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Mar 29, 2023

2023 Pluto opposes NRA Jupiter-Uranus

As you know, another tragic shooting has occurred in America, this time in Nashville, Tennessee. One prominent transit to the 1871 NRA Horoscope is the planet topping the news these days due to its entry into Aquarius: Pluto. Known for its associations with death, destruction, manipulation, and assassination, Pluto now opposes the dissociate Jupiter-Uranus conjunction operative during the November 1871 founding of the gun-loving organization, the National Rifle Association.

Lacking an exact hour for the group's founding, 12:00 noon is used to set up the horoscope shown, below, but this lack is inconsequential to the fact that the transit of Pluto opposing 1871 Jupiter (Rx @29Can54) and Uranus (@1Leo10) is obvious and significant to events at this moment in time.

Both Pluto oppositions indicate political and financial conflicts, with power struggles underneath as public shouts for action rather than more of the measely "thoughts and prayers" mantra Republicans fall back on so that a lack of actual changes to gun laws can be excused are once again heard across the political landscape. As you know, their mealey-mouthing ignores reality while discontented militarists stockpile guns and plan a race war while pretending that peaceniks are the ones wanting carnage in our streets!

So below is the previously published NRA Horoscope of November 17, 1871 in which Jupiter is strong at Station Rx upon the "A Daughter of the American Revolution" degree and radical Uranus in proud Leo feels emboldened and activated by the 2023 transit of transformative Pluto, a cosmic circumstance that also reminds me, as a descendant of The Confederacy, of the favorite mantra of sore loser seditionists, 'The South Shall Rise Again' - with Herr Adolf's hate-filled Aryanism of white "supremacy" rotting at its core:

Now much of the time, we expect the Jupiter-Uranus duo to denote potentials for break-throughs, luck or good fortune, optimism, and/or 'reforms that originate in religious principles' (such as, Thou Shalt Not Kill?). Yet sometimes, depending on the motives of participants, the pairing denotes more negative potentials such as, "deafness from not wanting to hear the opinions of others, government where no expansion due to modern principles is allowed," and/or "civil war or unrest due to a legal or religious system which stifles justice for the common people" (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey #ad).

These negative potentials in part account for society's current dire condition of violence which is based on the promotion of the purposeful misinterpretation of the Second Amendment, well noted as a fraud upon the American public by Chief Justice Warren Burger on December 16, 1991. That mental problems are also involved, I have no doubt, yet I also blame decades of lies and other fraudulent behavior perpetrated by Washington DC and the Pentagon for the years-long build-up of aggravated discontent experienced by and nurtured within segments of our population.

2023 Pluto = NRA Jupiter-Uranus

Add by transit powerful, wealth-hoarding Pluto to the NRA's Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, a karmic development, and a midpoint picture forms of 'devices with the potential to transform the world; extreme reworking of ideas to be sure they will be received correctly' which sounds positive - other than when it suggests the propaganda and manipulation of thoughts and prayers that fall tragically short of what America and our victimized, traumatized children need from "lawmakers" on both sides of the aisle.

But so far, it feels like Trump's "American carnage" threat that he 'dog whistled' on January 20, 2017 is paying off for the enemies of America aided by their bought-off politicians of the fascist persuasion who've succumbed to control by a global movement that's determined to wreak havoc and chaos on the American people in order to coup the US government against the will of the majority who prefer democracy to fascism any day of the week.

And please note, dear reader, that there is absolutely no joy in typing this, but there it is.

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