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Nov 16, 2021

The New Millennium's Progressed New Moon of 2024

by Jude Cowell

Tuesday November 16, 2021: Entering a new phase of anything by anyone can be daunting and it can take a while for things to get moving in the new direction indicated. No less so on a symbolic level as with Secondary Progressions in Astrology, the day-for-a-year method of progressing a horoscope of planets to see how things are - well, progressing and evolving - and to monitor prevailing influences such as transiting planets and the various changes that may occur.

Cosmic events by transit such as eclipses, conjunctions and oppositions, solstices, New and Full Moons, planetary returns, and other factors affect the progressed chart as well and may be compared with the original chart (that the progressions issue from) and so on. Why, the As Above, So Below possibilities are as endless as the Universe!

So in this post I'm using my usual shorthand for Secondary Progressions: 'SP' and below you see a dual chart image of the New Millennium Horoscope of January 1, 2000 (lower left) with the same chart's SP New Moon of May 4, 2024 (upper right), timing a new phase of activity for humanity (also note that 'PE" stands for Prenatal Solar Eclipse):

Now in both charts, a motivated Mars is significant for he leads a Locomotive shape of planets (ruthless executives determined upon success - from his own sign of big business Scorpio). However, the final dispositor in both charts is radical Uranus in its own sign of Aquarius from where the 'Sky God' behaves progressively, futuristically, and often cooperatively on behalf of the group yet, as a planet of change, reform, and anarchy, can choose to behave rebelliously while magnifying and exaggerating to distract from the issues. And as we've seen, some serious troublemaking can be the result when unpredictable, disruptive Uranus is at work shaking things up.

And of course, Scorpio and Aquarius are Fixed energy signs of rigidity and stubbornness which square and obstruct one another with their forceful even brutal Mars-Pluto and old-order-vs-new-order Saturn-Uranus vibes that call for bending or breaking. Perhaps you may agree that this pretty much describes the turbulent conditions that American society has been dealing with collectively; naturally such difficult energies are in play across the globe as well as harsh authoritarianism rises once again against the more placid, humane energies of democracy and the common good.

Yet there are at least two other reasons that year 2024 stands out from the throng, one cosmic, one earthly: the third of three "Great American Eclipse" will perfect on April 8, 2024 @19Aries conjunct Chiron @19Aries (conjunct America's Chiron of 1776 @20Aries: blindspot! or is it a healing?). This eclipse falls within the 8 North Saros Series (DC Horoscope shown) with themes of 'dreams and visions' (B. Brady). The 8 North eclipse path of Totality will race across the US from Southwest to Northeast suggesting yet another 'split' or division of some kind in US society and with further earth changes a distinct possibility.

Then the earthly reason is the 2024 Presidential Election with Venus in Sagittarius, sign of the outsider or the stranger (if indeed We The People are to have an event recognizable as an election.)

So if you're curious, dear reader, please enlarge the image for my study notes penned upon the charts and I'll close with the two Sun-Moon blends with which humanity began the New Millennium - Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces (Earth-Water: pragmatism) and in May 2024 humanity's blend will enter a new phase with the SP New Moon of Sun and Moon in Aquarius (Air-Air of the cerebral thinker and communicator):

January 1, 2000: Bringing "order out of chaos."

May 4, 2024: "The living, breathing entity we call society."

(--Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys).

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