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Jan 30, 2022

On the Mysterious Death of Nicola Tesla

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you've watch the History Channel's YouTube documentary The Tesla Files: Shadow Government Revealed (S1 E5). Born July 9, 1856 during a midnight thunderstorm in Gospic, Croatia with early Taurus and Pluto rising, Uranian genius Nicola (Nikola!) Tesla's inventions made posible many things such as the wireless technology we employ today. Dying under what seem to be mysterious circumstances on the night of January 7, 1943 in his Manhattan hotel room at The New Yorker, Tesla's files were reportedly gathered up and taken away by the FBI a couple of days after a hotel maid found his lifeless body. By this time, Tesla was very thin and living on warm milk and crackers, plus, the scientist was penniless after a lifetime of inventions (stolen!) and a habit of sleeping only two hours per night.

Apparently, Tesla suffered from a heart condition and died during a Saturn-Uranus-Conjunction period ('Saturn-Uranus' = heart blockage - R. Ebertin). Official cause of death: heart thrombosis. This may be true but it doesn't rule out criminal interference speeding his death along. However, as the above documentary mentions, it could be that Tesla was not being secretly surveilled by government agencies, but was actually working with them. This was, after all, the era of the secret Manhattan Project and other covert projects relating to the war effort and weaponry. Even 'UFOs' became involved in Tesla's story as detailed in the above documentary, and there's a link from there to the commandering of Tesla's files after his death. Perhaps you've heard of the The Majestic Twelve and the conspiracy theories that have swirled out of this secretive group of scientists.

UPDATE Jan 31, 2022: Here's a link to some historical context concerning President Truman and The Bomb. Original post continues here:

Then There's Poor Old Tesla Playing with Pigeons

These days, there are people asking, was Tesla's famous devotion to pigeons more professional than personal? Were secret messages sent to and from a (secretly?) surveilled Nicola Tesla via pigeons he kept on the roof of The New Yorker Hotel? If Tesla was being spied upon by various entities, it's no mere theory that homing pigeons had been used as winged messengers before, by the US military, in fact. And curiously, on an astrological note, for the Vertex ('VX' of fated encounters) at this death (unmarked on the chart but @19AQ55), its rounded-up degree of @20AQ reveals an appropriate Sabian Symbol of "A Big White Dove, A Message Bearer"! In the above documentary, you can see a photo of Tesla's favorite pigeon - and yes, it's white.

Perhaps another cosmic curiosity is that his 1943 Death Neptune Rx @2Lib03 conjuncts - hides - Tesla's natal Nemesis, the unbeatable foe (2Lib22), and of course, sneaky Neptune is the karmic planet of veils, disguises, surveillance, lies, fraud, corruption, speculation, loss, and more. Then rising at 10:30 pm EWT in the Death Horoscope is 14Vir21 which brings up Tesla's natal Icarus, asteroid of 'assassination' and/or 'falling from position' - and possibly being unprepared for the task ahead.

Meanwhile, there's a solar timing device between the charts because Tesla's demise, natural or assisted, came during his un-birthday when the Sun in Capricorn opposed his natal Sun in Cancer, an annual time of reassessment of one's goals for the year. Did a mystery visitor that January 7th insist on a change of direction that Nicola Tesla refused to make? Could it have related to the development of the atom bomb? Well, transit Mercury and Pluto Rx were opposed (across the US Nodal Axis of meetings, encounters, separations) which suggests that someone was determined to undermine existing circumstances along with the spying that comes with this pair. Their opposition by transit echoes America's Mercury-Pluto opposition of July 1776, a cosmic picture of "knowledge is power'.

Yet this opposition can also suggest that Tesla's complex thought patterns may have been unraveling or disintegrating due to longstanding health factors at his age such as the development of brain-related conditions (ex: dementia). After all, he'd reached 87 years old, was subsisting on a poor diet, and had already lived 3 years beyond his Uranus Return/s when things and memories important in the past tend to be let go or forgotten, thus creating a form of mental freedom - in other words, a natural process. Three times genius Tesla's Uranus returned to natal degree (23Tau56 in 1st house): twice in 1940 in June and November, and once in April 1941.

Then on a biological level, Reinhold Ebertin gives the Mercury-Pluto duo a link to 'nerve troubles' and to 'the overtaxing of strength' through 'excessive zeal'. For the brilliant Nicola Tesla, born with primal Pluto rising and thus able to see deeply into reality itself and understand the Universe's cosmic underpinnings, his was a life time of zeal.

And so my suspicion is that a certain midpoint picture of transformation and scientific breakthroughs, which prominently conjuncts his natal Ascendant at birth, could have played a primary part in his zealous life mission and inventions on behalf of the betterment of mankind:

Pluto = Jupiter-Uranus: devices that can transform the world!

And yet the mystery of Nicola Tesla's death remains, with Astrology offering valuable insights while providing no definite conclusion for most of us regarding the 'natural or assisted' question.

Now without further ado, below is a view of the Natal and Death Horoscopes of Nicola Tesla bwo a bi-wheel (his natal chart in center). As always, feel free to leave a name-tagged, on-topic comment with this post if there are any planetary factors you wish to mention for many other cosmic contacts and features between the two charts are worth noting:

Nicola Tesla intended that his inventions would be utilized for the sake of humanity, a mission unendorsed by the corporatists, colleagues, and government officials of his day. Even so, in tribute to a great and ill-treated genius, May Nicola Tesla R.I.P.


anthony matzat said...

its interesting if you look at hellenistic astrology time lord theory of profections in the chart you have for tesla his 4th house with the crab is active,means his 12th house represented by gemini means his hidden were represented by mercury,and since mercury is a ruler of theives,and represents twins could telsa have probably by 2 people,or groups,or could one of the groups been trying to save tesla,and the bad twin group out to kill tesla for his knowledge plus with pluto involved in must have been need to have what tesla knew at any cost,since doesn't represent dark obseesive human emotions,and even if tesla was frail,his knowledge would've been extremely valuable especially if it was related to the manhattan project,just my views of this stuff,but it does get our curiousity going,which is another mercury stuff,and with pluto it probably means deep research as well,but i find it intersting the manhattan project created bombs we used on japan,not germany,but the germans under hitler we very eager to get a hold of this stuff,and i just watched a unsolved mysteries were robert stack talked about britian,and germany,and he said that hinrich himmler through a group set up in england,was cause a double of hess infiltrate the u.k.,and himmler,and hess's double were to replace hitler in germany,churchill in england,and himmler would have a german-anglo group take over the world,and i wonder since hitler had doubles could he had died in brazil,instead of germany and his descendants through groups like trump try to be restarting another takeover over the world,and could putins war games in ukraine be a part of it,not to be paranoid,and a conspiracy nut,but it amazing how when hess went back to germany after his time in a west german prison he seemed very different,and this from robert stack's unsolved mysteries,since supposedly in the unsolved mysteries a scottish farmer saw hess's plane,and he call the british military that talked to hess,and this was early in ww2 when hess wanted to as he said soften up the british for the nazis,and interesting during this period british writer len deighton created a alternate history where the nazis took over the world,and the book ss gb became a tv series on pbs,and showed how even hitler was trying to rub out the british,and later world opposition to his crazy groups plans,and what scares me is that i was born premature in december 1971,and my father thought i should have been aborted,cause like the nazis we can only a certain type of human,which is the irony of them choosing hitler,since he seemed like a german version of napoleon bonaparte in france,but i guess when into crazy stuff,anybody will do,not that indepth astrology is crazy,just a guidance knowledge system,and what is so funny,and ironic if you watch the begining of the naked gun,police squad with leslie nielsen it takes a crazy cop to take down a crazy plot hatched by richardo montebaum who wants to take out queen elizabeth at a baseball game in los angeles,and i didn't real;ize the 3 who created the movie are from here in wisconsin,and also created airplane 1 and 2,which had leslie nielsen in it playing who helps save a airplane from la to chicago,and gets into stuff made for humor,but were serious problems in the 1970's and 80's,but in today's society might be viewed in a less funny way now,especially with stuff like trump,and putin,and other crazy around our world,also i wonder why guys like johhny carson became so famous with their raunchy humor,and attitudes to groups around them,maybe it was good tesla died when he did,imagine what he might about elon musk creating a company based on his name,sorry about my long view of this stuff,just when pondering stuff i kinda get carried away in research,and stuff,but if guys like tesla are in heaven i wonder what they about the world now,not that when they were here on earth it wasn't any crazier,but it seems like stuff is getting much faster,and maybe this is why alot of us feel burnt out.

Jude Cowell said...

Thank You Very Much Anthony Matzat for adding your thoughts here.

Admittedly, it isn't easy reading your observations without punctuation marks, however, I found some interesting ideas in what you say. Certainly, there are more connections between people of that era, their motives, and past events yet most folks nowadays have no time to think of such things much less figure out any of the underlying causes.

But as you know, all branches of Astrology can help us 'look under the hood' so let's you and I keep at it, shall we? :) Jude