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Mar 22, 2022

Election 2024's Predictive New Moon Prior

March 22, 2022

Nov 2024: A Scorpio New Moon Enforced by Mars-Pluto

by Jude Cowell

All Democrats and Independents Beware!

Fulfilling a regular reader's request, below is an unmarked DC Horoscope of the predictive New Moon Prior to Election 2024 @9Sco35, which happens to be the Inauguration 2017 Moon position (9Sco21). For the forces of democracy and for the incumbent administration's political prospects, things look rather glum as we've previously discussed in the post linked, below. Of course, other cosmic and/or earthly factors may mitigate these significant circumstances, hopefully in a positive way especially when considering the underhanded means and tactics that are and will be utilized by the success-at-any-cost crowd.

Now as you see in the 2024 Scorpio New Moon chart, there's a high flying Kite pattern of success with Mars the tail and Pluto the nose, plus, both planets are at critical 29-degrees of the Moon-Saturn 4/10 Cancer-Capricorn polarity, and so are very eager to enter the 5/11 Sun-Saturn/Sun-Uranus Leo-Aquarius axis. Apparently, the ruthless Mars-Pluto duo of brutality is determined to win, no matter what it takes. No surprise there. A military connection is also suggested by Mars-Pluto. And even the planet of votes and voters, Mercury, is in Scorpio, ruled (or bossed around?) by Mars-Pluto.

Then another factor worth noting is that this particular Mars-Pluto Cycle begins February 14, 2024 (at 1:05:30 am est in DC; ASC 24Sco27, so again it's forceful Mars-Pluto holding sway). The pair conjuncts @00AQ46:07 and you'll recognize this as the January 20th position every four years of US Inaugural Sun (POTUS) which last conjoined near the end of Tr*mp's term on December 21, 2020 as the Great Conjunction/Mutation of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn @00AQ29, a cosmic marker of a new order. Thus, a midpoint picture was formed by the planetary trio of 'taking destiny into one's own hands, making changes according to plan, or, if nothing has been prepared, becoming gripped by the status quo and having to make the best of things' (Noel Tyl).

Do you think Tr*mp and the GOP have made the best of things?

So if you wish a view of the previously published marked-up version of the New Moon Prior Chart of 2024, plus, an UPDATE that I've added just today, go here. Thanks! jc

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