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Jan 27, 2024

8 South themes will affect Election 2024

'Wild Card' Eclipses, Historical and Political Events

by Jude Cowell

News has gotten around that yet another Great American Eclipse will manifest in the 8 North Saros Series on April 8, 2024 @19Ari24 conjunct wounded healer Chiron at the same position. This is the third of three such solar eclipses, total and visible across the United States beginning in Texas. Most folks remember the previous Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 @28Leo52 conjunct Regulus, the 'kingmaker' star that rises in the natal horoscope of D. John Trump (if his 10:54 am est birth time is accurate). He demonstrated his Apollo rising with royal Regulus and aggressive Mars when he removed safety glasses and looked directly at the total eclipse as if he's a "sun god" (in his own mind). Yet as you know, Leo is one of the signs of royalty (pride and vanity).

Even so, no one alive remembers the very first Great American Eclipse of 1878. So here's a previous SO'W post from 2022 concerning all three eclipses, all total, all visible within the U.S.

And yet this post isn't about these eclipses, it's about the 8 South Eclipse of October 2, 2024 for it's the one that will influence Election 2024 and Inauguration 2025 with 8S themes of "loss; separation; partings; to finish something and feel sad at its completion; possible physical injury through overstrain"; take it easy (paraphrasing B. Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad). Here are DC Horoscopes of 8 South Eclipses with their aspect grids:

May 16, 1501 Eclipse @4Gem51

October 2, 2024 Eclipse @10Lib03

Shown above are both horoscopes of 8 South Eclipses set for DC: first, its initial Eclipse of May 16, 1501 @4Gem51 which provides the lens through which to consider all subsequent 8 South Eclipses via its Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini and applied to the upcoming 8 South Eclipse in Venus-ruled Libra, also an Air sign. Gemini: news, communication, oration, trade, teaching; and Libra: diplomacy, beauty, relationships, and the Scales of Justice.

Notably, 10Libra03 lands squarely inside Trump's natal 2nd hou$e and within his trio of Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter with its grand scheme, fraud, and speculation influences. And as the entire world knows, Big Donald is now within a period of being held accountable for the first time in his life.

Meanwhile, in Political Astrology, the initial and upcoming 8 South eclipses suggest that their combined Mercury-Venus influences are worth pondering within the Hegelian Dialectic model aptly used by Michael Munkasey:

Thesis: A mixture of business and society; beautification programs for highways; news about the status of wealth; social psychology, the study of people.

Antithesis: a business sector at odds with society; speeches which emhasize economic facts; propaganda about the ease and quality of life; debates on added costs; a transportation system that places beauty over function. (Paraphrasing, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, M.M. #ad).

You recognize that some of these Mercury-Venus potentials are operative now, don't you? And last but not least, when solar eclipses occur in Air signs, logic must be placed about personal biases and emotional attitudes - and judgments must be based on facts and truth (R. Lineman). If karmic progress is the goal.

One more Eclipse Note: 8 South Eclipses have also manifested in the years 1916, 1934, 1952, 1970, 1988, 2006, (2024), and next in 2042 @21Libra, which by degree will stimulate or activate themes of the 7 South Eclipse of October 14, 2023 which is in effect as as I type this post. Follow the link for a view of 7 South's initial manifestation in 1248 and its repetition on October 14, 2024 @21Libra. Repetitions of eclipses are so that humanity has opportunities to handle events and conditions better the next time around.

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