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Oct 11, 2022

Moon-Tracking Midterm Elections 2022

November 8, 2022 Midterms: Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus

by Jude Cowell

If you've looked at a horoscope set for November 8, 2022, the day of our Midterm Elections 2022, I suspect that one chart factor that popped out at you is the day's Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus blend of conscious-unconscious energies. Notably, this happens to be the natal Sun-Moon personality blend of President Joe Biden. Hopefully, this suggests a positive influence toward Democrats in election outcomes of the day!

All Eclipses Are Uranian 'Wild Cards' of the Universe

And so we must face another factor: that a Midterms 2022 Lunar Eclipse Conjunct unpredictable Uranus in Taurus occurs on November 8, 2022 at 6:01:57 am est that very morning which emphasizes the eventfulness of the day. Now as you know, lunar eclipses often uncover in stark relief all manner of secrets and inconvenient facts that can lead to scandals and/or sudden understanding, and often reveal or leak information that has long remained hidden. At Midterms 2022, the close presence of rebellious Awakener planet Uranus intensifies, even electrifies, the situation and the day's results, plus, Uranus can also act as The Witness.

Obviously, with Uranian energies involved, technology issues may also be part of the cosmic picture for Midterms 2022, along with gun-toting threats from sore loser Republican zealots laboring under the 'Tr*mp flag' of sedition and insurrection, tactics resorted to when elections don't turn out to suit their degrading authoritarian dreams. Want to subsist like the Russian people? Then vote Republic*n!

Now at Midterms 2022, excited people will be prominent via the Moon-Uranus conjunction during the day, along with a measure of anti-societal attitudes revealed by the unpredictable energies of the Sun-Uranus opposition across the stubborn, fixed Taurus-Scorpio axis. Unusual, disruptive, novel (Uranus) goals (Sun) will be expressed by radical rebels - and possibly by others of a more enlightened and solution-based turn of mind.

Yet as you know, we saw sore losers in action on Tr*mp's behalf via the violent *MAGA Mob Attack on January 6, 2021, the day the US Congress was scheduled to certify the Electoral College Vote Count of 2020 - for Joe Biden. Yet after hours of delay, the certification was accomplished and its requirement in the US Constitution fulfilled despite Tr*mp's desperate attempt to remain in power by riding roughshod over the majority of We the People's votes against him. And yet it's notable to consider that Uranus can choose to behave as a planet of sudden attack and assault especially when acting in tandem with belligerent Mars - and Midterms 2022 Mars is Rx (frustrated) in changeable Gemini, a placement that prefers to be ready for action, but his condition by transit resonates with America's stymied Mars retrograde by progression (since 2006). Plus, planet Mars is very close to Earth right now (until March 2023) which heats things up.

The Cosmic Weather of Midterms 2022

On November 8, 2022 the degrees of Sun and Moon range from Sun @15Scorpio (12:00 am est) to 16Sco45 (11:59 pm est); the Moon will float from 12Tau47 to 25Tau29 (check the Sabian Symbols!), passing over Trump's natal Midheaven and (enraged) star of malevolence, Algol. (Obviously, the orange blighter will be steamed if his candidates don't win.) And as noted above, Sun and Moon will be in opposition in the form of a Lunar Eclipse early that morning. Significant is the sign of a mundane Moon for it reveals the public mood and societal trends (at Tr*mp's Midheaven: the goal; publicity; not running yet he haunts everyone's ballot). In Venus-ruled Taurus, Luna suggests potentials for firmness, steadfastness, constancy, and changing material circumstances (positively or negatively: bribes and pay-offs funding a love of luxury? Or, satifaction with rising employment numbers and more income?).

Yet with a Taurus Moon, it seems apparent that political views and votes will be decided prior to Election Day and have little, if any, chance of fluctuating from stubbornly held positions (Ds and Rs!). Perhaps absentee ballots will flood in across the land, a practical solution to sore loser threats against voters.

And significantly, karmic Saturn in Aquarius (practical ideals) squares Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus making the old devil the apex planet of multiple T-squares. Of course, restrictive Saturn (his depiction shown, above) in mundane charts signifies the law, lawmakers, court proceedings, managers, serious conditions, and experienced seniors so perhaps a cautious Saturnian guard rail will keep the 2022 Midterms on a more even keel even though 'rebellion against authority' types (via Saturn-square-Uranus, but waning) continue to cause turmoil in society as they clamour for control. Best outcome for such Saturnian T-Squares: 'addressing problems and finding practical solutions.'

Meanwhile, Midterms 2022's Water-Earth Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus blend of energies reveal a day and election of determination, pragmatism, concern for others, and control over a seething inner world of darker elements (paraphrasing The Harveys' Sun Sign-Moon Sign #ad). My hope is that this control will successfully deal with malcontents 'guarding' polls in various locations so that events won't spiral out of hand and our votes can be safely cast and honestly counted with an integrity the Republican Party has shown that it lacks.

Now here's a quote from a previous US president who shares with President Biden the Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus blend, "Our nation needs not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration." - Warren G. Harding. Time to Build Back Better, and, thanks to President Joe Biden, we have a chance to do just that! And no, The Establishment isn't perfect but it's worlds better for humanity than fascism and nazism, systems of perversion, cruelty, brutality, and degradation.

So additionally for Midterms 2022, we may expect a mixture of enthusiatic optimism and brooding pessimism with hopefully a positive emphasis on the regeneration of our society, clearly the goal of those voting for fact-based candidates at Midterms 2022 rather than for candidates who dream of overthrowing the US government and tossing America backward into revolution, tyranny, dystopia, and the olden days of misogyny, perversion, violence, slavery, racism, and oppression. Such backward-leaning voters exhibit blindness to the motives of others which surely is part of their problem, and unfortunately, they make it ours when they vote against democracy.

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*MAGA: perhaps you've heard what "MAGA" now stands for: 'Making Attorneys Get Attorneys' thanks to Herr Tr*mp's intransigence, lies, and his anti-democratic refusal to get off the stage.

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