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Feb 17, 2024

223rd Anniversary! Thomas Jefferson Elected February 17, 1801

After the contentious Presidential Election of 1800 (held from October 31 to December 3, 1800) was decided in Congress, VP Thomas Jefferson was elected on February 17, 1801 to serve as America's third president. As for the published propaganda about Jefferson and enslaved Sally Hemings (aka, mother of his "shadow family"), look below to the list of aspects to the Solar Eclipse for notes re: the inconjunct from lusty Mars in romantic Leo.

Significantly, the 1800 Election and the Inauguration that followed represent our archetypal model of America's traditional peaceful transfer of power - successfully followed for over 200 hundred years until 'Mango Mussolini' instigated a coup attempt (ongoing as I type) meant to keep him in power despite losing the 2020 Election.

So below you see the Horoscope of the Prenatal Solar Eclipse under which Election 1800 and Inauguration 1801 took place. It's a Libra Eclipse (25:45) in the 19 South Saros Series with potentials for lucky breaks and wins, and joyful, life-changing events (Brady).

So if you don't mind enlarging the image, you'll find that and other astro-notes penned rather messily on the chart for your consideration:

Aspects to the 19 South Eclipse of October 1800:

Pluto trine Ecl: "The enlightened ones"; higher minds able to deal successfully with karmic issues and thereby erase karmic debts from the past.

Mercury conjunct Ecl: logic and reason as tools for resolving karmic problems.

Mars inconjunct Ecl: a karmic barrier to success signifying a confrontation with self due to misguided Martian energy in the sexual realm; the Mars inconjunct is a warning against further misguided actions in relation to the Eclipse in Libra, sign of relationships and diplomacy.

Saturn sextile Ecl: opportunities for karmic progress are available but sincere work is required; older and/or established associates offer support and counsel (Eclipse Saturn in 11th house).

When a Solar Eclipse Falls in Venus-ruled Libra

Positive use of Libran eclipse energies: fairplay, cooperation, impartiality, and groups involving World Justice (Enlightenment principles of logic, reason, equality, liberty).

Negative use of Libran eclipse energies: insincerity, spinelessness, self-indulgence.

Thanks for reading! And Happy Presidents' Day 2024 on Monday, jc

Previously appearing on SO'W: Thomas Jefferson's 1801 Inauguration Horoscope.

Please Note: for additional SO'W posts concerning Thomas Jefferson (including his natal YOD of special tasks and opportunities), scroll down to the Sidebar Search field and type in his name! Or any other term you wish. jc

For more eclipse information of this sort see Rose Lineman's Your Prenatal Eclipse #ad.

Mar 13, 2023

Jefferson's Inauguration 1801 Horoscope

A Patriotic Stroll Back to America 1801

by Jude Cowell

Since in March 2023 America continues to be throttled and assaulted by Republicans of the brutal Nazi persuasion in every way they can scheme to finagle their longed-for take-over of our democratic Republic, I'm reverting Stars Over Washington via Monday's post back to the fabled era when Founding Father Thomas Jefferson was first inaugurated as President of the United States in 1801 after a very acrimonious election.

So as you can see in the horoscope, below, early Cancer rises which brings up America's 1776 trio of Venus-Jupiter-Sun, suggesting that intense emotions were in evidence via a Moon-Pluto trine. No, they must not have been aware of power planet Pluto in 1801, but we are - to our advantage. Notably, the trine is the only applying aspect that chart-ruler Moon makes in the horoscope. Apparently, Jefferson's fight for survival (Scorpio Moon) was beneficially aided by a sense of Universalism (Pisces Pluto), and naturally, fate was in attendance with karmic Pluto involved.

Meanwhile, an important consideration is Mr. Jefferson's first natal planet to rise at 12 o'clock but it's complex: his Chiron-Neptune Conjunction @10Cancer (high idealism, a quest for enlightenment - Pottenger; see Midheaven/The Goal: "Men Seeking Illumination"). Soon Jefferson's natal Cancer Moon (19-24 Cancer) arose which to me denotes his Moon-Neptune duo suggesting his refined feelings, love of solitude, and peculiar disposition. These are traits he is known to have expressed during his lifetime, and I know of no biographer who would disagree.

Additionally, Moon-ruled Cancer is the sign of patriotism, tribalism, domesticity, protection, psychism, emotions, impressionability and receptivity, and resonates with the intense emotions of the day for Thomas Jefferson personally, and for various participants who were either for or against his approaching presidency.

As for the event itself, the Inauguration of Thomas Jefferson on March 4, 1801 saw mild weather, and a simply dressed president first to walk to the inaugural ceremony held at the US Capitol Building. Lodging nearby, Mr. Jefferson started his brief stroll at around noon on that day with companions in tow, and delivered his speech, a copy of which had been provided to the National Intelligencer for immediate publication, inside the US Senate Chamber.

Here is the permalink of Jefferson's 1801 speech if you'd care to read the text, and as the newspaper noted, his address was delivered "at 12 o'clock." Therefore, the following Inauguration 1801 Horoscope is set for that hour although his Oath of Office, administered by Chief Justice John Marshall, was taken after his speech so adjust the horoscope's timing as and if you wish:

You may also wish to check out The Solar Eclipse of Thomas Jefferson in the 15 South Saros Series. Also related: a comparison of the Personality Blends of Franklin, Washington, Paine, and Jefferson.

Aug 29, 2022

DC Horoscope May 2017: Trump with Russians in the Oval Office


by Jude Cowell

The following horosocope and astro-notes concern the fact that during the early months of his White House tenure, Trump revealed intelligence secrets to Russians in Oval Office: officials.

Today I'm posting only a few notes and a DC Horoscope for May 10, 2017 with a speculative time of 1:23 pm edt on the day that a newly inaugurated Trump hosted two Russian "officials" in the Oval Office. You've seen the photo of the trio of comrades grinning like cats who ate the cream, taken by the Russian press because no official US photographs or press were permitted by their orange comrade, our saboteur-in-chief. Putin's proof!

Now my reason for setting the chart for 1:23 pm edt is that it aligns the transiting cusps of the day with those of Herr Trump's natal cusps including his natal Ascendant at the critical 29th degree of boastful Sun-ruled Leo, and spotlights royal Regulus (rising in his natal chart with asteroid Apollo, the 'sun god' - hence his layers of clownish orange make-up mimicking a 'suntan' and his beloved golf resort in Florida). Then as you know, the caution of Regulus is significant: success if revenge is avoided; otherwise all that's gained will be taken away. Well, this outcome for Trump I continue to await for that's one thing the lying grudge-holder seldom if ever avoids: taking revenge.

Oh and look! There are the two malevolent stars at Midheaven, the Goal Point of this and his natal chart: Algol and Capulus - and the 9th house Sun @20Tau14 conjuncts asteroid Phaethon, while the Scorpio Moon floated into opposition with the Sun suggesting a possible 'tug of war' and/or 'those in charge make difficult demands' (R. Ebertin). Yes, I suspect they did. And yet someone in a leadership position (Sun) was feeling invulnerable! Of course, this could be Putin with Sun in the 9th house of Foreign Lands.

Please enlarge or print the chart image for easier viewing since way too many of my study notes are squooched upon the chart. They include financial indications such as theft (see the 2/8 houses with money planets therein, and Jupiter Rx conjunct Putin's natal Sun and Trump's natal 2nd hou$e Chiron between the grand schemer duo, Jupiter and Neptune), plus, other 2017 contacts to V. Putin's natal planets (October 7, 1952; see top of the chart: Sun to his Jupiter, Jupiter to his Sun - such confidence!), the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of this event (lower right corner = 19 South: "a lucky win" - B. Brady; the 2016 election was affected).

Also listed are the three upcoming Return dates of the May 10, 2017 event's Mars @13Gem13 (10th house) which are: September 14, 2022; December 15, 2022; and, February 12, 2023. This Mars-in-Gemini period begins in a few days, as you see, and will last into 2023. Additionally, transit Mars will hit Trump's 10th house Uranus, North Node, and Sun trio (@17-23 Gemini) while opposing his natal Moon-South-Node (@20-22 Sag). Naturally, this multiple transit of energy, activism, anger, and testosterone occurs about every two years but his and our circumstances are already on the turbulent, even dangerous side these days, and this must include Putin's ill-advised invasion and war in Ukraine.

Unfit, Untrustworthy, Disloyal, Loose-Lipped, Greedy, and Conscience-Free: guess who?

So out of an abundance of caution for my country and the common good, I'm suggesting that with Trump having natal Mars rising, this position of May 2017 Mars (13Gem13 in the horoscope) may be worth watching in relation to the shady, secretive May 10, 2017 event for it connects with our current crisis of Trump purloining classified documents from the White House as he skulked from office (or before!), hiding them away, then sharing them at will - and recklessly putting America's national security at risk.

Apparently, the far-righters of the Republican Party cult think such a dangerous risk is dandy fine. However, my personal feeling is that on Inauguration Day 2021 (day of the incendiary Mars-Uranus Conjunction @6Tau44) when fear of violence was in the air, everyone was and had been highly focused on kicking Trump out of the White House as per the tradition and many folks were very concerned that perhaps he would not leave the premises - but we ought to have been focused on detaining and frisking the blighter, instead of allowing the orange thief to abscond to Mar-a-Lago with the goods.

And if you feel so inclined, dear reader, comparisons to the hamburgl*r are much appreciated. After all, the blighter is, at the present time, the biggliest ham we've ever known.

A Closely Related Post: Mercury-Neptune and the Presidential Records Act.

May 24, 2022

Horoscope: Pluto Station Rx conjunct Saturn in mid-Pisces

A Distant View: Positive vs Negative Societal Conditions

by Jude Cowell

If you've been wondering when the next great Saturn-Pluto Conjunction will occur while we toil under the harsh, compressive energies of their current conjunction (January 12, 2020 @22Cap46 - karmically conjunct Tr*mp's natal Vertex of fated encounters), check out the following DC Horoscope of the moment of pausing when transit Pluto Stations Retrograde @14Pis30:01 conjunct transit Saturn @14Pis28:28 on June 13, 2053 at 6:57:23 pm 'est' in 3rd house:

Now it's true that there may exist no city of 'Washington DC' by year 2053, yet as you see, an abundance of my study notes and chart factors are notated upon the chart - optimistically assuming that DC's spot upon the Earth may continue to exist. And yes, we who now breathe air must wait a long time before the current Saturn-Pluto Conjunction in governmental Capricorn runs its course within the planets' 33-year cycle. Personally, I don't expect to be around in 2053 but if you, dear reader, are young enough, perhaps you will be. So you may wish to note the rounded-up Sabian Symbol of Pluto's Station Rx conjunct Saturn: "15 Pisces" ("An Officer Preparing to Drill His Men"). Saturn (teamed with Pluto) leads a Locomotive pattern of the planets suggesting ruthless executives determined to have their way. Well, aren't they always?

Additionally, there are other interesting chart factors such as the Eclipse Series ('PE') in which this conjunction occurs: the 19 South Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2053 conjunct the Cardinal World Point of 00Ari08, the Aries Point. Then as you know, solar eclipses in Mars-ruled Aries indicate potentials for daring, courage, boldness, challenges, and the spirit of competition, yet overly aggressive energies may also be activated and mobilized (R. Lineman).

And yet 19 South themes include: 'joy, and lucky wins or breaks' (paraphrasing B. Brady) which sound positive - unless folk harboring malicious motivations and intent take that ball and run with it because they, too, can experience what they consider to be lucky wins or breaks. Still, as always, we know that life on Earth contains both positive and negative conditions and potentials occurring simultaneously or in an alternating fashion. Such is the dualism of life on Earth, for as you know, it's a light vs dark affair.

Expansive Jupiter in Airy Libra

Meanwhile, chart-ruler Jupiter (highlighted in green), the banker, politician, broadcaster, and/or The General, has something to say about matters yet 'he' makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects in the chart which would provide us with clues for 'how things will proceed' from Pluto's Station Rx moment. Therefore, we must depend upon Jupiter's sign of Venus-ruled Libra in the 10th house of Career, Public Status, and the World Stage for hints such as dependence on others, doing public work, and/or possessing a sense of justice (my favorite!). Because as a common-gooder sort of American, my hope is always that the Great Benefic's protective function will kick in and provide as many positive influences as possible, no matter how negative the circumstances. And helpfully, Jupiter the Generous is trined by the Sun in Gemini, an aspect that Alan Oken has called "A Cosmic Blessing"!

Meanwhile, there's erratic, disruptive planet Uranus @1Lib00, another Cardinal World Point of activity suggesting 'sudden conflicts, an urge for freedom, and/or separation' (R. Ebertin). Those potentials are when a midpoint picture is considered (Sun-Moon oppo Uranus) at the most visible point of the chart ('MC') - but from the 9th house side of Foreign Lands/Travel, Higher Education, Philosophy, Religion, and possible Legalities. Plus, with radical zealot Uranus involved, quirky philosophies and bizarre ideologies can be part of the picture (as they are already in 2022).

So to close this looking-wayyy-forward post, I should add that the above horoscope is not an exact Saturn-Pluto Conjunction chart circa 2053 because, thanks to their retrograde tendencies, the two karmic planets may actually conjunct multiple times, possibly all within year 2053.

Instead, the above horoscope shows the significant moment when distant Pluto is poised in process of changing direction (as viewed from Earth) while conjunct Time Keeper Saturn at the same degree - and everyone is aware of the troubles society is having with their current conjunction in Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

Then if you look, lower left, you can see a note that the Moon, an excellent timer and mundane indicator of the masses and of fluctuation, will join the Saturn-Pluto pair @13Pis+ on August 2, 2053 thus reflecting and spotlighting the planetary pair's cosmic correspondences with fanaticism, renunciation, hard work, cruelty, harshness, and/or possible martyrdom.

But are there positive indications of the Saturn-Pluto combo? Perhaps potentials for: tenacity, toughness, endurance, self-discipline, self-denial such as spartanism, adherence to principles (but aka, fanaticism), achievements brought about by large groups of people, and/or the ability to 'make record achievements of the highest order' (R. Ebertin).

And, depending on their deepest motivations, we could even toss in magicians and adepts!

Dec 26, 2020

2020 Ends as Trump plays Medusa the "dark one"

The Head of Medusa by Paul Rubens; Dguendel, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In or around 1618, Peter Paul Rubens painted the severed head of Medusa. And from circa 2017 to 2020, Donald Trump has subjected the American people and the world to the 'star' upon his natal Midheaven (The Goal Point), Algol (Beta Perseus), aka, the Head of Medusa or the Gorgon's Head. As one of his final hurrahs, a balking, sulking, vengeful Trump now holds many more lives in his claws, lives which he may add to his growing list of deaths from his mishandling of the Covid contagion. Meanwhile, many pundits, reporters, writers, and politicians are attempting to describe how and why a golfing Trump is behaving as he is.

Well, with Astrology and star lore at our disposal, let's see if a consideration of Algol and Medusa can enlighten us as to the objectives of Donald Trump, what motivates him, at what should, by all rights, be the end of the line for his misbegotten "presidency." After all, Diana K. Rosenberg says that Algol is often found in criminal and murder charts.

Vicious Algol in late Taurus

Algol is the Head of Gorgo Medusa, say Ebertin and Hoffmann, and the name is derived from the Arabic Al Ghoul (Brady says Ras Al-Ghoul) meaning, "demon," "evil spirit," or "devil." (If you watched the TV series, Gotham, you recognize such a demonic character by name.) And note that 'The Dark One' also shows up in the TV series Once Upon a Time. So a ghoul he is! Especially nowadays when we count the Chinese Astrology description for Algol: "piled up corpses," a goal the WH gangster has reached by doing basically nothing about the coronavirus as if "herd immunity" is the correct way to handle a pandemic rather than furthering the exercise of a hidden depopulation agenda.

Meanwhile, Trump's pile-up continues for want of a stimulus package unless Monday and Tuesday (12/28 and 29) bring override votes from both House and Senate. That's a massive bargaining chip Trump holds in his tiny claws, isn't it?

Ebertin and Hoffmann go on, "Algol is part of a double star system...Its darker brother" (nebula Capulus) "circles the brighter star in about 69 hours, in such a manner that an occultation for nine hours appears as viewed from Earth and this gives a periodical change in brightness." {}"The dark one has the property of pure Saturn character: the lighter one" (Algol) "corresponds not only to Saturnian influence but also to Mars-Uranus-Pluto nature." The stars viciously blend both feminine and masculine rage and the fury of destruction into the psyche of Donald Trump - now with transiting Pluto opposing his natal Saturn in tribal Cancer so that his attempts to impose his authority are challenged by powerful forces and his lifetyle is subject to major alterations.

As for Algol's 'Mars-Uranus-Pluto nature', the Trump "administration" and his Klan-infused White House were imprinted by vibes of Mars-Uranus at the February 2017 Solar Eclipse @8Pisces, and the combustible planetary pair again conjunct on Inauguration Day 2021 @6Tau44. Tragically, we saw effects of the Mars-Uranus combination on Christmas Day just passed expressing brutally and explosively in Nashville, Tennessee. (My condolences to all those affected and to the city of Nashville which I have visited a few times in the past.)

Now an on-topic reminder may be in order - that Trump was born under the influence of an extremely destructive midpoint picture of potentials with his 12th house Pluto at apex - Mars-Saturn (the death axis) = Pluto: 'deaths of many people; murder; brutality; bodily injury or harm; intervention of a higher power' (R. Ebertin). In previous posts concerning his 12th house of the Unconscious, I have called Trump "a man overshadowed by shadows" and nothing has occurred to change that tragic assessment. Gangstas gotta gangsta.

So as we see, ruthless Algol in a natal chart can embue an individual with an intense, consuming passion that, if thwarted, results in a devouring anger and rage (Brady). Contained within the energies of Algol often lurks an unconscious obessession with taking revenge so perhaps you'll agree that we need look no further for an explanation of Mars-rising Trump's current behavior spurred by his loss of the November 3, 2020 Election and the subsequent rebuffs he has experienced ever since - rebuffs instead of the rescue he desparately seeks.

And so I must wonder if the mythological defeat of Medusa using a mirror (to avoid looking directly at her) suggests one way to handle the very snakey Trump - by holding up a mirror to his cruelties and actions so that he might finally see how others see him while he departs the political stage with devil's tail between his stubby legs. Holding up a mirror is what some of those pundits and others have been trying to do and I appreciate the ones who 'cover' Trump in such a way.

But for this grizzled old astrologist, Astrology and star lore say pretty much all that needs to be said about Trump's current, erratic behavior especially considering his natal Uranus in the Mercurial sign of Gemini, a sign that in some of its natives worries that it may be going crazy. Well for me, bang the gavel because the jury is in on that tragic King-Lear-esque determination.

Algol details: Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation (1971), by Ebertin and Hoffmann; and Brady's Book of Fixed Stars. Also note that in Anthony Louis' book, Horary Plain and Simple, he adds to Caput Algol: 'losing one's head, decapitation, horror, fires, sickness, violence, damage to neck and throat', and he concurs with D.K. Rosenburg on, criminality.

Sep 25, 2020

Trump Regime identified by Mars-Uranus since 2017

September 25, 2020: From the first Solar Eclipse of the Trump "administration" which occurred at 8Pisces12 on February 26, 2017 in the 19 South Saros Series, Trump and his comrades have identified and been identified with the violent, explosive, reactionary energies of the Mars-Uranus Conjunction which perfected @22Aries00 on that very day. The Solar Eclipse manifested at 9:58:19 am est on February 26, 2017, as you see in the eclipse horoscope shown below, and the Mars-Uranus Conjunction became exact at 7:19:20 pm that evening with 25Gem15 at Midheaven (the Goal Point) which is the degree of Trump's 2015 "Prez Bid" New Moon. Now you know that many political pundits have said that Trump was 'surprised' he won in 2016. Me? I'm no pundit but I'm not so certain considering all the help his nibs received from foreign saboteurs (see 9th house Pluto @18Capricorn and the wealthy manipulator's conjunction with 1993's Uranus-Neptune Conjunction degree = "the big picture must be followed--," lower left.)

The timing so soon after Inauguration 2017 imprints 19 South eclipse energies upon the "presidency" of Donald Trump through 19 South's primary theme of "a lucky win" or "break", plus, "a joyous event" (Brady). And along with these cosmic factors comes the Mars-Uranus Conjunction in Mars-ruled Aries. This post is inspired by the fact that another Mars-Uranus Conjunction occurs on Inauguration Day January 20, 2021 and it rises into the 12th house of Politics and Karma at noon, the hour that Trump's first term officially ends, as you know.

So perhaps we can agree that it would be suitable that freeloader Trump's White House residency began with Mars-Uranus in Aries and could end with Mars-Uranus in Taurus!

As for planetary conjunctions, you know that they begin a new cycle of the planetary energies involved and share 'new moon' status in the form of the seeding of new plans. Here, the reactionary plans for action and turmoil of Trump and comrades are identified since the early days of his regime and we may expect that an increase or peak of such violent energies will occur at or around the time of the Mars-Uranus Conjunction of January 20, 2021. Synchronistically, the 2021 conjunction perfects near the public's Inaugural Moon (00Tau55) which happens to be the position of the natal Moon of Joe Biden (00Tau59). Can this trio portend Mars-Uranus style violence toward (or by!) Mr. Biden? On some level, perhaps, and yet Mars-Uranus = Moon also shows high ambition and a 'desire to achieve something very big' (Ebertin).

Sounds good to me! Because the fighting spirit of the US military (Mars-Uranus) may join Mr. Biden and a majority of the American people by ejecting certain miscreants and saboteurs from the White House - whether the saboteurs like it or not.

So see what you think of the Trump regime's first Solar Eclipse in shady Pisces with deceptive Neptune nearby. As always, your on-topic comments and insights are welcome and appreciated but please note my new rule for SO'W: like unsolicited advertisements, No Comments by "Anonymous" readers will ever again be published.

And yes, I agree that too many study notes are squished upon the chart but I hope that those who wish to can and will read them!

DC Horoscope: Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017 @8Pis12 in the 19 South Saros Series:

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