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Jan 30, 2022

On the Mysterious Death of Nicola Tesla

by Jude Cowell

Perhaps you've watch the History Channel's YouTube documentary The Tesla Files: Shadow Government Revealed (S1 E5). Born July 9, 1856 during a midnight thunderstorm in Gospic, Croatia with early Taurus and Pluto rising, Uranian genius Nicola (Nikola!) Tesla's inventions made posible many things such as the wireless technology we employ today. Dying under what seem to be mysterious circumstances on the night of January 7, 1943 in his Manhattan hotel room at The New Yorker, Tesla's files were reportedly gathered up and taken away by the FBI a couple of days after a hotel maid found his lifeless body. By this time, Tesla was very thin and living on warm milk and crackers, plus, the scientist was penniless after a lifetime of inventions (stolen!) and a habit of sleeping only two hours per night.

Apparently, Tesla suffered from a heart condition and died during a Saturn-Uranus-Conjunction period ('Saturn-Uranus' = heart blockage - R. Ebertin). Official cause of death: heart thrombosis. This may be true but it doesn't rule out criminal interference speeding his death along. However, as the above documentary mentions, it could be that Tesla was not being secretly surveilled by government agencies, but was actually working with them. This was, after all, the era of the secret Manhattan Project and other covert projects relating to the war effort and weaponry. Even 'UFOs' became involved in Tesla's story as detailed in the above documentary, and there's a link from there to the commandering of Tesla's files after his death. Perhaps you've heard of the The Majestic Twelve and the conspiracy theories that have swirled out of this secretive group of scientists.

UPDATE Jan 31, 2022: Here's a link to some historical context concerning President Truman and The Bomb. Original post continues here:

Then There's Poor Old Tesla Playing with Pigeons

These days, there are people asking, was Tesla's famous devotion to pigeons more professional than personal? Were secret messages sent to and from a (secretly?) surveilled Nicola Tesla via pigeons he kept on the roof of The New Yorker Hotel? If Tesla was being spied upon by various entities, it's no mere theory that homing pigeons had been used as winged messengers before, by the US military, in fact. And curiously, on an astrological note, for the Vertex ('VX' of fated encounters) at this death (unmarked on the chart but @19AQ55), its rounded-up degree of @20AQ reveals an appropriate Sabian Symbol of "A Big White Dove, A Message Bearer"! In the above documentary, you can see a photo of Tesla's favorite pigeon - and yes, it's white.

Perhaps another cosmic curiosity is that his 1943 Death Neptune Rx @2Lib03 conjuncts - hides - Tesla's natal Nemesis, the unbeatable foe (2Lib22), and of course, sneaky Neptune is the karmic planet of veils, disguises, surveillance, lies, fraud, corruption, speculation, loss, and more. Then rising at 10:30 pm EWT in the Death Horoscope is 14Vir21 which brings up Tesla's natal Icarus, asteroid of 'assassination' and/or 'falling from position' - and possibly being unprepared for the task ahead.

Meanwhile, there's a solar timing device between the charts because Tesla's demise, natural or assisted, came during his un-birthday when the Sun in Capricorn opposed his natal Sun in Cancer, an annual time of reassessment of one's goals for the year. Did a mystery visitor that January 7th insist on a change of direction that Nicola Tesla refused to make? Could it have related to the development of the atom bomb? Well, transit Mercury and Pluto Rx were opposed (across the US Nodal Axis of meetings, encounters, separations) which suggests that someone was determined to undermine existing circumstances along with the spying that comes with this pair. Their opposition by transit echoes America's Mercury-Pluto opposition of July 1776, a cosmic picture of "knowledge is power'.

Yet this opposition can also suggest that Tesla's complex thought patterns may have been unraveling or disintegrating due to longstanding health factors at his age such as the development of brain-related conditions (ex: dementia). After all, he'd reached 87 years old, was subsisting on a poor diet, and had already lived 3 years beyond his Uranus Return/s when things and memories important in the past tend to be let go or forgotten, thus creating a form of mental freedom - in other words, a natural process. Three times genius Tesla's Uranus returned to natal degree (23Tau56 in 1st house): twice in 1940 in June and November, and once in April 1941.

Then on a biological level, Reinhold Ebertin gives the Mercury-Pluto duo a link to 'nerve troubles' and to 'the overtaxing of strength' through 'excessive zeal'. For the brilliant Nicola Tesla, born with primal Pluto rising and thus able to see deeply into reality itself and understand the Universe's cosmic underpinnings, his was a life time of zeal.

And so my suspicion is that a certain midpoint picture of transformation and scientific breakthroughs, which prominently conjuncts his natal Ascendant at birth, could have played a primary part in his zealous life mission and inventions on behalf of the betterment of mankind:

Pluto = Jupiter-Uranus: devices that can transform the world!

And yet the mystery of Nicola Tesla's death remains, with Astrology offering valuable insights while providing no definite conclusion for most of us regarding the 'natural or assisted' question.

Now without further ado, below is a view of the Natal and Death Horoscopes of Nicola Tesla bwo a bi-wheel (his natal chart in center). As always, feel free to leave a name-tagged, on-topic comment with this post if there are any planetary factors you wish to mention for many other cosmic contacts and features between the two charts are worth noting:

Nicola Tesla intended that his inventions would be utilized for the sake of humanity, a mission unendorsed by the corporatists, colleagues, and government officials of his day. Even so, in tribute to a great and ill-treated genius, May Nicola Tesla R.I.P.

Jul 23, 2021

July 23, 2021 Full Moon 1AQ26 conjunct transit Icarus - and America's progressed Icarus!

Daedalus and Icarus; Anthony van Dyck, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

What We Have Is a Double Cosmic Emphasis on Icarus: Internal and External

by Jude Cowell

Friday July 23, 2021: This evening's Full Moon @1AQ26 which perfects at 10:36:45 pm edt does more than reflect US Inaugural Sun (leadership @00AQ+) but simultaneously conjuncts and spotlights transiting asteroid Icarus (the mythological figure who flew too high with tragic consequences - he should have listened to authoritative advice and can also represent ). On an internal level, tonight's Aquarian Full Moon also symbolically and simultaneously lights up America's Secondary Progressed ('SP') Moon (1AQ07) in our Balsamic Phase chart, the 'Dark of the Moon' phase that our nation entered on February 10, 2021, early in the Biden adminstration, although its effects were in force for some time prior to exactitude in February 2021. Now perhaps you recognize the Balsamic phase of the Moon as the "things go bump in the night" period which I think resonates with the increase of crime and gun violence in the US, plus, to me it suggests the dimming of America's reputation as global leader in the world. If you disagree, let me know by leaving your on-topic comment/s with this post for the phase also suggests prophetic talent!

Yet my suspicion is that most if not all Americans are 'feeling' this waning phase (even the bigots but for their own reasons) and the reason I feel compelled to mention the current cosmic synchronicity is that on February 10, 2021 America's SP Icarus = 1AQ29 which makes for an interesting, and possibly an instructive, alignment. It marks a double emphasis on an internal level in tandem with the external transit of tonight's Full Moon and also spotlights Icarus' escapist urge for freedom from difficult circumstances.

Jupiter-Saturn: Checks and Balances; Expansion vs Restriction (Ds vs Rs)

Additionally on February 10, 2021, transit Jupiter clocked in at around 12 Aquarius where transit Saturn has visited off and on during its current retrograde phase in 2021; karmic Saturn will reach that degree again in early January 2022 denoting an extended period of time and influence.

Now as you know, Saturn-to-Jupiter in general suggests a period when Jupiterian things grow slack, are delayed, or temporarily disappear, and resources are limited by restrictive Saturn. This may also indicate that it's time for 'the haves' to give back and I'm already seeing this concept expressing in North Carolina as 'overpayments' of pandemic-caused unemployment benefits are being "clawed back" by the state. And in general, the planetary contact suggests accepting smaller returns on investments which, of course, implicates stock market gains, and which can possibly affect other enterprises, projects, and investments. Even the acquisition of knowledge (Jupiter) can be affected and this may apply to the Select Committee hearing concerning the 1/6 "stop the steal" attacks on the US Congress. As you know, the first hearing is set to open on July 27th next week - especially since congressional Republicans have multiple reasons for attempting to limit and hide any and all knowledge, facts, and links of complicity, that Democrats are determined to uncover through the 1/6 investigation.

Mar 31, 2019

Sunday March 31, 2019: Pandora and Icarus spotlighted

Pandora (1896) John William Waterhouse {{PD-US-expired}}

Today, March 31, 2019, at 2:00 pm edt the Sun @10Aries38 shines directly upon asteroid Pandora who in Greek Mythology opened a jar of all manner of evils and illnesses upon the world and represents a gift that is actually a curse. Rounding up the Sun's degree to '11 Aries' we find an appropriate Sabian Symbol (word picture) for our current woes, "The President of the Country"...POTUS.

Now I'm just telling you what books say on such topics, take your own meaning as you wish (and eliminate the "woes" part if that's your viewpoint; however, I cannot concur). And note that the negative expression of '11 Aries' tends toward "vain pretence."

The Fall of Icarus (1636/37) Jacob Peter Gowy [Public domain]

Then with an intuitive lunar message, at 2:00 pm edt today the Moon clocks in @19AQ46 and reflects her light upon asteroid Icarus who flew too close to the sun during his escape attempt and fell from grace because his wings (which were only fashioned from wax), melted and he was cast into the sea. This resulted, of course, from his not listening to the advice of a higher authority, the voice of experience, we might say. Rounding up Luna's 2:00 pm position to '20AQ" we find a word picture of "A Big White Dove, a Message Bearer" with a negative expression that tends toward "sanctimonious self-deception." Ouch!

Now does Icarus represent on some level America under Trump as a Pandora figure who busies himself knocking out supports of all kinds as he releases ills across our land? That he would fulfill his campaign promise to build roads and bridges--infrastructure--now seems laughable to me for this self-styled "King of Debt", this bankrupt artist extraordinaire. His focus on building a 'wall' instead seems even more inappropriate in the light of such mighty promises of restoration of our crumbling infrastructure.

Plus, Trump and the GOP now planning to take away the healthcare insurance of millions of Americans qualifies as Pandora's illness-releasing in my book--Trump's campaign promises to the contrary notwithstanding.

And yet...are you still hopeful he'll 'come through' for America? If so, then you'll be needing that last little bit at the bottom of Pandora's jar which some believe is, as do I, a tiny little ray of hope!

An oddly related post: Is Donald Trump America's Psychopomp?

'11 Aries' and '20AQ' from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.

May 2, 2018

The Syzygy Moon of the 2018 Midterm Elections

Prior to the November 6, 2018 Midterm Elections comes a Full Moon, the last lunation or 'Syzygy Moon', @1Tau13 which perfects on October 24, 2018 at 12:45:05 pm edt in Washington DC. This Full Moon Horoscope is titled, "Stormy Proceedings" (ASC = Mercury-Mars) and "(A) Military Band(s) on the March" (Jupiter the General--and expansive Politician--@27Scorpio):

Of course the intensity, delving, monetary, and other qualities within the Taurus-Scorpio polarity are well known so let's not belabor such basics. We must look to the restrictive yet stabilizing Saturn rising for The Lesson-Bringer drags with him his usual karmic implications, and a serious tone of austerity, authority, and accountability is cast over proceedings as the Midterm Elections approach with Saturn the planet of lawmakers whose seats are up for grabs in November. Yet Saturn is also the status quo planet of The Establishment so it seems somewhat doubtful that all Republicans in office will be tossed out on their wide tushies even with the expected 'Blue Wave' of Democrats welling up across the land and spoiling for a cleansing flood.

A mix of election results sounds more reasonable--yet this Syzygy Moon chart's MC-IC axis is at a critical-crisis 29th-degrees just as the Full Moon perfects. Matters are serious and strained and pressures must be released, perhaps partially in the T-Square between the Sun-Moon opposition squaring the 7th house North Node in dramatic Leo and suggesting new contacts and associations. Yet necessarily the separative South Node, the Tail of the Dragon rises in 1st house, not the happiest indicator in any chart, along with wealthy manipulator and saboteur Pluto at that problematic degree of '18Capricorn' of POLITICAL POWER and 'smug or strong-armed paternalism' (Jones). Authoritarianism with its draconian measures are on the rise unless We The People stop it in its tracks soon.


A values-laden 2nd house barely holds activist Mars desirous of reforms when in Aquarius while voting Mercury @21Sco29 has just entered the public 10th house at '22Scorpio' = "Hunters Starting Out For Ducks"...ENTERPRISE (Jones). This degree places transit Mercury nearing Mr. Trump's natal IC (24Sco18) from the 3rd house side with tr Jupiter in Scorpio, as noted above, on the 4th house side. Mercury-Jupiter opposite n MC may provide Jupiterian Trump a sense of optimism yet there are negative potentials involved with the planetary pair as well: failures through dishonesty; negligence or clumsiness; and fraud (Ebertin). Sadly, any or all of these possibilities may apply and I must also add grandiose thinking to this picture.

Will an 'October Surprise' occur intended to sway the Midterms?

Well, it's been years since one or more political 'surprises' (aka, dirty tricks) have not caused disruption of our elections or at least the fear of it--see disruptive chaos-creator Uranus at IC, the Basis of the Matter--which also suggests a sudden change of residence for someone! So let us agree that surprising events if not trickery will happen as 2018 rolls on toward November along with campaign promises--especially since at the 2018 Midterms, Jupiter will reach 29Scorpio which, rounded up, is "The Halloween Jester". And of course we can depend on tactics such as gerrymandering, voter suppression, foreign and domestic interference via hacking, and social networking illusions to haunt and muss with ballot boxes across the nation. And it isn't as if Trickster Trump the Gemini has supported any efforts to improve the 'integrity' of our voting system--things worked for him in 2016 so sly dog that he is, his 'Sneaky Mind' (Mercury-Neptune square--Oken) wouldn't willingly change a thing.

Of interest as well is the separative South Node of the Moon @1AQ21 nearing POTUS Sun (Trump 2017 = 00AQ49) so endings of relationships and separations from the White House continue as will further unpopularity with the public (Nodes) for Mr. Trump which supports the theme of a culminating Full Moon and its Venus-Uranus/Sun-Uranus oppositions, plus, the Moon-Uranus separation issues and excitement that nestle at the IC.

Eroding Neptune on Election Day 2018

A quick glance at two horoscopes set for November 6, 2018 Washington DC show deceptive loss-leader Neptune of media, propaganda, falsehood, and the masses fame at IC (the Basis of the Matter; The Drain) at 8:00 am est and again at MC (The Goal) at 8:00 pm est. In the chart above we see Neptune @13Pi57 Rx in Money House (2nd) with the Sabian Symbol for '14Pisces' = "A Lady in FOX Fur" (my bold, for obvious political and broadcasting reasons).

Underneath all this, the Republican Party's first-ever Neptune Return continues apace this year with the 4th of 5 'hits' perfecting on October 20, 2018, and the final conjunction perfecting on December 29, 2018. Strong in its own secretive scandal-plagued sign of Pisces, masking Neptune covers for Donald Trump as Republicans do while he play-acts the presidency of the United States and distracts the public from real issues which include the hollowing out of the US government by anti-government politicians and their wealthy backers. We may even find some evidence of his thespianism penned on the Syzygy Moon chart, lower left, in a midpoint picture:

Neptune-MC = Ascendant: acting and pretending which also carries potentials for an inability to get over losses and/or insecurity (Ebertin). Sorry Trump fans but I see no "stable genius" acting under the spotlight of this particular Full Moon--and that doesn't take into consideration The Tower Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 @19Leo which is the Prenatal Eclipse of the November 2018 Midterms as previously discussed, and falls into the corporate and Scorpionic 8th house of this Full Moon chart.

And one major caution exists within the Earth-Water Taurus-Scorpio energies here--that blindness to the motives of others is possible and this could affect the decisions of voters in November, especially those who tend to take the theatrical, superficial utterances of a man like Trump at face value as if he's serious and actually concerned about their issues. Will he be in office by November? Probably but who can say at this point? As you see listed on the chart, upper right, one of the Images for Integration as detailed in the Harveys' Sun Sign-Moon Sign book:

"Pluto takes Persephone into the Underworld" which may refer to the mobster/gangster atmosphere and dealings of Donald Trump and his thuggish minions such as Michael Cohen. Of course, the Persephone myth also relates to sexual relationships and abuse so there's that--and asteroids Persephone @17Scorpio (transition) and Atlantis (where we feel doomed; abuse of power) conjoin in the visible 10th house, while wounded healer Chiron, still in mystical if shady Pisces, is about to leave the 3rd house of Communications along with difficult Scheat @29Pisces, a star of misfortune. Is someone tweet-plaining their troubles? Still? Tiresome!

Quirky Quixotic Uranus--Trump's Erratic 'Guiding Planet'

Now I shall leave you to read the chart yourself or to check out my scribbled notes on the chart if you can or wish but I must note the relationship and culmination aspect of any Full Moon, shining its rays here upon the security-minded MC-IC axis of Career and Home, plus, the implications of a Venus-Uranus opposition of eccentricity, obstinacy, moodiness, separation in relationship, peculiarities, and/or someone's frayed nerves on display will add its excited energies to the sudden changes that are in store for America and Congress as we careen toward another Midterm Election Day.

Related: from January 20, 2018 here's a brief FOX News interview concerning the 2018 Midterms with Michael Dukakis who was born in 1933 under the auspices of the Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus blend of energies which will cosmically replay in the heavens via the 2018 Midterms' Syzygy Moon.

Apr 25, 2018

POTUS Sun 2017 Conjunct Icarus

Speculative Horoscope: The Discovery of Icarus June 27, 1949; exact hour unknown; Palomar Observatory California discovered by *Walter Baade. Timing the chart for 10:03:19 pm pst shows asteroid Icarus @11Sag29 Rx precisely conjunct Midheaven (11:29), the Goal Point of any horoscope.

Listed are Carelli's symbol for '11 Sagittarius' (he doesn't round up as in Sabian Symbols) - "An Ape Riding a Wolf" and the Jones version of the Sabian Symbol for '12 Sagittarius' - "A Flag That Turns Into an Eagle That Crows" which of course is a possible picture of America's natal Ascendant in the late afternoon charts on July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, PA. Of course, an eagle is a typical symbol for America (on the Great Seal, etc) and we're accustomed to much crowing over the US flag.

A related post: Is Washington DC the "New Rome"? Altair the Eagle Says Yes! Post includes the FDR Inauguration horoscopes for 1933 and 1937 to show the switch of the ceremony from early March to January 20th.

The discovery horoscope of Icarus is currently signiffficant because during Inauguration 2017 as Trump took the Oath of Office, the POTUS Sun (00AQ49) was unaspected (which we have discussed previously as a self-interested leader focused on his own importance and holding himself in high regard--Tierney) but conjunct asteroid Icarus. Therefore, I am relating this horoscope of Icarus to the current occupant now sitting in the Oval Office and note that he is a Jupiterian figure blended with chaotic Uranian and Mercurial trickster-esque tendencies.

As you see, expansive planet Jupiter Rx (weakened) is at a critical 29th degree in 12th house of Politics and Karma and is the handle of a Sling shape which knits together two hemispheres of the chart. As handle, Jupiter's expansive energies are the focus although its expansive activities are partially held in check when in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, the sign of law, government, and business. A Moon-Jupiter opposition suggests emotional vulnerability, lack of a sense of self-worth, the need for expert advice (seldom taken), and a tendency to give others who may not deserve it the benefit of the doubt. Jupiter quincunx reforming Uranus suggests unrealistic expectations which Mr. Trump apparently possessed before stepping into the Oval Office--one example being how "easy" he thought presidentin' would be. Who knew chairing America could be so complicated?

Now I won't fuss on about the POTUS Sun-Icarus conjunction (in force as long as Trump's term goes on) but here are the comments I added to the Icarus horoscope when I first set it up. You may find this of interest now that Mr. Trump's administration has had time to show purposeful disfunction, the sabotage of various government agencies, and his tendency to act alone and seldom in accord with others (unaspected Sun, isolated in the 10th house of the Inauguration 2017 horoscope)--and noting that Icarus didn't listen to his father's admonition, flew too high, subsequently fell, and drowned in a Neptunian sea:

'New Insights into Astrology' page 196 by Nona Gwynn Press (see my Amazon review!); Icarus discovered by Walter Baade on June 27, 1949; in Greek Mythology, Icarus was the son of master craftsman Daedalus and Naucrate, a Cretan slave. Daedalus constructed the labyrinth on Crete where the Minotaur was kept. King Minos imprisoned Daedalus and Icarus in the labyrinth, Daedalus made wings of feathers and wax, and Icarus, ignoring his father's warning, flew too close to the sun, the wings melted, and predictable results occurred.

The orbit of Icarus is between the Sun and Jupiter and it crosses the orbits of Mercury, Venus, the Earth, and Mars. Only comets go closer to the Sun. Icarus (#1566) contains the restlessness of Mercury, the sensuousness of Venus, the earthiness of Earth, and the self-assertiveness of Mars. Zane Stein gives Icarus a feeling of restriction, unrestrained exhilaration at escape which may be followed by a fall. House position shows where risks are taken (10th), and the practice of Politics is associated with Icarus via its 'rise and fall' nature. Assassination is also related to Icarus including character assassination (of Trump, now underway).

*German astronomer Walter Baade (1893--1960) worked in the US from 1931 to 1960 and with fellow astronomer Fritz Zwicky coined the terms "supernova" and "neutron star." A total of ten asteroids were discovered including Icarus, as noted above, and Hidalgo (#944) which were known as minor planets but are now called Centaurs of which Chiron is most notable.

Feb 13, 2018

2018 Saturn and Pluto to Inauguration 2017 Planets

Below is the Inauguration 2017 Horoscope previously published here with my messy chart notes intact:

First, let's note the all-alone Sun (POTUS) in Career 10th house (conjunct asteroid Icarus) which has turned out to be prophetic given the high number of resignations and firings from the service of Donald Trump's White House--and in the brief time of his under-fire administration. Obviously, many stressful situations and separations have been self-created no less so than by Mr. Trump himself through his attempt to remake America in his distorted Klan-esque image.

Of course, it is no secret that this particular Southerner has never believed the man is up to the task of playing US president because I value the office more highly than his personal flaws can possibly reach. Many of my fellow astrologers criticize me for this bias yet I have also stated here and elsewhere that as any POTUS goes, so goes America and for this reason my hope as a Child of the Revolution has been that Donald Trump would do well in the job on behalf of the American people, and by extension, the rest of the world. Unfortunately, this so far seems an empty wish on my part and yet hope does, and must, spring eternal.

And so with trepidation, the following is my consideration of a few of the upcoming 2018/2019 transits to the Trump Inauguration chart of 2017. No beneficial transits will be listed which is due to my anxiety over the fate of our nation under Trump's quixotic Uranian leadership (see the 'whimsical' link at the end of this post). If this bothers you, dear reader, you are invited to discount this post and mosey on to something that echoes your adoration of Mr. Trump as 'dear leader' for you'll find no such adoration here!

Note that in the Inauguration 2017 chart, the rebellious Uranus-Pluto square is featured (3A09) and so...

Transit Pluto Square Inaugural Uranus 2018 into 2019

In the chart you see Inaugural Ascendant @14Tau07 which brought Trump's natal 9th house of legalities, foreign lands, philosophy and religion to the fore from the start and for the duration of his tenure. Inaugural Pluto in 9th house will make a series of squares to Inaugural Uranus (12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions) beginning on March 7, 2018--still a 9th-to-12th house situation. This occurs with both transiting planets at critical-crisis degrees (Aries-Capricorn 20:46). This is the Cardinal Square reasserting its difficult energies for Mr. Trump and our nation. The second exact square occurs on June 9, 2018, the third on January 6, 2019, the fourth on September 9, 2019, and the last on October 26, 2019 so the entire period is one of higher powers threatening or imposing restrictions on political and economic systems and on the radical reforms (Uranus is Aries = Utopian anarchists and blind zealots--Ebertin) of Mr. Trump and his conspiring Republicans.

Transit Saturn 2018 Conjunct Inaugural Mercury @6Cap45

As you know, astrological Mercury represents multiple things on various levels with plans, communications, and commerce being only three of them. In 2018 there are three conjunctions to 9th house Mercury (6Cap45) from transiting Saturn, karmic planet of limitation, delay, loss, judgments, courts, laws, lawmakers, government, and business. Of course, Saturn is strong in his own sign of Capricorn and is slowly gearing up for his Great Conjunction with powerful Pluto on January 12, 2020 (DC horoscope shown). But for now, the old devil hits Inaugural Mercury in the legal 9th house three times in 2018 on: February 21, June 14, and November 20. This creates a period of increased responsibilities, circumstances that require a broadening of skills and knowledge, serious meetings (testimonies?) occurring, soberness that pervades the environment, and schedules, ideas, and plans that are restricted, delayed, or denied--and may a military parade be one of them!

Of interest as well is March 8, 2018's Jupiter Station Retrograde @23Sco13, the same spot in the Zodiac where transit Mars Stationed Direct during the 2016 Campaign on June 29, 2016--conjunct Mr. Trump's natal IC. On March 8, Jupiter will again be leading a BOWL pattern as Mr. Moneybags (and Jupiter the General) has done of late. Perhaps this cosmic condition relates to dictator-idolizing Trump's dream of a military parade through the streets of Washington DC which would show Trump's and America's weakness rather than the projection of power that he imagines.

Another curious transit to the Inauguration 2017 horoscope is the transiting South Node of the Moon (the 'tail of the dragon') swiping US Inaugural Sun (00AQ49 = POTUS) exact on October 27, 2018. This karmic transit suggests ego concerns (as always for Trump), leadership differences, and the potential for physical interactions. A major separation from POTUS--perhaps of the public or his 'base'--is also a possibility around this time.

Year 2018 ends with transit Jupiter square Inaugural Neptune (10Pis16 in 11th house of Hopes, Wishes, and Group Associations) on December 24, a time when Mr. Trump's need to live in a fantasy world increases, his judgment becomes cloudier than usual, and he yearns for greener pastures. Well, one thing we know--that for a majority of Americans, the current kingpin-in-chief can't graze to greener pastures soon enough.

Related post include: Trump Inauguration 2017's 2018 Solar Return, The Whimsical Sun (POTUS) of Inauguration 2017, and 2018 Saturn to Trump's Natal Mercury-Neptune Square (reality to his delusions?)

Jul 28, 2017

In the Realms of Jupiter: Reince Priebus

First, here are a few astro-notes concerning the natal planets of White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus which were posted to SO'W prior to RNC 2016 and its Capricorn Full Moon conjunct US natal Pluto if you care to take a peek.

And here are some explanatory details about this series of posts on the natal Jupiters of Mr. Trump and a few of his White House associates.

Of course, you've heard by now of the 'open war' between Priebus and Trump's new Communications Director Anthony 'The Mooch' Scaramucci over 'mystery' leakers lurking within the White House (one of whom is Donald Trump).

Eek! 5:22 pm edt UPDATE: a few minutes after this was posted, I saw a WaPo headline that Trump will replace Reince Priebus. We'll both want to check into that!

If you need it, ABC News has the Priebus-Scaramucci cat fight. Rraowwrr! And here you can view an accurately timed (RR: AA) natal chart for Reince Priebus showing a Scorpio Ascendant ruled by Mars, co-ruled by Pluto, and a Locomotive shape lead by powerful Pluto.

Now, while Priebus is still yoked to Trump, let's consider the natal Jupiter of Reince Priebus born March 18, 1972 in Dover, New Jersey. Natal Jupiter, the planet whose natal sign reveals how we relate to others, is at 6Cap13 and is unaspected--unless we choose to count Jupiter's waning square to Pluto (5S30) which we will consider, below. In earthy Saturn-ruled Capricorn (the authority) is usually uplifted and uplifting but may exhibit a certain lack of bouyancy. And since there are no major aspects to or from sociable Jupiter, its sign and position function quite purely although an 'ivory tower' tendency may be prominent and a detached or disconnected air noticed in his personality (Tierney).

Additionally, Priebus' natal Jupiter is not involved in any midpoint pictures which would have helped attach to some degree the planet and its relational abilities into his psyche via aspected planets. However, a hefty amount of idealism is a primary feature of an unaspected Jupiter and a certain 'far-awayness' aura may be noticed. Yet in Earth signs, Jupiter most often shows good judgment (well measured in Capricorn), reliability, and much interest and talent in financial realms--especially since his natal Jupiter is posited in his 2nd house of Earning Ability, Self-Worth, and Possessions. And although Jupiter rules his 2nd house (cusp 28Sag53), sign Capricorn and Jupiter itself are intercepted (Placidus) which tends to delay or interfere with the ease of the planet's functioning (as does ruler Saturn) and may denote karmic conditions from the past which haunt finances or other realms of Jupiter. These may be due to an ancestral situation or family myth, or perhaps from a natal tendency of his own.

Now if we wish to consider him as having a Jupiter-Pluto square (separating and thus unconscious, and half a degree beyond 5 degrees so not as strong an influence as it would be if closer) we may see Mr. Priebus as a wheeler-dealer engaged in large-scale projects and, being mired in Politics (that 'organized system of hatreds') and having lucrative financial involvements, perhaps he is just that. Expert astrologer Alan Oken gives this aspect as 'misuse of knowledge' and 'an often frustrating drive for power', and says it describes one who is 'rarely satisfied with their place in life and consistently trying to better themselves, often at the expense of others'. Oken labels Jupiter square Pluto as, The False Prophet but I must leave it to others who know Reince Priebus to determine how closely this may or may not describe the man. Whether such misuse of knowledge includes leaking information from the White House I cannot not know.

Natal Jupiter @7Capricorn

The Sabian Symbol for Jupiter at '7Capricorn' = "A Veiled Prophet of Power"...SUPREMACY; positive expression: unerring insight into the motives of men and a consequent gift for organizing their efforts along any given line of accomplishment (yes! as Chairman of the RNC--jc); negative/unconscious/shadow side: inability to distinguish true values from false. Oh my goodness, is Priebus as bad at distinguishing true from false as Donald Trump?!?

So perhaps we should consult the esoteric degrees of Adriano Carelli for '7Capricorn' to gain more insight...

The Sphinx. The whole of the sign Capricorn is a labyrinth, of which this degree especially stresses such scientific and engineering skill as to be really worhty of Daedalus, and drives to the utmost its defects of puzzling and selfish secretiveness.

A labyrinth: will the native be its maker or its victim? Or, like Daedalus, both at the same time? A Sphinx: is the riddle in the native's self, or waylaying him at a bend of the road he is to travel? And will the riddle be of material, intellectual or spiritual nature? Will there be political, or feminine, intrigue?

The Sphinx would rather not be asked questions. She is to ask them herself. As usual, the whole of the nativity will have t help formulate the answer.


Should the native be a man. and he be involved in political intrigue, there is sure to be a woman somewhere. The native may fly high or land in jail, may be exiled or die a tragic death. It is the end that counts. (My italics.)

As you know, in Greek Mythology, Daedalus built the labyrinth, and one of his sons was...Icarus.

Well, those are all the notes I have on the natal Jupiter of Reince Priebus for now but I want to add here a note about his natal asteroid, Icarus (whose wings melted when he flew too close to the Sun): the August 7, 2017 Lunar Eclipse conjoins his natal Icarus @15AQ so more leaks may drip out or secrets may be inconveniently revealed, thanks to the Lunar Eclipse (followed by the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017), and it will be interesting to watch as the eclipses approach to see if Mr. Priebus holds onto his White House position, crashes and burns like Icarus...or simply manages to fly away.

Follow Reince Priebus @Reince

'7Cap' info from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; 'The Sphinx' details from The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac, Adriano Carelli.

Jun 23, 2017

DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2017 (Libra Ingress)

Autumn Equinox 2017 September 22, 2017 4:02 pm edt White House Washington DC with Capricorn, transit Pluto, asteroid Nemesis, and US natal Pluto rising (and US natal Mercury Rx setting). The chart and season are ruled by the 11th house Saturn @21Sag49 (alliances with senior and/or mature people) which again conjoins the natal Moon and South Node of Mr. Donald Trump, as we've discussed previously. The star of the show, the Sun 00Lib00:00 is in the 8th house of Corporatism, Insurance, Debt, Credit, Shared Resources, Legacies, the Occult, and Transformation (including Death).

Obviously, early on such issues as control, surveillance, coping, government systems, government, legal, and business concerns, plus, other Capricornian things will need dealing with during the autumn season along with issues of violence and war.

Saturn as chart-ruler makes only one applying Ptolemaic aspect, a trine with quirky anarchist Uranus, the leading and oriental planet of Donald Trump. This trine has been in effect for some time and here hints at how things will proceed from Autumn to Winter Solstice 2017. And there's an important factor that occurs prior to Autumn 2017 which is The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 in the 1 North Saros Series which last manifested on August 11, 1999 @18Leo and is the famous 'King of Terror' Eclipse (aka, the Mother of All Eclipses) seemingly predicted by Nostradamus. This is why I penned "A 'new war on terror'?" on the chart for such propaganda is already being heard in the public discourse, thanks to pundits and reporters who shill for the Deep State and other corporate masters, international banking cartels, and crime syndicates. Perpetual war is their game.

Now as you see, The Moon (We the People) has left her conjunction with planet Jupiter (26Lib15) who can play roles such as The General, the politician, the banker, the broadcaster, the CEO, the religious leader, the thespian, guru, professor, and wears many other faces. Their conjunction is posited in the 9th house of Philosophy, Legal Affairs, Foreign Lands, and Travel (Jupiter's home territory) while asteroid Eros (the piercing) conjoins the Moon @1Sco24 which is the Sun's position in the Oct 24, 1993 'new world order' natal chart. Is such a piffling synchronicity a factor in light of the current Trump vs Deep State and other battles occurring during the first year of a Trump White House?

Most crystal balls would probably say, it's too soon to tell.

But besides a Lunar Eclipse on August 7th and the America-splitting Total Solar Eclipse noted above, there are various other cosmic events manifesting in August 2017 which must be navigated by the American people, Washington DC, and by Mr. Trump whose third of three Jupiter Return/s completes on August 4, 2017 (@17Lib27--conjunct US Progressed Mars Rx = militarized police, expanded gun carry laws, criminality, wounded veterans, etc) and whose next Mars Return (@26Leo and rising just before royal Regulus) begins a new (2-year) cycle of activity on August 31, 2017. All of Mr. Trump's Mars Returns are made more prominent due to his contentious Mars-the-warrior rising in dramatic, egocentric, often pompous Leo.

Related posts include: The 'Cosmic Blinks' of Donald Trump and Trump Tower (eclipses); Donald Trump is an Eclipse Baby!; and Eclipse Notes on Trump's Current Saturn Return (Saturn, planet of realism, truth, authenticity, accountability, and honesty!)

Jun 20, 2013

Was Journalist Michael Hastings Assassinated? (video of his burning car)

On the Mysterious Death of Journalist Michael Hastings

by Jude Cowell

As soon as I heard of the death in a 'car crash' of Michael Hastings in Los Angeles I set up a horoscope of the tragedy (June 18, 2013 at 4:30 am PDT; source: news reports) and saw that signatures of mayhem were afoot.

Since then I've been on alert for information on what entity or issue he was researching because the info might turn out to be full of clues as to the How, Why, Where, and Who of this very sad matter. Known for his game-changing Rolling Stone article on General Stanley McCrystal--The Runaway General--Mr. Hastings was a fearless truth seeker of the sort that no power manipulator tolerates for long once their revelations become too inconvenient or interfere too deeply in The Power Game.

'Naming names' is a dangerous business in the power-mad world of Politics.

At impact, Pinto cars can explode and burst into flames. A Mercedes will not:

News Update 6.20.13: police don't suspect any foul play and await results of a toxicology test.

Original post continues here...

Below, you see the 'crash' horoscope with US natal Uranus 8Gem55 rising (our nation's 'totem' planet of revolution and rebellion) along with transiting Mars @12Gem44 with Gemini being the sign of traveling Mercury and of writers and journalists. Sun and Jupiter are rising as well and are about to conjoin in their yearly meet-up which may indicate a promise of sunlight cast upon someone of a Jupiterian nature: generals, politicians, bankers, religious leaders, professors, etc.

It's an Hour of controlling Saturn (stoppage; loss), plus, in the transiting 2nd house (National Treasury and Earning Ability) are Mercury the Scribe or the Messenger still within orb of vengeful Venus, with both planets stimulating the starry Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux--each with writing and creating talents of their own.

Actually, the first moment I heard of his death I was reminded of the mysterious death (assassination) in Summer 1991 of writer Danny Casolaro whose natal Mercury @19Cancer conjoins these writers' planets and stars. His bathtub murder occurred under the influence of an 11 South Solar Eclipse that hit his natal Mercury that summer with themes of: 'the need for sudden reforms; old ideas and methods fail and new systems are required to deal with events--any blocks could be violently or tragically removed' (Brady.)

Mr. Casolaro had researched and was about to publish a book on The Octopus, as the global crime syndicate is sometimes called--names would be named and those names could not allow that to happen. (Note that conjunct Desc is Cupido, a descriptor of The Family, The Syndicate, Corporatism.) The last manifestation of 11S was at a critical degree (29Can26) on July 22, 2009 and you may draw your own conclusions from that date and the events of 2009. (There are also resonances between PROMIS spying software in 1991 with its alleged 'backdoors' and the current NSA Prism surveillance program but they're beyond the scope of this post.)

Here's a bit that I wrote a while back concerning Danny Casolaro (no edits):

Casolaro's murder/assassination (Aug 9/10, 1991) preceded the Great Conjunctions of the New World Order planets, Uranus and Neptune: Feb 2, 1993 (19Cap34), Aug 20, 1993 (18Cap48), and Oct 24, 1993 (18Cap33--the chart I generally use as the NWO's birth chart.)

However, transit North Node (NN) was pointing to 18Cap45 (NWO's Uranus/Neptune Conjunction degree '18Cap') the weekend of Casolaro's death by deep wrist-slashing...a similar mode of death as UK's nuclear expert Dr. David Kelley's mysterious 'suiciding' of July 17, 2003--when tr Chiron (The Wound) was at 14Cap37, conj tr Neptune-Pluto midpoint - at the same degree of tr Neptune during Casolaro's last weekend in Martinsburg, West Virginia. This is 3 degrees past the UK's natal Sun and opposes the US natal Sun, the two players with the most to gain from Dr. Kelley's demise.

(Casolaro checked into the Sheraton Inn "shortly before noon" on Aug 8, 1991, if you'd care to take a look.)

So did Michael Hastings and his reporting 'fly too close to the Sun'?

Asteroid Icarus may say, Yes, especially since it represents an archetype that may be used to signify assassination. Here I've penned in the asteroid's position @9AQ00 Rx in the 9th house of Publishing, and outside the chart, the natal placements of natal Sun 7AQ55 and Mercury 13AQ01 of Michael Hastings, born January 28, 1980 ('noon' EST) in Burlington, Vermont. Therefore, natal Sun-Mercury = June 18, 2013 Icarus.

Getting back to the chart's Ascendant @8Gem28 (the event itself), we know that combinations of Mars-Uranus signify explosions and fires (and fast traveling), and at Ascendant the pair denotes those who find pleasure in upsetting others, abusive people who impede one's progress (ex: assassination), acts of violence, accidents, upsetting events, physical injury, and/or arrest.

The 18 North Pre-Natal Eclipse Saros Series of Michael Hastings indicates that accidents and physical injury are themes in his life (he covered wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and lost his fiance there in an explosion.) And here we see that the chart's Hammer/s of Thor (or, Fist/s of God) point to the 10th house Neptune @5Pis20 Rx (conjunct President Obama's natal 1st house Chiron Rx), a planet associated with death and assassination as is Pluto @10Cap37 Rx in the 8th house of Death and Transformation.

Well, there are more chart factors to discuss yet I must mosey for now. Watching his car burning reminds me of the Illuminati's 'eternal flame' of assassination, a possible implication that I despise with every fiber of my being. Yes, this is a post I had hoped would not be necessary but the video above made me determined to record some of the astrological portents concerning the untimely, cruel death of truth-finder and American patriot, Michael Hastings. I hereby thank him for his valuable service to our nation. May he R.I.P.


Historic events of June 18.

Mar 12, 2010

Vaporizing comet: incoming! March 12, 2010

SpaceWeather News for March 12, 2010

Today, a newly discovered comet is plunging toward the sun for a close encounter it probably will not survive. The comet is rapidly vaporizing and appears very bright in coronagraph images from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO).

Visit SpaceWeather for movies of the ongoing encounter and more information about the comet. #


As Above So Below, anyone? Wonder who the 'newly discovered' comet represents? Whomever it may be, he/she is performing a phantastical impression of Icarus.

Feb 10, 2010

Inauguration 2009's Mercury Return Feb 10, 2010

When President took his (first) Oath of Office on Jan 20, 2009 at noon est, Capitol Building, Mercury was Rx (resulting in his second oath-taking and plans gone awry as we've seen) and @ 00AQ41, a degree Mercury revisits today at 3:39 pm est.

The oppressive and transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint now stomps upon Inaugural 2009 Mercury along with the Neptune/Pluto midpoint, all at 00AQ+. Any, all, or none may apply:

Nep/Plu = Mercury thinking and acting while under strange influences; the inability to think independently (yet pretend that, as President, you are in control!); many plans incapable of realization; sensitive nerves; learning how to gain control or power; gathering info about transformation; communications are other than they appear; deception as a strategy; loss of centering. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

In the Mercury Return chart set for DC today, Mercury is setting on the Descendant 28Cap52 which places US natal Pluto setting as well. But perhaps more to the point, Mars 5Leo14R opposes Mercury, becoming exact in March. After mid-April this influence will dissipate.

Since astrological Mars represents males between the ages of 25 to 36 (give or take a year or so), one wonders if Presidential security should be upped. Certainly the President's announcements and plans are being argued against by martian-minded opponents and his communications may be particularly under attack (I'm listening to Fresh Air now about cyber-security and all the hacking the US government has undergone for years now - it's gotten much worse and Mr. Obama was clued in on how crucial the problem is for America when he took office. His May 29 speech last year mentioned cyber-security importance.)

Mars is also apex planet in a YOD (Finger of God pattern; special task; crisis) between Jupiter and Pluto, a pattern I've mentioned in a previous post. In short, this indicates misdirected hostility from Mars, a crisis may permit a new start and the use of mobilized forces (sounds like something many people are concerned about in the US: imposition of martial law as the US gov's police state mask is removed for real. Forces are gathering.)

Asteroid Icarus 29Cap24, the risk-taker with a possible connection to assassination, is at a critical 29th degree, and conjs Mercury and US natal Pluto, a picture I do not care for. Asteroid Cupido (corporatism; The Family; The Syndicate) still rides along with Pluto, the ultimate villain of the piece.

ASC 28Can52 gives Moon as chart-ruler yet Luna makes no applying aspects to planets, only a conjunction with North Node 20Cap56 ('20Cap' a critical degree) (4A06) and Moon is involved in a propaganda-esque midpoint picture - Snowpocalyse? Or...

Mercury/Pluto = Moon: obsessive needs for privacy or power; speaking from the heart convinces people; a woman with emotional communication power.

Well, there are several other factors of note in Inauguration 2009's Mercury Return chart for 2010 but the real world is calling my name and I must reply by motoring into the city.

Therefore, I highly recommend to you an article by Julie Demboski on the Empowerment of the New Moon during this Balsamic Moon phase, aka, the dark of the Moon. (New Moon Feb 13, 2010 @ 25AQ18 9:51 pm est.)

Adios, amigos!

Jan 17, 2010

Martin Luther King Day 2010

In honor of Martin Luther King Day on Monday, I'm passing on to you a link to a personal remembrance written by my friend of several years, reporter and writer Terry Burger. Terry relocated to Pennsylvania years ago but still visits the South once in a while.

His article King Was an Ordinary Man Who Accomplished Extraordinary Things wisps me back to the 1960s and reminds me of the atmosphere of the times including a heinous KKK murder that occurred in summer 1964 in Terry's and my hometown of Athens, Georgia.

Now I don't remember details of the brutal murder as well as Terry does but I do remember driving past a certain house in the county where my family lived and being horrified and upset by seeing a burning cross on the front lawn - my first such sighting and the last. I must have been quite young - perhaps 9 or so - and found that my parents were quite speechless to explain to a child why a cross was put in such a condition. The graphic image didn't square at all with the Bible studies I enjoyed at church each week and it seemed senseless that anyone would do such a thing to the very symbol of Christ's sacrifice to save us - All.

Or at least that's what my Bible said and says. It seemed pretty clear to me as a child that 'all' meant everyone. Duh. That's you and me and the whole kit and caboodle who ever lived, lives, or will live on planet earth. Even then, if I rated, I tended to rate individuals on how they behaved toward others, not on how they looked. Another duh!

Like Terry, I say it's now 50 years hence. And though I can't claim not to 'understand' it, I still abhor it and what it symbolizes. Disclosure: actually, some of us here in Georgia are not racist (except on an unconscious level as are we all) though it may be difficult to convince most people of it. Certainly there have been through the years plenty of racist crimes committed in the North as well, which makes it an American problem, a dark stain or blind spot we're still 'working' on. Or are supposed to be.

Yet murderous psychopaths would probably disagree for their own skewed reasons. My feeling is that if such people didn't kill for racist 'justifications' they'd probably kill anyway.

Yes, like most Americans, I was thrilled when Barack Obama was elected (or selected, if you will, by the power elite) as President of the United States because of his talents, abilities, and intelligence, and I hoped his term would be a vast improvement over the previous skuldugging numbskullery and obscene pocket-lining.

1960s to 2010: Whether Mr. Obama's election to the Oval Office indicates any true evolutionary progress taking place here in America remains a question with an answer that's still up in the air. Perhaps it will all depend on whether people can really change.

If you wish to view the horoscope for April 4, 1968 @ 6:01 pm CST, Memphis, TN, you may do so (click chart to enlarge; details are included.)

Jan 15, 2010's Solar Eclipse @ 25Cap01 conjuncts his natal Sun 25Cap08 by 7 minutes which shows a tendency for him to be noticed in the collective; it's a time when previous obstacles to his efforts may clear! Those who feel negatively toward him and his work may muddy his identity now as some have tramped upon it even while he lived, preached, and led. They had their sordid reasons.


Around the outside of the April 4, 1968 chart you'll see Dr. King's natal planets listed with one 'biggie' in the asteroid department: his natal Nemesis (an unbeatable foe; divine retribution) @ 11Lib17 is rising in the assassination chart. No, Nemesis rising is not a lone indicator of the opposition Dr. King faced (Icarus is active, too - keywords: risk-taker; assassination), but its rising is a descriptive picture of the violent and sad event that stole Dr. King's life and immediately stopped in its tracks the melding of America's anti-war protests with the Civil Rights Movement.

We might say that that was what they opposed and why they decided to stop the man with the powerful, inspiring voice who was on the verge of effecting the melding of two massively popular social movements. Then our 'secret government' would have been seriously challenged by we-the-people for we are strong in numbers (the primary reason why I say that such tactics as 'Ds vs Rs' and 'libs vs cons' keeps us divided - on purpose.)

Now if human beings of the arrogant, overweening persuasion would cease assuming the role of the jackal delivering 'divine retribution' to their fellow men and leave such judgments to our Creator (where it belongs), the entire planet could sleep better at night.

Judge not, lest ye be also judged.

"I have a dream..."

Nov 1, 2009

Horoscope of the Neptune Station Direct Nov 4, 2009

On Nov 4, 2009, Neptune Rx changes direction following its Rx Station near the end of May, 2009 @ 26AQ28. Here you see the horoscope of the precise degree/minute/second that the gaseous giant turns *Direct @ 23AQ41; Hour of Mercury 12Sco06 conjunct Sun 12Sco28...'13Sco' = "An Inventor Inventing."

Sun and Mercury are at apex of a Fixed T-Square (highlighted in blue on the chart)...

Mars/ASC = Sun: quarrels; having to adjust things forcefully; operating in an inhospitable milieu; intense teamwork; excitability.

Mars/ASC = Mercury: disputes; a sharp tongue; angry letters; telling someone off; a desire for discussion; intolerance.

Wealthy string-puller and sometime-assassin and spy Pluto is nestled within midpoints pictures himself, indicating big proposals, persuasions, and extreme good fortune of the kind he takes for granted.

As you see, the revolutionary, force-wielding, reforming, and impatient Uranus/Pluto midpoint is rising...

Uran/Pluto = ASC: force active in one's environment, or application of force; placed in an unusual or restless environment. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Does this describe Afghanistan?

Well, as you know, whenever a planet changes direction its energy is emphasized and strengthened as it 'slows down' in preparation for its reversal - seeming to 'stop' on the degree and minute, so we may notice that in the first week of November 2009 Neptunian qualities in the collective such as spirituality, compassion, and inspiration are spotlighted (Feed America food banks, etc?) - yet insidiously, a stronger Neptune may simultaneously fuel confusions, delusions, and mysteries in global and national arenas.

Unanswered questions and puzzles may not be answered or solved just yet as much as they are uncovered with Neptune's veils being lifted to reveal...more mysteries! And with critical degrees on the Money axis 2/8 cusps - and Neptune's co-rulership of Pisces (2nd house of Earning Ability), loss of employment continues with governmental numbers being fudged for best political effect.

Is this the 'inventor inventing'? (Sun = 'the leader' in a national chart so we'll want to attend to what the president says about financial matters during Neptune's Station (see below for date its exactitude ends.)

One may wonder if this change of direction for the 'unwashed masses'/'mass media' planet associated with oil, gas, and other liquids will at some point reveal or at least partially answer questions about 2008's election (and/or Inauguration 2009) since this Station Direct occurs on Nov 4, one day after the one-year anniversary of the election/selection of Barack Obama. At his victory announcement on TV (NYC), rising was Mr. Obama's natal Sun which you see setting here.

In the 2009 Inaugural chart, Neptune was @ 23AQ05 as noted on the outside of the chart (click image to enlarge) and was - is, since an Inaugural chart remains in effect for the duration of the president's term it describes - involved in a midpoint picture - Uranus/MC = Neptune: creativity; expecting recognition, withdrawal if frustrated; powerlessness; a paralyzed will; suppressed anger.

And interestingly, Neptune on Nov 4 is focal planet in a midpoint picture which has been ongoing for a couple of weeks or so: the 'political reformist group' midpoint of Uranus/North Node...

Uran/NN = Neptune: one who is easily influenced or impressed; being suddenly deceived by others; undermining of an association; retirement of a partner from a joint enterprise; meeting with people off the beaten path.

If you soon hear of such a sudden 'retirement' you gleaned it from underneath secretive Neptune's veil!

The only out-of-bounds body, the Moon, indicates insecurity; the Hour of Mercury may bring announcements, agreements, messages and other mercurial things such as trade or commerce, though the 'inventor inventing' can indicate deceptions as well as creativity - possibly scientific inventions may be announced - or sold.

Osiris, associated with ancient cults and mysteries conjs Sun/Mercury; President Obama's natal Sun is conj this DESC 12Leo51; SIGMA conjs BHO's Sun natally indicating writing, but especially denoting upright moral standards; SIGMA is at MC in the Nov 4 Neptune Station Direct chart and is notated here in my usual scribbly fashion.

Hard times for the US continue and perhaps worsen for a while as the transiting loss-infused, depressive Saturn/Neptune midpoint 12Sag10 conjs US natal ASC in the 'Sibly' see it marked in 10th house...

Sat/Nep = n ASC: oppressive family circumstances; limitation of freedom; emotional depression; emotional suffering caused by others; sense of being 'out of the group'; a loner.

This has a financial ring but also relates to the loss and hardships of serving in war; plus, Saturn/Neptune has its 'invisible' or 'secret government' flavor as well so secret renditions and surveillance are hiding yet may be part of what a forward moving Neptune uncovers along with more financial fraud. Neptune 23AQ 41 is inconjunct US natal Neptune 22Vir25 showing that adjustments must be or are being made. Inconjuncts (aka, quincunxes, 150 degr) are linked with health problems as well, so health care debates and legislations continue to baffle (Neptune) us.

Here we see tr Midas Rx 8Gem29 with the Moon 7Gem48 in 4th house of the Foundation of the Matter; tr Pan is nearby, so the Moon - the people - are hemmed in by trickster Pan, associated with Capricorn's government-business-law provinces, and gold-hoarding Midas. Basically the trio is in 'nuclear degrees' too, and wherever the Moon is posited indicates fluctuations - here in 4th house of Domestic Scene.

So with goat-like Pan on one side and world-banking Midas on the other, there is a 'victimization' flavor here: the Moon rises with Menkar, a star with keywords: a victim of the unconscious, which Bernadette Brady described to me as: someone being mowed down in a senseless act of violence (and she said this pre-9/11.)

(You may wish to look at President Obama's just-past Geminian Lunar Return but I won't cover it here. Moon in Gemini is also a writer's significator along with Sigma conj his natal Sun in dramatic Leo, so often describing a lawyer or actor.)

Asteroid Icarus 00Sag10, associated with risk-taking and with assassinations, is at MC and opposes asteroid Terpsichore (the orchestrator) 2Gem12 Rx at IC. The riot-inciting, explosive, gun-toting Mars/Uranus midpoint 00Gem54 also opposes Icarus, and no, I don't like the looks of the situation.

Plus, if you want a difficult, grief-inspiring Fixed Star you can't do much better than Alcyone 00Gem00 (keywords: something to cry about), one of the Seven Weeping Sisters indicating exile, suffering, and misfortune. 'Insight' is the only positive expression for Alcyone I know of, but perhaps you know of others.

Also at MC is Yed Prior 2Sag18: success in 9th house matters; shrewd, conniving, sarcastic. (Horary Astrology Plain and Simple, Anthony Louis.)

And of course, the unconscious karmic condition of this MC's 1Sag40 is "1Sag" = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" which corals to the fore the wars we're mired in as lumbering Neptune changes direction.


*Neptune actually reaches 23AQ41 on Nov 2 @ 6:03:09 pm in DC according to my SolarFire software, and remains @ 23:41 until Nov 6, 2009 @ 8:30:10 am est in DC with a T-Square pattern formed at that time...

Moon/Pluto = Saturn 00Lib50: grave inhibitions; pressure to regroup forces and plan anew; tr Saturn = US natal MC ('Sibly' chart) which gives: Moon/Pluto = MC: acting alone and never in accord with others; one-sidedness.

My opinion? The hawkish, neocon, zionist elements of America's Neptunian, unrealistic, and quixotic notions of global domination with its natural resource plunderings - and blunderings - are ruining and destroying our nation.

As Golda Meir said so well: "A leader who does not hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader."

Et tu, Bush, Cheney. Et tu, Barack Obama (who has grace enough to pause.)

Et tu, all of you manning drones of death from a furtive location in Houston, Texas.

Here's a quote for your superiors who order you in your tasks:

"Power takes as ingratitude the writhings of its victims." - Rabindranath Tagore.

And one more quote that describes Stars Over Washington's American author:

"I dissent because I care." - Jude Cowell 11.1.09 6:45 pm est

Jan 17, 2008

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: April 4, 1968

Never can I fully express the sadness and horror felt as I watched the TV news shouting out the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968--another one gone leaving America once again an assassination nation oppressed by unnamed murderers and political fanatics...the chaos creators.

One of my Gather friends, Andrew, has captured the times and feelings better than I ever could in his A Poem on the Anniversary of Dr. King's Birth which inspires me to publish the chart of Rev. King's assassination with his natal planets added by hand on the chart of April 4, 1968, 6:01 pm CST, Memphis, TN.

With my usual chickenscratch, you see I've run out of space around the outside of the chart, so I've listed King's natal placements coded in green.

Pink marks the Eclipse Series (6North) in which this murder took place, with asteroid, Icarus (assassination; flying too high; risk-taking) nearby and tr Chiron (the Wounded Healer/Christ archetype) at Aries Point (AP) of fame and prominence. Rev. King had become too prominent, too loved, and too listened to for the men in charge.

6N Series: relationship to authority/father figures and the need to take control; another's illness/unreliability brings commitments and responsibilities (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) 6N last manifested April 19, 2004 and was the PE Series of the 2004 US presidential election. Um-hmm.

(Note: any reference made here to 'MLK' or 'King' is for the sake of blogging brevity and implies no disrespect for Reverend King for I have none.)

With America's natal Sun at MC, this mayhem was carried out on behalf of America's goals and objectives, pathetic and cruel as it was, and the US n Jupiter and Venus are piled up at the top of the chart as well. Cancer is a very self-protecting sign, as you know, and there was much at stake in 1968 - for war profiteering must go on, as we see ad nauseum.

The chart shows the Moon 2Can08 being oppressed by the cruel Saturn/Pluto midpoint. Saturn/Pluto together = reactionaries; violent people; criminals and with Cupido conj Moon we have a vivid picture of the violence against Rev. King, his wife (Moon), and the American people (Moon in a national or event chart.)

And btw: the Pentagon's natal Mars (sniper/sharpshooter?) is conj the Moon, Saturn/Pluto, and Cupido. In a national chart, Mars represents the military, police, activists, etc.

Saturn/Pluto = Moon: cold feelings; renunciation; a tragic destiny.

Asteroid, Cupido = The Family; crime syndicates; corporatism. Pluto/Chiron (plutocracy) 25gem34 in 9th house of philosophy along with the Mercury/Pluto midpoint = powerful persuasion...King's ability to sway the People. His speeches had become very inconvenient to the empire.

Sun 15Ari16, signifying Dr. King on the level of 'leader' is being inhibited by controlling Saturn (authority) which repressed his self-expression in the worst way possible--his death.

Sun may also represent the president of the nation repressing King's authority (Saturn)--it works in both directions as does everything in life and thus, in Astrology as it describes life.

Violent instigator, Mars (male, appr age 25--35) is conj tr Vertex (VX), a point of destined encounter. On this day in 1968, tr Mars/VX conjuncted Rev. King's natal Chiron 5Tau25 at the moment of his murder, with asteroid Arachne (network, including spying networks; web; entanglements) there as well.

Did US intell agencies hire criminals to perpetrate this unholy act against a preacher of the Word? (Anti-vertex in Scorpio.) Did the president or his Party have a satanic claw in it? The Sabian Symbol for the DESC degree, "11Ari" = "The president of the country"...I'm just sayin'...

Opposite the Saturn/Pluto midpoint is asteroid, Atlantis, one of the significators for America, keywords: abuse of power; feeling doomed.

Most people are aware now--if they weren't at the time--that King's plans to unite protestors for civil rights with protestors against the Vietnam War was a huge worry for the US government esp since the Civil Rights Act had been passed and Rev. King was more free to voice his longtime convictions against the war.

For then--as NOW--a wrong-acting government has everything to fear from such large numbers of the People, whom they supposedly represent, and in whose name they supposedly act. Rev. King represented a father figure who could--and would--unite the People for the common good and for right-acting that should be inspired from a higher plane than the Oval Office.

Rising at 6:01 pm CST in Memphis was the spiritual midpoint of Jupiter (the preacher) and Neptune (spirituality), a midpoint combo which has both positive and negative connotations...a mixture of both depending on motivations:

Pos: the grand spirit; idealism; religion; ESP; benevolence; humanitarianism; visualization; dreamers ("I have a dream," and "the mountaintop" speech of April 3); ability to shape things; mysticism; art, music.

Neg: speculators; wastrels and spendthrifts; hypocrites; ideals vs reality; gain without effort; scandals; losses; political conflicts.

Jup/Neptune = ASC: a visionary; speculaton; sharing great hopes with others; living in an unreal world; living in a world lighted by personal imagination and an emotionally rationalized agenda.

This is an important part of the chart--the ASC is the WHAT? Point and so it equals the assassination itself--Dr. King's death. "An emotionally rationalized agenda" seems to me to be a must if you travel in the circles that assassinate well-loved leaders of the nation you're determined to control and persuade to accept your selfish ends.

As I type that statement, I'm reading the midpoint picture created by tr Uranus/Pluto (fresh from their mid-60s Conjunction which caused so many of my generation to take to the streets...the Uranus/Pluto duo = overturning the status quo; new perspectives; attainment of great goals through great effort; upsets and tension; revolution; collapse of the old order, building the new; the process of transformation)..and it's pointing to America's natal Neptune...

Uran/Pluto = Neptune: falsehoods, lies; fraud; the desire to harm others secretly; delving into supernatural realms; sympathy; unfulfilled wishes; fatigue.

This picture among generational (slower-moving) planets would have been a background influence of the day (not only on April 4, 1968) and would've affected many dimensions of life...and is one of the reasons I referred to America's 'wrong-acting' above.

Please click to enlarge the chart for a few more of my notes, for being fatigued myself, I shall close with the *Images for the Sun Aries/Moon Cancer blend for April 4, 1968, 6:01 pm CST:

The Salvation Army...A lightening storm at sea gives way to a peaceful, radiant dawn.

Jan 1, 2008

that New World (Dis) Order

From Hyperpower To New World Disorder

By David Olive

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, America isn't alone on top. What's replacing the unipolar world of the 1990s? A gang of five superpowers: China, Russia, India, the Eurozone and the US.

Read article from Information Clearing House#

And when it comes to the worldwide crime syndicates shoving the rest of us around, the US is actually at the bottom of the pecking order! Which is one of the reasons US resources (booty? loot?) have been sent elswhere.

And where do 'hyperpower' or 'superpowers' fit into an astrology chart?

Mainly bwo of such midpoints as Sun/Pluto, Jupiter/Pluto (and who can forget the so-recent meeting of Jup-Pluto Dec 11 in late Sag--at the "The pope blessing the faithful" degree?) ann-n-nd....wait for it...Pluto/Chiron, of course...the plutocrats, corporatism, The Family, crime syndicate, oppression, racism, class warfare, misogyny duo that fairminded, decent people would run away from if they could.

With the aid of the scientific community, they've tried to disappear saboteur and assassin Pluto from our view--and consciousness, but he still keeps turning up in all my charts--how about yours?

Sad note on the US diplomat's assassination: Mercury conj Icarus as mentioned below. There will be more.