribing once or monthly at Stars Over Washington's Patreon account. And as always, dear reader, Thanks a Bunch for reading, Jude

Dec 1, 2023

Dec 1, 2023 George Santos expelled from Congress!

Under a YOD pattern's influences of crisis, turning point, karmic opportunity, and/or a special task (with possible health implications), indicted grifter George Santos was expelled from the 118th Congress this very morning by 311 to 114.

Now as you see below, the base of the YOD pattern is formed by a Mercury-Saturn sextile with this morning's Moon at apex along with the natal Sun of Mr Santos. It seems that a personal completion of some sort has occurred for Mr. Santos with Moon-to-natal-Sun and transiting Luna as timing device. Potentials are penned on, lower right corner.

A Bi-Wheel of DC Horoscopes: George Santos "noon" natal (inner) surrounded by today's transits at 11:20 am est which is the time I deduced from watching C-SPAN when the overwhelming vote to expell the Republican grifter occurred:

Other planetary contacts are in force as well such as the 11:20 am IC (Endings) conjunct the natal Jupiter of Santos (@00Gemini+ = Alcyone: "something to cry about" - the end of his lucrative career of financial schemes), and today's Sun conjunct his natal Neptune-Pluto midpoint which is the axis of Organized Crime and/or Strange Influences.

Few study notes are added to the bi-wheel but you'll spy other contacts between the charts, I'm certain, so do as you will and as you want!

Please note today's timing may be off a bit but the Moon-to-Sun and other transits hold true.

Nov 7, 2023

When Pluto 00AQ opposes Pluto 00Leo

Pluto: Hidden Power, Manipulation, Subterfuge, Wealth

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Shown below is a bi-wheel of two DC Horoscopes of the first time that transit Pluto reached 00Leo00:00 on October 7, 1937 (first of 5), and the first time that transit Pluto reached 00AQ00:00 (first of 5) on March 23, 2023.

Diametrically and exactly opposed, this plutonian stand-off identifies the watershed moment of 2023 within the titanic, no-compromise power struggle now causing turmoil, unrest, and animalism across the world. (Yes, Pluto entered these signs in past centuries but that's not the issue of the moment.) The stand-off provides information such as the Solar Eclipse Saros Series of influence operative in October 1937 (11 South: 'systems fail; new methods are needed; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed'), and influences operative in March 2023 (6 South: 'forcefully taking power; manic energy; huge effort in group activities; sudden events'; 6 South is the 'Nazis Rise to Power' Eclipse of August 1932, and is the Series that brought us Midterms 2022 and a gaggle of Maga House members.

These dates reveal cosmic time links for cyclical historical study for those who are curious about repeating events and similar conditions ("history rhymes"), and/or are interested in discovering hidden motives which are passed down through generations - either biologically, ideologically, or both. As you see, additional study notes are penned on the image - and prominently, Pluto is Angular in Washington DC:

Pluto-Pluto: 1930s vs 2023/24 across the Self-Will Axis

Pluto to 00Leo00:00: 1. October 7, 1937 (shown above); 2. November 25, 1937; 3. August 3, 1938; 4. February 7, 1939; 5. June 13, 1939. Naturally, you recognize this timeframe as part of Germany's Nazi years of the 1930s.

Pluto to 00AQ00:00: 1. March 23, 2023 (shown above); 2. June 11, 2023; 3. January 20, 2024; 4. September 1, 2024; 5. November 19, 2024.

And the moral of the story? Please Vote Blue in November 2024 so that these won't become the barbaric "Nazi years" of our era.

For historical context you may wish to see: WWII Dates and Timeline (September 1931--September 1945).

Solar Eclipse info: Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad.

Sep 25, 2023

Oct 23, 2023: Chesebro-Powell J6 Trial

For your consideration!

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy and the common good

Two images today, a total of three horoscopes, sans my study notes. The first image displays dual horoscopes of the 7 South Solar Eclipse of October 14, 2023 @21Lib07 - upper right set for Washington DC, lower left set for Atlanta, Georgia where the J6 trial of two conspirators, Kenneth Chesebro and Sydney "Kraken" Powell will commence with first-day jury selection:

Then below is a 10:00 am edt (speculative hour) horoscope of the Chesebro-Powell J6 Trial set for Atlanta, Georgia; if you set up the horoscope, adjust the timing of your chart according to the trial's opening hour as it's known. And for comparison, note that if the October 23rd Trial Horoscope is set for Washington DC, the Midheaven (Goal Point) becomes 13Vir23 conjunct Venus @13Vir29 with Venus in Virgo relating to morality and ethics, and the sign of Mercury-ruled Virgo preferring the facts; perhaps Venus in Virgo represents prosecuting DA Fani Willis:

Plus, 29Sco43 rises ("30Sco": "A Halloween Jester"), then there's a potential for (activist) Mars @7Sco45 in 12th house in the J6 Trial Chart and decision-making Mercury @2Sco09 conjunct the Trial's 10:00 am 12th cusp to signify the forcing of a hung jury for one or both defendants due to one or more bribed jurors (Jupiter Rx in Tauru$ opposing Mars). Of course, ideological and/or political motivations (Merury-Mars conjunct = political opinions) will also be involved no matter how this, or any other J6 trial, proceeds:

For a view of a notated 7 South Eclipse DC Horoscope with 7 South themes penned on, mosey over to a previous SO'W post.

Sep 20, 2023

118th Congress w/ Govt Shutdown Oct 1, 2023

by Jude Cowell, a partisan for democracy and the common good

Just a quick posting of a bi-wheel of DC Horoscopes: the 118th Congress (inner) surrounded by a chart showing the possible GOP government shutdown (outer) set for October 1, 2023 12:00 am EDT, Capitol Building. Why quick? Because the shutdown may not happen at all, and because my time is as valuable as any of the Utopian idealists now working to sabotage the House of Representatives in their determination to destroy the US Congress, the US Justice System, and the federal government via the White House -- in words, our three branches of government are obstacles to their take-over agenda as is the US Constitution.

Of course, harming President Biden in case it boosts Republicans in November 2024 would be a bonus of causing yet another shutdown, they think, and the collateral damage to the US economy and to the lives of the American people - well these are only necessary side issues for the GOP. They'll even blame Democrats for any negative shutdown consequences if they can! And significant damage to the US Military is well underway thanks to Mr. Tuberville.

Yet this hostage scheme hasn't worked well for Republicans before but we do get to marvel at their neurotic activity as a head-against-wall exercise while expecting different outcomes. Be sure to note the Neptune/MC notes penned on, upper middle.

Meanwhile at home, the GOP's aberrant, underhanded behavior allows the American public and the entire world to witness them (self-styled ultra-magas) as they follow orders from their overlords, enemies of the US, both foreign and domestic. Why, even their cult idol Herr Trump must act under orders even though his mind is so addled lately he thinks he ran a race against President Obama!

Anyway, here's the bi-wheel. Do with it whatever you can:

Hopefully you can enlarge the image if you wish and read my study notes of which there are many.

Aug 10, 2023

Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn-Neptune at Aries Point!

by Jude Cowell

Two images of DC Horoscopes for your consideration are shown, below.

The first is a bi-wheel of the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction of June 8, 2010 conjunct the Aries Point of world events surrounded by the upcoming Saturn-Neptune Conjunction of February 20, 2026 which also perfects upon the Aries Point of manifestation.

Societal conditions have changed quite a bit since 2010, as I suspect you can tell just from this brief comparison alone. Of course, following current events and monitoring what's changed in your personal life must agree, with or without the addition of Astrology's As Above, So Below.

Even so, my study notes are squooshed upon the bi-wheel and may be difficult to read so I've added a second view, a dual image of both conjunctions: Jupiter-Uranus 2010 (first of the planetary duo's three conjunctions into 2011 which are listed on the bi-wheel and highlighted in green meanwhile, the 2010 Conjunction in the dual image is shown (lower left) while the Saturn-Neptune Conjunction of 2026 - which will occur only once - is upper right.

Yes, the two conjunctions are 16 years apart, however, both represent major rufflings of the most sensitive of the four Cardinal World Points, the powerful, pioneering Aries Point which is ruled, as you know, by energetic Mars. This cosmic circumstance tends to put us in mind of the annual Aries Ingress (aka, Spring Equinox) when a new yearly cycle of activity begins and hope tends to spring eternal, while all planetary conjunctions signify the beginning of a new cycle:

And if we read the two conjunctions as 2026 transits to the 2010 planets, we have potentials for: limitations or restrictions of expansion and/or freedom, a time for the wealthy class to give back some of its gains, unorthodox ideas or methods are rebuffed or rejected, delays but carefully laid plans can still succeed, idealism becomes fanaticism, get-rich-quick schemes flourish, unrealistic expectations cause conflicts in society, changes and reforms are unpredictable and/or innovative, plans are implemented, and/or confusion and nervousness may undermine progress.

These possibilities and influences are shown via cosmic time links (2026 to 2010) spotlighted by the fact that both conjunctions occur at a prominent point in the Zodiac. Naturally, other planetary influences are involved and must be factored in along with Solar and Lunar Eclipses, plus, a look back at the decade of major events of the 2010s can refresh memories and suggest society's ongoing issues and concerns which must continue to be dealt with for it does no positive good to turn away from our problems.

Now disagree as you wish, dear reader, but there it is.

Jul 10, 2023

DC Horoscopes: Autumn Equinox 2023 and Winter Solstice 2023

Just a fairly simple publish of two dual chart images. They're the same dual images except that the first charts are unmarked and may be suitable for printing, the second charts have been messily marked up by yours truly with my study notes for the curious reader.

Both horoscopes are set for Washington DC:

Autumn Equinox 2023 (lower left) with 9Leo52 rising - and the lustful 7 North Solar Eclipse of April 20, 2023 @29Ari50 conjunct Autumn EQ Midheaven (Goal Point: Jan 6th Mars in the spotlight), and Winter Solstice 2023 (upper right) with 10Vir02 rising and a revealing 8th house midpoint picture of Jupiter-Neptune = Chiron, a cosmic echo of Trump's 2nd house Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio of speculation, fraud, scandal, political conflicts - and his wounded belief system. In fact, Chiron @15Aries (truth seeking) opposes Trump's natal Chiron @15Libra (which values competition--M. Pottenger).

That Autumn EQ Mars conjuncts Trump's boundary-breaking stationary Jupiter suggests the exaggerated role he has and will play in society into next year, plus, upcoming legal decisions for or against him along with possible financial and/or political settlements reached.

Then at Winter Solstice 2023, transit Mars conjuncts the December 12, 2023 New Moon @20Sag02 (and conjuncts Trump's natal South Node, then his natal Moon: anger; separation; more belly-aching and a new cycle of activity) suggesting that rash actions and violence are potentials - in other words, he'll be hot under the collar, with possible health consequences such as thyroid or other glandular issues (R. Ebertin) or even stomach ulcers (M. Munkasey):

For more 2023 eclipse information see 'Fascism Rising' Eclipse of 1933 repeats in 2023 (the current 7 North eclipse as I type); and the forceful, crisis-prone 7 South Eclipse of October 14, 2023 @21Lib06 which will ruffle Trump's Progressed Moon - symbolic, yes, but can be useful as a timing device.

Jun 6, 2023

DC Horoscopes: Trump Lawyers' Meeting at DOJ June 2023

Not much time to discuss the following two horoscopes, one set for June 5, 2023 at 9:50 am edt in DC, the speculative time that the 2-hour meeting began between Trump lawyers and DOJ lawyers, Trump's "please don't charge me" meeting. The other chart (upper right) is set for 11:50 am, the time that Trump lawyers were seen leaving the DOJ building after the approximately 2-hour meeting. Was a plea deal discussed? That seems to be the going suspicion since Jack Smith may be charging Trump this week, or very soon:

Now I agree with you, dear reader, there are way too many of my study notes squooshed upon the charts but one major factor worth a mention is the Venus-Pluto opposition (00Leo/00AQ) that squares Jupiter, North Node, and Midheaven ('MC'). Then as a planetary duo, Venus-Pluto may symbolize a variety of factors such as extreme wealth hidden away (aka, squirreled away), plus, underworld associations (exs: the mafia; the Syndicate; the Family), sex-drug-human trafficking, embezzlement, money laundering, and other criminal acts. "King of Debt" Trump's serial use of bankruptcy may also be part of the Venus-Pluto picture. And remember Trump's natal Moon's Sabian Symbol, "A Chinese Laundry."

Of course, with Venus-Pluto contacts there's often an urge to control conditions, events, and/or people in order to assure desired outcomes, but one assumes that agent orange has little chance of gaining such control these days - unless he tries to use the documents he purloined for bargaining his way out of the legal messes he's in, or at least mitigating his legal consequences somewhat. That's with US national security as his hostage, of course, although one must suspect that that particular horse has already left the barn for destinations unknown. (Stealing secrets for his handlers was part of his original mission, you know, and the top price gets 'em).

In closing, please note that at 11:50 am edt, a midpoint picture forms that suggests, "using dubious practices to increase power and reputation" (M. Munkasey), as he's done all this life. And as you know, Trump's desperation is shown in the above charts, and has been obvious for some time with his ALL CAPS shout-outs. Perhaps you'll look for more clues!

So is it finally time that the despised and dangerous arch criminal is held accountable by the US Justice Department? Will his natal Jupiter-Uranus trine of lucky breaks let him down at last? What do you think?

Jun 5, 2023

DC Horoscope: Summer Solstice 2023

Here is a fresh copy of the Summer Solstice 2023 Horoscope set for Washington DC, June 21 10:57:48 am edt, the first moment the Sun reached Cardinal World Point 00Can00:00; as you see, events are weighted on the public side:

Of note is the rounded-up degree rising which is "4 Virgo": "A Colored Child Playing with White Children" and as usual, in America this is a weighty word picture heavy with centuries of woeful baggage. You'll draw your own conclusion about what this could mean for Summer Season 2023 but obviously, racism continues to simmer in our country, formerly touted as a 'melting pot' of nationalities before foreign and domestic enemies of America stirred the pot in order to divide-and-conquer We the People against one another.

Then a prominent 10th house Sun shines on the World Stage (10th h) with speedy Mercury the Messenger also prominent @18Gem37 but intercepted since Midheaven ('MC') = 29Tau10. Therefore, there are Mercurial details and information which must be dealt with if karmic progress is to be made, and with Gemini, sign of The Twins involved, duplicity is always a caution, along with the potential for beans to be spilled or leaked, most notably concerning the multiplicitous allegations and crimes of Geminian Trump and his comrades.

Notable solar aspects include a beneficial trine from Saturn (seniors, lawyers, authorities, managers: cooperation among leadership figures) with Saturn conjunct Descendant (possibly a traditional partner or adversary: Saturn in Pisces = 'stuggles with an opponent': campaign 2024 heats up) while a Sun-North-Node sextile suggests opportunities for positive contacts and meetings, some public.

Meanwhile, Summer Solstice 2023 Moon (the public) in Sun-ruled Leo (Sun and Moon in mutual reception: on friendly terms) may feel ready to celebrate the summer but perhaps a bit on the down-low since Luna is in the shy, retiring, political 12th house along with Venus and Mars, also in dramatic, romantic Leo (secret affairs?). Yes, an applying conjunction to Venus from Luna hints that a lighter mood may be in store yet we know that the Moon indicates fluctuations and/or changes, so moodiness may also be a factor. Plus the Moon-Venus duo can refer to expectant mothers, and we know how certain politicians are determined to interfere with pregnancies and force their way into examining rooms - private bedrooms, too, if given a chance.

For as you know, compassion-free, anti-women political agendas enacted in various states have already caused death, suffering, and loss for women and families and here we see loss-leader Neptune in 8th house conjunct its cusp in sad if compassionate Pisces. Unfortunately, an uptick in Covid cases and other infections may also be on our summer menu, so please take care. Meanwhile, transformative Pluto, back at his critical 29th degree of governmental Capricorn, holds sway in the 5th house of Children, Creativity, and Risk-Taking, with the Neptune-Pluto duo a signifier of underworld criminal elements (organized crime) and bizarre religious networks, both of which interfere in political and legal matters.

Now in closing, it would be remiss of me not to mention that Summer Solstice 2023 Mars @18Leo39 hits The Tower Eclipse of August 11, 2018 with 2018's eclipse Mars @00Aquarius now in progress of being hit repeatedly by transit Pluto, a karmic contact par excellence. The Pluto-to-Mars contacts involve both the US Inaugural Sun (POTUS) and the December 21, 2020 Great Mutation of Jupiter and Saturn meeting in airy Aquarius which timed the start of a 20-year cycle of social, financial, religious, and political orders - which relates back to Trump and violence (Mars-Pluto) since he was posing as POTUS in the White House in December 2020 and making plans to forcefully remain in power.

All in all, Sumer Solstice 2023 begins a pivotal season for our nation in need of rebuilding (The Tower Eclipse) yet we don't need Astrology to inform us of this, for we can simply read or watch events in the news with all the karma of reaping what was sown that results, both positive and negative, with motivation a major determining factor.

Apr 28, 2023

DC Horoscope: Inauguration 2029

Sun-Pluto: Power, Control, Paternalism, Wealth

by Jude Cowell

In this, the 18th year of writing Stars Over Washington and dissenting against what corrupt politicians have "done with the place" in many instances (exs: preemptive wars; torture; lying the American people into war; CEOs supporting insurrection; finagled financial crashes and recessions; our two-tier legal system; class warfare; Citizens' United; domestic and foreign bribery of politicians; a corrupt, unreliable SCOTUS, etc), this particular Daughter of the American Revolution realizes that Inauguration 2025 might be America's final presidential Oath-taking - assuming that Election 2024 manages to go reasonably well despite the massive amount of sabotage being utilized against our nation.

Therefore, all these things may make the following publish of DC Horoscope: Inauguration 2029 pointless unless the Federal Government can get every one of its ducks in a row and bolster all three of its branches - each one created with an oversight duty to monitor the others.

So for the sake of comparison, below are two unmarked Horoscopes: Inauguration 2029 and Inauguration 2025. From the position of radical rebel Uranus, America's 'totem planet' of war, we find that the US will experience a Uranus Return between the years 2025 and 2029. Actually, due to retrogradation, it's a triple Return (to 8Gem55), exact from July 2027 to the third Return in May 2028. Of course, other planetary changes, shifts, and contacts occur as well during the time frame but are beyond the scope of this limited post.

Inauguration 2029: January 20th 12:00 pm est Capitol Building:

Inauguration 2025: January 20th 12:00 pm est Capitol Building:

For details see When Pluto Hits America's POTUS Sun.

Now obviously, as transit Pluto in recent years has crept through Capricorn, met US 1776 Pluto, and recently lumbered into Aquarius, the Inaugural 10th house Sun-Pluto situation of power and control shown in both charts takes precedence at a primal level since Sun = leader/leadership of the country, and transit Pluto, planet of Underworld elements, is now in process of overtaking or melding with US Inaugural Sun.

So perhaps an addition of Sun-Pluto potentials in Politics and/or Business can be instructive, so here is Michael Munkasey's Hegelian Dialectic form describing the power-drenched planetary duo affecting the Presidency of the United States more strongly than ever before with transit Pluto reaching Inaugural 10th house.

Please note that any, all, or none may apply - not to worry but to inform:

Thesis: Changes of policy or direction from leadership; new leadership and the changing of policy and direction; the governing authority used to control threatened dissent or subversion despite its cause or sources.

Antithesis: Accumulation of an excessive amount of armed strength; the use of secret police to exert authority and control over others; the influence of criminal organizations; extremes of corruption that wastes resources.

Now it may seem that a sense of inevitability is indicated by the Pluto-to-POTUS-Sun transit, and I suppose on a karmic level, it is. Yet there are ways of doing things that don't have to be fascist or dystopian, despite all the TV shows and movies with such themes that we've been plied with through decades. Yet instead, why can't our national Uranus Return period reactivate us as a unified people motivated by the intense desire for freedom and independence from paternalistic tyrants so that We the People demand a strengthening of our democratic Republic, as President Biden now envisions, and let fascist saboteurs relocate themselves to wherever their barbarism is appreciated.

If such a place exists upon the Earth.

Recommended: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, M. Munkasey #ad.

Feb 14, 2023

Spring EQ 2023: Secrets, Delusion, Power

Here's the Spring Equinox 2023 (Aries Ingress) Horoscope set for Washington DC, our representative for America herself; March 20, 2023 5:24:48 pm edt; chart and midheaven ruler Mercury @3Ari24 conjuncts 8th cusp and makes no applying Ptolemaic aspect; with Mercury in Mars-ruled Aries at this Hour of Mars in chatty Gemini, we may expect the typical abundance of discussions, debates, quarrels, and boasts to continue, and with Pluto @29Cap57 leading a BOWL shape of planets (advocacy of a cause or leading a mission: see 30Capricorn, upper right) from 5th house of Speculation and Risk-Taking, there's an inconjunct (adjustments needed) between manipulative Pluto and activist Mars, out-of-bounds @28Gemini (Bankruptcy) and acting aggressively, even rashly, in the visible 10th house.

See the note in the center of the chart and please enlarge the image to read my study notes, if you wish:

Now with moneybags-banker-corporatist-guru planet Jupiter in the corporate 8th hou$e, and wealthy Pluto manipulating with his usual secrecy ("30Cap"), there are multiple indications of financial waste, potential theft, and budgetary difficulties (ex: debt ceiling issues simmering), along with America's usual obsession with power, politics, and domination.

However, expansive Jupiter conjuncts Astraea, asteroid of Justice! So is it possible that the thieves and crooks who bedevil us will finally get what should be comin' to 'em?

Well, running in the background of Spring Season 2023 are influences from the 6 South Solar Eclipse (@2Scorpio) with its forcefully taking power theme (ex: 118th House of rude, crude MAGA Republicans) - at least operating for about a month until the next solar eclipse in April. But we know that good faith actors can use the eclipse energies, too, to positive effect such as we saw during President Biden's SOTU 2023 Address when he "owned" the MAGA hooligans. This was a well-deserved comeuppance, in my book.

And with the solar eclipse in Scorpio, sign of Big Business, death and debt concerns, and spying, you know the related events and topics that dominate the news cycle these days, both here and abroad. In politics and business, it seems that betrayal, faithlessness, and corruption surround us along with disguises and deceit. For these are some of the tactics the 'haves' use to exploit the 'have-nots' at every opportunity!

Then sad to say, mass immigration remains atop America's menu with multiple adminstrations doing little if anything to solve what may be an unsolvable problem as long as Central and South America are under siege by violence and corruption.

It astounds me how most DC politicians act as if they're unaware of the real cause of our border conditions: people seeking refuge and safety. But if our immigration problem were solved, Republicans would lose it as a wedge issue against Democrats - and it isn't as if GOP candidates have popular policies to run on!

Meanwhile, the Spring Equinox Sun @00Ari00:00 joins Neptune and the Moon (25Pis18/18Pis38; the mass delusion pair) in the 7th house of Partnerships, with Jupiter and Chiron remaining in 8th house while asteroid MIDA$, the gold hoarder, sparkles in 10th house. Perhaps evaluation and/or currency issues will be on display once again.

Then as you see, a few midpoint pictures are notated for the curious - three involving Neptune, planet of deception, delusion, illusion, gaslighting, grand schemes, oil and gas, toxins, negative escapism, mass media, and fraud.

Well, that's all I have for now although more details may become necessary as we inch toward Spring Equinox 2023, so stay tuned!

Dec 28, 2022

Why Congress Can't Cut Defense Spending: Feat. Rep. Mark Pocan - clip

Here's a recent segment from a Thom Hartmann broadcast with guest Rep. Mark Pocan:

And here's a nostalgic view of the Pentagon's founding horoscope (April 29, 1942) with its war-waging, out-of-bounds Mars in Moon-ruled Cancer (touchy!) at apex of two difficult midpoints: ruthless Saturn-Pluto and fanatical Uranus-Pluto, creating both brutal and intense conditions.

Additionally, snugged around this particular view of the Pentagon 1942 chart is the DC Horoscope of the 12 North Solar Eclipse of January 15, 2010 (@25Cap01, in the highly sensitized area of governmental/legal Capricorn which includes US Pluto Return, a three-fer due to planetary retrogradation).

As for America's years of out-of-this-world amounts of defense spending, we might consider Capricorn eclipses for their negative implications of ruler Saturn: avarice and selfishness which impede karmic progress and identify the imperative to adhere to conservative Saturn's demands for self-control, conscientiousness, sober thinking, and self-discipline when it comes to financial investments (rather than clearing out the National Treasury - and all the while promoting austerity for the masses).

From a previous post, let's close with a quote clipped from President Eisenhower's famous 'Chance for Peace' speech of 1953, an era when the Republican Party wasn't sadistic, brutal, deceptive, and crass as it is now:

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children."

Mar 9, 2022

DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2022

Morals, Ethics, Spies, Gossip, and Finances

March 9, 2022

by Jude Cowell

Today just a quick look ahead at the Autumn Equinox 2022 Horoscope of September 22, 2022 with Venus in Virgo in her role as chart-ruler - conjunct US 1776 Neptune and reminding us of the ongoing Neptune-oppo-US-Neptune transit (clashing ideals; persecution), and conjunct fixed star Denebola ('to go against society; against the mainstream'). A few notes are penned on the chart for the curious but with events and upsets occurring thick and fast these days, it's too soon to make very much of the planets' activities six months from now. But for you I'll try.

Because after all, Midterms 2022 with a Taurus Lunar Eclipse will occur during the Autumn season - and the Eclipse rises in the Autumn Equinox 2022 chart seen here.

Autumn Equinox 2022 in DC: General Indications

Sun 00Lib00:00 at 9:03:31 pm edt: Hour of Jupiter Rx.

Morals and ethics are in the Venusian spotlight, shabby wealth is suggested when US Neptune is added to Venus-Neptune, and Venus opposing Neptune indicates illuions-delusions, spreading vicious gossip, shameless exploitation, and/or empty diplomacy. Yet Venus in Virgo is intercepted in 5th house (Placidus House System; opposite, Pisces and Neptune are intercepted in 11th house along with the Syzygy Full Moon @17Pis41) so for those who use them, this suggests karmic conditions that must be dealt with such as problems which have been passed down from previous actors, and possibly festering. Of course, currency devaluation may be one of those problems with petro-dollar issues in question. And don't look now, but hiding under a Neptunian veil is Nemesis Rx @23Pis26, the position of the April 12, 2022 Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction, the speculation, inflation, and grand spirit pair. There are spies lurking in America's financial branches, cyber and otherwise, while corporations raise prices because they can.

Then, Venus trining Pluto denotes those who can read body language and use it to their advantage, plus, the possibility of turning the tables on the past; major financial matters are also suggested by the Venus-Pluto duo (exs: 'private wealth in hidden places' along with 'attracting elements of organized crime' - Munkasey; additionally, the planetary duo may also link to bankruptcy).

We should note that the Leo Moon is unaspected (detached, estranged) yet Luna reflects her waning light upon two asteroids Ceres ('democacy'; security; oil and gas production; family; motherhood, nuturance) and Kassandra (a prophetess no one believes). Sadly, separated parents and children may be implied here, along with a continuation of the potentials for fluctuating food shortages and empty shelves. The world is ill on multiple levels.

Meanwhile, the Sun @00Lib00:00 conjoins Mercury Rx in the Sun's natural 5th house of Children, Speculation, and Creative Pursuits, and 2nd hou$e Mars @17Gem04 conjoins Herr T's natal 10th house Uranus, his guiding planet of chaos, rebellion, and disruption (obviously here, money is involved). Then as you see, radical Uranus Rx @18Tau34 rises with the North Node (@14Tau17 - conjunct Menkar and US Inauguration Ascendant) suggesting focuses on saying what needs to be said, plus, changing the world, new contacts, and a need for feedback.

Powerful, subversive Pluto Rx @26Cap10 has crossed Midheaven (in DC - also conjuncts US Inauguration MC) while leading a ruthlessly determined executive focused on success pattern, a Locomotive shape of planets; Autumn 2022 begins during a Balsamic phase of the Moon, a dark phase when things go bump in the night, and forecasters like Kassandra make their predictions. Or read their scripts.

Then there's 10th house Saturn Rx @19AQ19 conjunct the generally accepted position of Herr Putin's natal North Node suggesting isolation and teamwork becoming more difficult as time goes on. Also karmic Saturn rises with Alpheratz, a cosmic combo that reduces the star's usual gifts of independence, freedom, honors, and riches, and hints at darker potentials such miserliness, decreasing popularity, and fatal tumors.

So! As always, you're invited to leave your on-topic, name-tagged comment (no ads or personal insults) with this post if you like. Don't be shy! jc

A Related Post: Two Karmic Eclipses That Affect 2022 Midterms.

Feb 15, 2022

DC Horoscopes: The Eclipses of April and May 2022 (unmarked)

February 15, 2022

Below you see a bi-wheel of the April 30, 2022 Solar Eclipse @10Tau28 in the 6 North Saros Series, inner, with its themes of 'relationship to father figures, authority figures, or the need to take responsibility and control; commitments are presented, possibly due to another person's unreliability or illness' (paraphrasing B. Brady).

Outer is the DC Horoscope of the May 16, 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse @25Sco17 where we see the 'Marseillais Trio' of violence aligned (Mars-Neptune-Jupiter) but unlike their alignment during the French Revolution, expansive Jupiter here conjuncts the Cardinal Aries Point of World Manifestation after leaving shady Pisces where gaslighting Neptune and activist Mars continue to lounge and lurk; the Mars-Neptune conjunction perfects 2 days later on May 18, 2022 - and they are not the most reliable pairing of planets especially considering America's foggy Mars-Neptune square of 1776:

Therefore, April and May 2022 are colored by the intense, often financially inclined Taurus-Scorpio polarity (across the 2/8 axis in DC which includes the National Treasury) and suggests the signs' Venus-Mars-Pluto influences. To me it looks as if a multitude of secrets and inconvenient facts will be revealed or leaked under the 'cosmic blink' influences of one or both eclipses, and changes of direction may become necessary. However, we should note that solar eclipses in Venus-ruled Taurus time a period when reliability, perseverance, and determination are spotlighted along with the typical potentials for Taurean growth and development.

Negatively, rigid resistance to change and bullheadedness will continue to be perpetrated by malcontents, while positive efforts must be constant and must resonate with and satisfy actual needs if karmic progress is to be made in society. Now Taurus prefers stability, as you know, and its inflexibility can often be an asset so perhaps a sort of balancing act is what is suggested here along with a sense of moderation.

But there's more for earlier in April 2022, a planetary pair which also relates to finances (plus, stock market bubbles, fraud, inflation, a lack of reality) come togther as the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune @23Pis59, an approximately 13-year cycle which last conjoined three times all through 2009 as President Obama navigated the Financial Crash of Bush and Cheney and was working to somewhat mitigate the collateral damage which landed upon the shoulders of the American people who paid - and continue to pay - so dearly for the heist.

Feb 3, 2022

Feb 2022 DC Horoscopes: New and Full Moons Leo-AQ (unmarked)

February 3, 2022

In answer to a regular reader's request, here is a dual image of the DC Horoscopes (unmarked) of the February 1, 2022 New Moon @12AQ20 and the culminating February 16, 2022 Full Moon @27Leo59. Notable for those who use a late-degree Aquarian Moon for the American people (July 4, 1776), the Sun at the Leo Full Moon shines upon US natal Moon spotlighting relationships and/or achievements; negatively, there may be a need to avoid exhibiting stubborn pride, showing willfulness (Leo-AQ: self-will axis), and disagreements or confrontations with authorities:

Now here's a famous quote by a leader born under the Sun AQ-Moon Leo combination of conscious + unconscious energies:

"My people and I have come to an agreement - they are to say what they please, and I am to do as I please." - Frederick the Great (RR: AA; with his Leo Moon conjunct karmic Saturn).

Jan 25, 2022

NATO and the October 2022 Solar Eclipse of Power and Control

Re-Typing a Post Under Mercury Retrograde!

by Jude Cowell

January 25, 2022

After Blogger erroneously 'ate' yesterday's posting of the following bi-wheel of charts just after my post went Live on SO'W, with today's effort I'll try again with a re-publish of NATO's 1949 Horoscope, its "into effect" chart as signed by President Truman, surrounded by the 6 South Solar Eclipse Horoscope which manifests on October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio - conjunct NATO's Ascendant (the organization itself). 'Conjunct Ascendant' makes the 6 South Eclipse of 2022 and its themes significant to, or prominent for, the organization and its objectives with issues of 'taking power and control' on the menu.

So with my usual desire to be helpful, 6 South themes of influence are listed on the chart (upper right) highlighted in orange along with a few other details such as potentials offered society by all Scorpio solar eclipses (top left). A prominent NATO midpoint picture is penned in the center of the bi-wheel and in part suggests NATO's 'cautious nature':

Also note that with the October 2022 Eclipse comes a potential for a change of position in Jupiterian realms (Saturn-NN = Jupiter: Senators Sinema or Manchin? Russia and Ukraine?), and the 2022 Eclipse conjunct Venus denotes that material values are on the disruptive 'cosmic blink' menu of the eclipse. In fact, Scorpio's intense Mars-Pluto influences simmer while NATO's Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') @8Taurus themes rumble in the background with its 'prophetic dreams and visions' vibes that include the requirement to persistently stand against all regressive obstacles (exs: neo-naz*sm, Putin, other incursions and conflicts: wars and rumors of war; and/or Ds vs Rs?) while avoiding obstinacy, intolerance, and greediness which are downsides of Venus-ruled Taurus. It's a tall order, isn't it?

Back In April and August 1949

Yet to me it seems that positive influences (protective, practical Taurus, a money sign of growth and development) must have inspired the formation of NATO (founded April 4, 1949 with US Neptune rising in Virgo and US Mars in Gemini at MC - our hard-to-control Mars-Neptune square - yet negative or misguided influences always wait in the wings for use by unscrupulous participants harboring greedy desires and old grudges.

'Cosmic Blinks' = 'Wild Cards of the Universe' 1932/2022

And so we should note that the manifestation of a 6 South Eclipse in 1932 is the one I tend to call the 'Nazi Rise to Power Eclipse' and includes the fact that the 1932 Eclipse @8Virgo was conjoined by NATO's Saturn-Moon-Sun trio in Virgo as the organization became operational in 1949 - with Saturnian karmic implications of restriction upon 6 South Eclipse themes, thankfully enforced after WWII. (Please note that my relatives fought the Naz*s in WWII and I have not the least intention of cheering for today's version of the brutal blighters.)

NATO's Jupiter Return/s Perfected Three Times in 2020

Then as you see, 2022 Pluto in Capricorn recently conjoined NATO's 1949 Jupiter Rx, exact in December 2020, and marking a Jupiterian-Plutonian period when political and economic objectives become expansive, even to the point of fanaticism, as greater power and control are sought. Simultaneously, transit Pluto also opposed NATO's Mars in Cancer adding a strong hint of conflict to the powerful, manipulated Jupiterian picture. Of course, NATO's Jupiter Rx wields the handle of a Sling shape of its 1949 planets (large and in charge?) and falls within what has become a highly sensitized area of the Zodiac in our era, not the least of which is due to the harsh, compressive energies of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 on January 12, 2020. And as noted, NATO's Mars-Jupiter opposition was 'hit' by transformative Pluto, and suggests the potential to attempt more than can be kept under NATO control - unless the opposition's gift of objectivity is carefully and honestly utilized. Perhaps powerful Pluto came along by transit and is supporting this.

Or not. For on this very day, Plutonian despot Putin has threatened America if Washington dares to restrict his expansion into Ukraine, including cyber attacks and/or in other ways of his devising. Meanwhile, gas pipelines from Russia are under threat by Germany. Checkmate?

So as you've heard, "US troops are now on high alert" as are military forces of other countries, members of NATO. And is the number 8,500? Well, hopefully, no US president is hapless enough when facing conflict with a Nemesis to publicly name the true number of troops being geared up for such a disclosure would inform America's opponents!

Saturn-Pluto Conjunct and in Opposition

So obviously, NATO went into effect in 1949 after the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction of August 1947 @13Leo07, the conjunction acting as a cosmic timer of great frustration with limitations and restrictions, although positively their combined energies can provide responsible members of society with endurance, stamina, and an opportunity to create a new framework for dealing with the laws of society. Notably, their exact opposition of 1931 perfected during the hard economic struggles of the Great Depression, and we know what cruelty and hardships the 2001 Saturn-Pluto opposition brought to the world (as manipulated by unscrupulous individuals holding grudges and with a lust for power and wealth).

Meanwhile, we both know that there are many real-world implications suggested by the cosmic links between NATO planets of 1949 and the 6 South Eclipse of October 2022 particularly in light of the current rise of anti-democratic authoritarianism and dictatorships across the globe, harsh and draconian in nature, and once again striving to take over America as it did unsuccessfully in 1933.

In Conclusion: Can Forewarned Be Forearmed?

Now while I don't intend to promote a warlike stance for the US, the above bi-wheel is shown here due to the October 2022 Solar Eclipse 'hitting' or 'eclipsing' the natal Ascendant of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, aka, NATO, with forceful 6 South 'taking power' vibes, as previously noted. May NATO be forewarned!

Now admittedly, one of my hopes is that a reader's curiosity may be stirred toward more research and consideration of the possibilities as reflected upon the Earth, then perhaps adding your on-topic observation to this post. However, what most Americans don't want to do is to display excessive upset or paranoia over what Putin might impulsively do as he struggles to gain more territory, power, and status in the world because exhibiting emotional upsets would play into his grasping claws as he continues to undermine America and the democracy he malevolently hates. As usual, such a creature always looks for pretexts intended to 'justify' his actions. Therefore, despite sore-loser Republicans' political opposition to any and all of President Biden's efforts, our faith in American leadership must never be abandoned, no matter what the nay-sayers say!

For more eclipse info see Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad.

And if you, dear reader, need a lift after reading this rather drab post, why not watch Thom Hartmann's recent interview with Democratic strategist Joe Trippi, More Optimism, Less Gloom in 2022!

Nov 14, 2021

A Few Cosmic Considerations as 2021 Nears Its End

Karmic Eclipse Themes Undergird Events; Solstices and Equinoxes Are Timers

by Jude Cowell

Image: 'Blue Winter's Path'; pencil on paper; by Jude Cowell Art 2021

Sunday November 14, 2021

As Astrology always reveals, it's the Winter Solstice Horoscope that takes us from one year into the next and holds particular influence as its planets reflect earthly events until Spring Equinox of the following year. In fact, it's illuminating to consider both charts for a fuller picture, perhaps in the form of a bi-wheel with the Winter Solstice chart snugged inside since it is the first cosmic event to occur. One might also take a Spring Equinox Horoscope and add the Winter Solstice Horoscope for the same year to see how things are moving along, especially since Spring Equinox charts are 'good for' an entire year and may be considered via transits, directions, and such.

So as 2021 nears its end, here's an excerpt from the previously published Winter Solstice 2021 Horoscope (DC Horoscope shown):

Winter Solstice 2021 falls within the 5 New South Eclipse Series which manifests on December 4, 2021 @12Sag22 with benefits promised. (The 12Sag Eclipse is in 9th house of {the Winter Solstice 2021} chart conjunct Midheaven although it isn't penned upon the {Solstice} chart - and the Midheaven is unaspected by any planet so the beneficial themes of the eclipse may be the objectives of the winter season!

(For more chart details, follow the eclipse's link.)

Therefore, considering President Biden's legislative efforts in Congress this year, such beneficial objectives and the good news that comes with them (ex: his Infrastructure Bill) seem to be a given. A 'given' representing progress to some legislators for the American people (aka, the common good) but improvements to block and delay for others who are regressively minded as they work to accomplish an authoritarian take-over of the US government, a fascist/corporate effort that failed in 1933. And of course you know which political party is which within our current circumstances as transit Neptune in Pisces opposes US natal Neptune in Virgo (clash of ideals; racial and other persecutions across the Virgo-Pisces victim/savior axis). Plus, transit Pluto is already within orb of America's first-ever Pluto Return - exact three times all through 2022 as societal scaffolding is forced to collapse and traditions and laws are sabotaged and ignored. Yet we know that the fascist plot of 1933 became known as 'the businessmen's coup' and it failed, just as it should have.

This time, after decades of patient planning, the plot has widened and a multitude of wealthy corporations and CEOs are funding the fascist coup attempt yet it's imperative that the traitorous saboteurs and criminals who have infiltrated and infested America must be made to fail again!

And on that note, thanks go to journalist Judd Leggum and this staff, because the public can know what many corporations are up to in private while funding far-right efforts against democracy - despite what their gaslighting public relations people say in public.

So if you haven't, see EXCLUSIVE: How corporate PACs are plotting to "move beyond" January 6. Why, they're part of a global crime syndicate of saboteurs and malicious schemers so it's no wonder their heinous efforts and thuggish acts of violence are difficult for the little ole US Congress to hold accountable.

Because after all, these crooks have got friends in high places.

Looking ahead, here's the Spring Equinox 2022 Horoscope (aka, Aries Ingress 2022) and here's the DC Horoscope with details on the 5 New South Solar Eclipse of December 4, 2021: The Karma of Past Actions.

Nov 11, 2021

DC Horoscope: Spring Equinox 2022

Spring Equinox (Aries Ingress) Horoscopes Are 'Good For' the Entire Year

by Jude Cowell

Thursday November 11, 2021: In answer to a reader's request, this partial post displays the Spring Equinox 2022 Horoscope set for Washington DC (as representative of America) which perfects (Sun to 00Ari00:00 = the Aries Point of World Events) on March 20, 2022 at 11:33:20 am edt; as you see, a few chart factors are penned upon the image:

Related Posts: DC Horoscope of the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction of April 12, 2022 @23Pis59. And here's the Spring Equinox 2021 Horoscope under the influence of which I now type.

Sep 8, 2021

DC Horoscopes Oct 2021: Saturn and Pluto turn Direct

by Jude Cowell

Wednesday September 8, 2021: Below is a dual image of the exact moments that two karmic planets Station and turn Direct in October 2021: Pluto @24Cap18:51 on October 6th, then Saturn @6AQ52:43 on October 10th.

As you know, Sabian Symbols of station degrees tend to be prominent in some way in relation to current circumstances: Pluto at "25Cap" = "An Oriental Rug Dealer" (perhaps representing 'dealer' Tr*mp with his 10th house natal Uranus 'oriental' = his guiding planet of chaos, disruption, and shocks to the system - oriental because his Uranus @17Gemini rises last before his natal Sun but the Symbol obviously may also relate to a Middle Eastern person or events such as Afghanistan withdrawals); Saturn at "7AQ" = "A Child Born of an Eggshell" which I've often used to suggest the Oval Office and its inhabitant, but can also relate to current issues over abortion, anti-abortion, Roe v Wade - and anti-women Taliban-esque laws in places like Texas.

See what you think October 6 and 10, 2021: Pluto Direct (lower left) and Saturn Direct (upper right):

Study notes are penned on the charts. A midpoint picture found in both charts is Neptune-Pluto (criminal syndicate/s, organized crime; crooks and swindlers) = expansive Jupiter @22AQ22/24 ("23AQ" = "A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws" which always reminds me of Russia with its bear symbol, and of the wide-girthed Herr Tr*mp, the fraudster. Social and political pressures are additional potentials of this midpoint picture yet it may also denote a "Thank God" situation or exclamation!

Now I confess that having Tr*mp and his natal planets splatted all over these October 2021 horoscopes was not my druther but there he is (ex: his 2nd house Jupiter Stationed @17Lib27 features in both charts). Another point worth mentioning is that October 10, 2021 is the day of a Lunar Return for him and as you see, the Moon in the Saturn Direct chart is @21Sag05 so his Moon Return (21Sag12) perfects at 10:28:58 pm edt that evening. Ascending at that hour in Mar-A-Lago, FL will be 20Gem19 which allows his tiresome old Uranus-North-Node-Sun trio to rise once again. My apologies, but there it is. So obviously His Mouthiness has more to say, do, and pretend in his role as the worst, most vile albatross to hang around America's neck in US history. For as you know, he aggressively targets the American people with his malicious, vengeful venom as we see by his natal Mars rising in opposition to We the People's natal Moon.

Related: The current cycle of October 2021's two stationing planets began with the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 (a governmental degree) on January 12, 2020, which just happened to conjunct the natal Vertex (fated encounters) of Herr Tr*mp - our "representative" at the time and a cosmic synchroncity which emphasizes the karmic nature of US conditions and events.

Jul 22, 2021

July 27, 2021: First 1/6 Hearing and the Mercury-Pluto Cycle

by Jude Cowell

Thursday July 22, 2021: Recently we discussed the two horoscopes of the 1/6 Trump Mob Attack along with the July 27th First 1/6 Hearing when topics such as intelligence communications and the possible exposure of a variety of secrets will be on the House Select Committee's agenda going forward. And of course, you know that America in July 1776 was founded under a surveillance-oriented Mercury-Pluto opposition (24Cancer11 Rx vs 27Capricorn33 Rx), an ambitous, strategy-prone Moon-Saturn influence across Astrology's security polarity and suggesting General Washington's use of spies against the enemy. History rhymes!

So nowadays, having transit Pluto within orb of America's first-ever Pluto Return (2022) repeats 'hidden hand' Pluto's original aspects from 1776. Transit Pluto has been opposing 1776 Mercury for a while now within a 5-degree orb resulting in an intense period of obsession, misused or abused information, subversive activities, intelligence endeavors, news of space travel (Bezos!), powerful plans, and subtle manipulation of thought and action. Through Mercury-Pluto, struggles for control are front and center during this period yet big-picture conflicts can also erupt underneath the surface of public awareness in a subversive or underhanded way.

1776 Pluto's other aspect is a beneficial trine with 1776 Neptune, a generational influence in which societal institutions provide a measure of comfort (ex: stimulus checks) and potentials for societal conditions to facilitate an increased level of power from higher sources (whatever they may be). Of course, we can't have Pluto without Mercury's involvement so a Mercury-Neptune sextile is implied (from Cancer to Virgo) which is suggestive of a period of deeper intuition, broader perspectives, inspired solutions, and media involvement. Travel, especially over water, may also be indicated.

Add to this the transiting Saturn-Uranus square, now waning, which has increased opportunities for rebellious, even violent acts and 'inspired' revolts against the law.

Then add these dynamic energies to the ongoing Neptune in Pisces opposing US natal Neptune in Virgo and we're experiencing various forms of persecution and exploitation along with serious health problems, for as you know, the Virgo-Pisces axis tends toward victimization vs rescue issues in society as the contagious Covid pandemic is having its way with the unmasked and the vulnerable while tragically forcing our hospital systems and medical workers into crisis mode once again, due to the tragically increased contagiousness of the Delta variant.

So with the first 1/6 Hearing scheduled for July 27, 2021 at 9:30 am edt on Capitol Hill, it seems to me that a DC Horoscope of a related cosmic event which perfects on Sunday July 25, 2021 might contain information within, so below is a bi-wheel of the 2021 Mercury-Pluto Cycle as shown by their Conjunction of January 4, 2021 (just prior to 1/6!), center, and their culminating July 25th opposition surrounding; as always your on-topic, name-tagged observations and any encouraging Share you can spare will be much appreciated: