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Jan 12, 2022

1932 to 1937 Eclipses Repeat 2022 to 2028

Must America's Fight for Democracy Last Into 2028?

by Jude Cowell

January 12, 2022

Our fight continues!

And in the November 24, 2021 broadcast of the Thom Hartmann Show Thom expressed what to me, based in part on my studies of eclipse cycles, an interesting idea about something I'd never considered in exactly this way: that the Nazi influence in the United States from 1933 to 1937 was huge. And although I've published multiple SO'W posts concerning conditions and events of those years, both earthly and cosmic, you'll find more of such, below. Notably, previous posts have concerned solar eclipses and their themes which run in the background of society and influence historical events, a well known correlation in the As Above, So Below tradition.

So thanks to Thom's remark about the 'Nazi years' of 1933 to 1937 and how Nazi characters of that era affected the US and how they attempted to overthrow the FDR administration in 1933 (and thus, the US government - as on January 6, 2021), it seems to me that we should look at the themes of the August 31, 1932 6 South Eclipse all the way to the last eclipse of 1937 (and all eclipses in between: 1935 was a very eventful year; ex: Herr Adolf armed Germany in violation of the Versaillais Treaty of 1919) for a look can provide us with hints of similar events and conditions to expect in that 'history rhymes' kind of way as these eclipses repeat in our era.

For me this information falls into the 'forewarned is forearmed' category, and, disagree as you wish, dear reader, there it is. After all, who can deny the negative conditions of current events and faithless actors? Yet as Thom Hartmann always reminds us, Despair is not an option!

Solar Eclipses from February 1933 to December 1937

February 24, 1933 @5Pisces 7 North: 'Deep, long-hidden passions and lust suddenly catch people off-guard' (to this I must add, blood lust because it's a Nazi tactic for grabbing power, and remains an obsession of the predatory destructive spirit that roams the Earth.

December 2, 1937 @10Sagittarius 12 North: 'Opportunities to accept greater responsibilities and make new commitments due to another person's inability to carry on; initial events are difficult but outcomes can be positive'. (Can be. Motive is everything.)

7 North to 12 North (1933 to 1937 and 2023 to 2028)

So the concentrated time frame that Thom mentions begins with the 7 North Eclipse of 1933 @5Pisces, until the 12 North Eclipse of 1937. For us, the 7 North Saros Series recurs on April 20, 2023 @30Aries (Herr Adolf's 134th birthday) and January 26, 2028 (12N Eclipse @6Aquarius conjunct America's South Node of July 4, 1776, a separative, and possibly neurotic indication of past behavior which no longer suffices). See 12 North Eclipse, US South Node, Pluto, and Demeter for a view of 12 North's DC Horoscope.

Although not within Thom's time frame, there is also a 12 South Solar Eclipse in 2028 @'30Cancer' ("A Daughter of the American Revolution"!) on July 22, 2028 with themes of 'successful outcomes to longterm worries or illness' (an end to Covid? Perhaps, yet 12 South is the Prenatal Eclipse Saros Series of July 4, 1776 then @00Pis33 - and how synchronous that its Sabian Symbol in 2028 relates to the Revolution, and its themes affected the initial signing of the Declaration of Independence).

2022: Eclipses and a Midterm Elections Taurus Lunar Eclipse

Yet the two most obvious eclipses that form major signposts on the dystopian road to fascist-nazi authoritarianism in the US (and across the globe) must be the Nazi Rise to Power Eclipse repeating on October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio - problematically the Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') of Midterms 2022 (held the same day as a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus conjunct radical Uranus, planet of chaos, zealotry, and anarchy), and the Nazi Rise to Power Eclipse.

Yet special mention should be added about one solar eclipse in particular which occurred in 1937 - not the final one in 1937 but the Solar Eclipse of June 8, 1937 @18Gemini in the challenging 11 South Saros Series with its disturbing themes of 'ideas and methods fail, new systems are required in order to deal with events; any blocks could be tragically and violently removed'. And when does an 11 South eclipse repeat? On August 2, 2027 @10Leo - conjunct the orange mussolini's 12th house Pluto which is apex planet of his 'death axis' Mars-Saturn midpoint (R. Ebertin) with Plutonian potentials for 'murder' and 'piled up corpses'. Maybe he'll be the block that's removed!

Yet it seems in 2022 that Herrs Adolf and Tr*mp and their despotic ilk are like wads of nasty gum on the world's shoe that never wants to let go.

Then in closing, it would be remiss not to mention a previous post and horoscope concerning this authoritarian topic: The Big Brazen N*zi Rally of 1939 NYC. And which Eclipse Saros series did the rally occur within? The sinister 13 South with thematic potentials for constitutional crisis and/or striving for group endeavors, positively or negatively (B. Brady).

Solar Eclipses themes are paraphrased from Brady's Predictive Astrology (#ad).

Oct 27, 2021

The Big Brazen N*zi Rally of February 1939 NYC

Such a history has the perverted 'American N*zi Party' that even Wikipedia provides details for the curious.

Said to have been founded in March 1959, the party apparently was dissolved on January 1, 1983 but that specificity could depend upon whom you ask. The assassination of the party's founding leader, George Lincoln Rockwell, on August 25, 1967 in a laundromat parking lot by sniper and former Rockwell follower, John Patler, didn't seem to ruffle the party overmuch for soon the confirmed Hitlerist Matt Koehl took over leadership of the organization. Significantly, Holocaust denier Rockwell had been discharged from the US Navy because of his political views (ex: he 'credited' Jews with the US civil rights movement).

Yet without a specific date in March 1959 for the party's founding, the 1959 Spring Equinox Horoscope can yield interesting information as a symbol of the start of a new enterprise. A quick sneak-peek at the chart (not shown here) reveals the prominent Sun @00Ari00:00 (the Aries Point of World Events) in 2nd house and a 7th house Moon @14Leo10 conjunct the erratic planet of anarchy, Uranus Rx @12Leo36. Notably, the double Fire Aries-Leo blend of the party in 1939 is chocked full of 'big personalities' with zealous activist Uranus in vain Leo suggesting bold, enterprising radicals who gamble, speculate, and are adventurous, wasteful, and licentious.

Is it surprising that this also describes the licentious orange menace?

Well, to me it seems more elucidating to view a bi-wheel of the infamous N*zi Rally of February 20, 2939 held at Madison Square Garden NYC (inner set for 9:00 pm EST) with the "Trump 'victory' announced" horoscope of November 9, 2016 2:49 am EST (outer chart set for Washington DC; from news reports). Many of the planetary contacts (aka, 'cosmic time links') between 1939 and 2016 are circled and a few of the orange menace's natal planets (June 14, 1946) are penned around the bi-wheel and highlighted in pink - notably, his 2nd hou$e Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio rises, and in 2016 the planet of voting, Mercury @24Sco54, conjuncts his natal IC:

Listed are the two Solar Eclipses affecting each event along with their themes: 13 North @29Sco01 in 1939, and 19 North @9Vir21 in 2016 - opposed, you'll remember, by transit Neptune @9Pis16 which continues to cloud, veil, and gaslight 19 North themes of realism and seeing situations for what they really are (B. Brady). For as we know, it's difficult to "come down to earth" as 19 North eclipses suggest when eroding Neptune in shady, secretive, contagious Pisces opposes on every level the very idea of reality in order to keep in power, or re-install, a Jupiterian saboteur-and-despot in the Oval Office so he can finish 'blowing soap bubbles' as his ideological brethren did that dark night in 1939.

Please enlarge or print the bi-wheel if you're curious about more chart factors - Thanks! jc