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Oct 27, 2021

The Big Brazen N*zi Rally of February 1939 NYC

Such a history has the perverted 'American N*zi Party' that even Wikipedia provides details for the curious.

Said to have been founded in March 1959, the party apparently was dissolved on January 1, 1983 but that specificity could depend upon whom you ask. The assassination of the party's founding leader, George Lincoln Rockwell, on August 25, 1967 in a laundromat parking lot by sniper and former Rockwell follower, John Patler, didn't seem to ruffle the party overmuch for soon the confirmed Hitlerist Matt Koehl took over leadership of the organization. Significantly, Holocaust denier Rockwell had been discharged from the US Navy because of his political views (ex: he 'credited' Jews with the US civil rights movement).

Yet without a specific date in March 1959 for the party's founding, the 1959 Spring Equinox Horoscope can yield interesting information as a symbol of the start of a new enterprise. A quick sneak-peek at the chart (not shown here) reveals the prominent Sun @00Ari00:00 (the Aries Point of World Events) in 2nd house and a 7th house Moon @14Leo10 conjunct the erratic planet of anarchy, Uranus Rx @12Leo36. Notably, the double Fire Aries-Leo blend of the party in 1939 is chocked full of 'big personalities' with zealous activist Uranus in vain Leo suggesting bold, enterprising radicals who gamble, speculate, and are adventurous, wasteful, and licentious.

Is it surprising that this also describes the licentious orange menace?

Well, to me it seems more elucidating to view a bi-wheel of the infamous N*zi Rally of February 20, 2939 held at Madison Square Garden NYC (inner set for 9:00 pm EST) with the "Trump 'victory' announced" horoscope of November 9, 2016 2:49 am EST (outer chart set for Washington DC; from news reports). Many of the planetary contacts (aka, 'cosmic time links') between 1939 and 2016 are circled and a few of the orange menace's natal planets (June 14, 1946) are penned around the bi-wheel and highlighted in pink - notably, his 2nd hou$e Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio rises, and in 2016 the planet of voting, Mercury @24Sco54, conjuncts his natal IC:

Listed are the two Solar Eclipses affecting each event along with their themes: 13 North @29Sco01 in 1939, and 19 North @9Vir21 in 2016 - opposed, you'll remember, by transit Neptune @9Pis16 which continues to cloud, veil, and gaslight 19 North themes of realism and seeing situations for what they really are (B. Brady). For as we know, it's difficult to "come down to earth" as 19 North eclipses suggest when eroding Neptune in shady, secretive, contagious Pisces opposes on every level the very idea of reality in order to keep in power, or re-install, a Jupiterian saboteur-and-despot in the Oval Office so he can finish 'blowing soap bubbles' as his ideological brethren did that dark night in 1939.

Please enlarge or print the bi-wheel if you're curious about more chart factors - Thanks! jc

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