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Aug 29, 2021

Neoliberalism: America has Arrived at One of History’s Great Crossroads - Thom Hartmann

August 29, 2021: Here's a recent Thom Hartmann segment explaining once again Neoliberalism and the damage it has done:


And as noted in a 2019 SO'W post Reaganomics Eclipse 1981: A Turning Point for America.


William said...

Call it what you may, it is Neoconservatism. It has nothing to do with liberalism as I understand it. The fact that it misuses the term Liberal only strengthens the Radical right and their Know nothing stooges.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi William, Perhaps its inventors named it that for masking purposes (to make it sound better to the gullible). The scam has many labels and all of them S*ck. Jude

Neoliberalism "rejects the welfare state.",liberalist%20concept%20of%20government%20involvement%20in%20economic%20policymaking.