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Feb 17, 2024

223rd Anniversary! Thomas Jefferson Elected February 17, 1801

After the contentious Presidential Election of 1800 (held from October 31 to December 3, 1800) was decided in Congress, VP Thomas Jefferson was elected on February 17, 1801 to serve as America's third president. As for the published propaganda about Jefferson and enslaved Sally Hemings (aka, mother of his "shadow family"), look below to the list of aspects to the Solar Eclipse for notes re: the inconjunct from lusty Mars in romantic Leo.

Significantly, the 1800 Election and the Inauguration that followed represent our archetypal model of America's traditional peaceful transfer of power - successfully followed for over 200 hundred years until 'Mango Mussolini' instigated a coup attempt (ongoing as I type) meant to keep him in power despite losing the 2020 Election.

So below you see the Horoscope of the Prenatal Solar Eclipse under which Election 1800 and Inauguration 1801 took place. It's a Libra Eclipse (25:45) in the 19 South Saros Series with potentials for lucky breaks and wins, and joyful, life-changing events (Brady).

So if you don't mind enlarging the image, you'll find that and other astro-notes penned rather messily on the chart for your consideration:

Aspects to the 19 South Eclipse of October 1800:

Pluto trine Ecl: "The enlightened ones"; higher minds able to deal successfully with karmic issues and thereby erase karmic debts from the past.

Mercury conjunct Ecl: logic and reason as tools for resolving karmic problems.

Mars inconjunct Ecl: a karmic barrier to success signifying a confrontation with self due to misguided Martian energy in the sexual realm; the Mars inconjunct is a warning against further misguided actions in relation to the Eclipse in Libra, sign of relationships and diplomacy.

Saturn sextile Ecl: opportunities for karmic progress are available but sincere work is required; older and/or established associates offer support and counsel (Eclipse Saturn in 11th house).

When a Solar Eclipse Falls in Venus-ruled Libra

Positive use of Libran eclipse energies: fairplay, cooperation, impartiality, and groups involving World Justice (Enlightenment principles of logic, reason, equality, liberty).

Negative use of Libran eclipse energies: insincerity, spinelessness, self-indulgence.

Thanks for reading! And Happy Presidents' Day 2024 on Monday, jc

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