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Jan 5, 2022

J6 Committee spotlighting Sean Hannity

Several moons ago I placed the natal horoscope of Fox TV's Sean Hannity into my files but never did much with it. Turns out, Hannity's natal planets are now significant due to the Jan 6th Select Committee investigation into Hannity's communications with Tr*mp and Mark Meadows now in the investigation's headlights.

Admittedly, I 'like that journey' for Sean Patrick who is not legally protected by the Fox 'News' department (which allegedly involves journalism). No, Hannity's show falls instead within the network's 'entertainment' department. He'd better not try it! Although it could result in delay, one of Tr*mp's favorite tactics.

Well, here's an excerpt from a previous SO'W post (sans edits) concerning Hannity's Prenatal Solar Eclipse in vain Leo:

"Sean Hannity's Prenatal Solar Eclipse Series is the 18 North. Prior to Sean Patrick's birth, 18N manifested on August 11, 1961 @19Leo, solar sign of leadership, ego, and pride. But his life isn't all sunflowers because 18N themes include: a high stress level; a taxing of strength; a large expenditure of effort; physical concern such as an illness or accident (Brady). 18N has also occurred in the years 1907, 1925, 1943, (1961), 1979, 1997, and last occurred on September 13, 2015 @20Vir10 -- conjunct fixed star Denebola (keywords: to go against society; out of the mainstream). 18N's initial eclipse manifested on February 4, 1060 (OS) @21AQ34 so its modern-day influence should be viewed through an Aquarian lens."

And here's a 2017 post with a few astro-notes about the blighter.

Above photo: Sean Hannity in younger days.

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Crystal D said...

Moon in Libra, Pisces rising, eh? I wonder how much of his “tough guy manly man” stuff is bluster covering up fears of being weak, soft, and dare I say it, “effeminate?” (I am not a believer in gender dichotomies, but I know a lot of conservatives are.) The Sun/Mars/Venus conjunction in Capricorn is, indeed, tough, but still, Venus + Sun…I honestly think it’s the Capricorn stellium, with Mars exalted there.

I think there is tension with that Libra moon wanting to please and be liked, and Capricorn wanting to be tough and ambitious. But I do sense fears of not being Manly Enough there. In fact, I think that describes so much of the current alt-right: “I want to be the Manliest Man Who Ever Manned!”

FWIW, Pluto is going to be retrograding back and forth over his natal Saturn (planet of karma) and I would not be surprised to see some fairly large chickens come home to roost.