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Nov 18, 2021

Violence in America and a School Massacre 1999

by Jude Cowell

Thursday November 18, 2021

Now I don't know if you've ever read Slate Magazine's April 20, 2004 article by Dave Cullen At Last We Know Why the Columbine Killers Did It which gives fascinating insights into the horrific Columbine High School Massacre and failed bombing of April 20, 1999, the year that the primal violence pairing of Pluto and Chiron met in Great Conjunction, but if increasing gun violence in America concerns you, details concerning the worst such event at that time may be of interest.

Apparently the two perpetrators considered themselves to be neo-nazis and they committed their acts of violence on the 110th anniversary of the birth of Herr Hitler (April 20, 1889). As you know, the degree of Herr H's natal Sun @00Tau28 became known as a 'degree of violence' (00--1Taurus) because when certain planets activated it during his life (ex: Saturn), he tended to commit violence - and such was that horrific morning in 1999 in a Colorado High School with the Sun @00Tau11. Details in the above article reveal that a wish to outdo the violent acts of famous murderers in history was one of the pair's primary goals. But due to the incorrect wiring of the bombs they planted, the horrific event wasn't as spectacular as they'd planned - and they'd been secretly planning "apocalyptic" mass murder for a year.

Horoscope: Columbine Massacre April 20, 1999 11:19 am MDT Columbine, Colorado; ASC 20Can46 (a critical-crisis degree) with fixed star Castor rising with potentials for: 'mental illness, crippling of limbs, sudden loss or fame, murder' (A. Louis). See bottom left for the Moon's applying aspects which include Moon inconjunct Neptune: 'illusion confuses reality; escapist tendencies'. The chart's Goal Point ('MC' @3Ari22) holds Mercury there, planet of students and young people. In the 5th house of Children lurks the Pluto-Chiron conjunction of primal violence.

Meanwhile, 'shooter' Mars Rx @5Sco34 unloads as he/they lead a ruthless Locomotive shape of planets; antagonist Mars opposes loss-leader Saturn @5Tau53 (authority) and their midpoint (the death axis' - R. Ebertin) @5Leo44 opposes Neptune (@4AQ17) while Neptune is at apex of the dynamic T-Square that the frustrated Mars-Saturn opposition forms (Saturn acts as caboose, Mars the engine). This reveals potentials for: 'grievous and grave loss; illness; dishonesty; weak vitality; self-torment' (R. Ebertin); 'pretense' and 'a weakening of plans' (M. Munkasey). As noted, their bombs didn't go boom as they'd planned. (Yet oddly enough, the Moon @3Can30 reveals the day as a Lunar Return day for head shooter Eric Harris.)

Conditions of Violence in the US and Warrior Planet Mars

Now as you know, one cosmic event in particular is US Mars turning retrograde ('Rx') by progression as of 2006 and this changed condition isn't helping matters at all with its aggression-turned-inward effects which actually began a few years prior to 2006 in that strong stationing kind of way, symbolic as progressions are. However, progressions do act as a timing device for real-time events and transits and in the real world, one might even think that America's decades of overseas aggression against other countries and peoples has finally led to violence at home, or has made violent acts seem somehow okay or justified in a mentally disturbed individual's mind. Even the current 'incel' movement of stay-at-home men might be attributed to our Mars Rx.

And we must rememeber that 'the ruling class' has had to lie the American public into war with untold numbers of falsehoods and half-truths that follow in order to keep the ruse going, the profits pouring in, the resources plundered, and the bombings resulting in "collateral damage" from as much public scrutiny and criticism as possible. Plus, wealthy CEOs and political donors and their bought-off politicians don't seem very concerned about wounded warriors returning home from war (signified by SP Mars Rx), do they? And so weakened, compromised, misdirected US military and related forces and entities have become major problems for our country.

Besides: to me, America as 'world cop' has been a sorry use of what once was a direct Mars in Gemini in 1776 (ready for action; resourceful; aggressive; loves debate) since 2006 turned into a progressed Mars in Libra (direct action limited by a need for cooperation; when afflicted may have conflicts of will and/or of interest). And as cosmic synchronicity would have it, the degree of our Mars Rx occurred conjunct the materialistic, strongly stationed natal Jupiter in Libra of Herr Trump, so concerned with 'fairness' as he is - as long as it's in his direction. How's that for national misfortune? Mars-Jupiter = a planetary pair signifying propaganda and hasty decisions based on erroneous judgment, among other things. Meanwhile, Tr*mp's Mercury-Neptune square inspires his misperceptions, erroneous theories, fantasy-spinning, lies including the Big One, lack of discrimination, and faulty hearing or tone deafness.

Now of course a post concerning mass murder and gun violence cannot be complete without mention of the NRA organization founded in 1871 ('noon' horoscope shown).

(Please note that these topics may be revisited in future SO'W posts.)

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Now here are links to the shooters' ('shootists') natal horoscopes:

Eric Harris (RR: AA) and Dylan Klebold (RR: C for accuracy in question).

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