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Feb 14, 2024

Netanyahu: Natal and Progressed 2024

by Jude Cowell

For current and future reference, here are the natal chart of Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu (lower left), along with his Secondary Progressed ('SP') Full Moon @13Can23 perfecting on October 25, 2024. We should add that "Bibi"s natal data is rated 'C' so there may be some discrepancy in his natal and SP charts causing the timing to be somewhat off:

5 North and The Nodal Axis of Destiny and Direction

Mr. Netanyahu was born into the 5 North Saros Series via his PE of April 28, 1949 @7Taurus42, a stubborn sign of rigidity even when cooperation is needed for karmic progress. A 5 North Eclipse last manifested on June 10, 2021 @20Gemini in the midst of Trump's 10th house trio of Uranus-NN-Sun; 5N themes include 'prophetic dreams, useful hunches, visions' (paraphrasing B. Brady).

Meanwhile, some folks have observed that Netanyahu is "like Trump" which may have something to do with the fact that, among other connections, both men have their Mars @26Leo+, and Netanyahu's Libra planets and South Node land within Trump's 2nd house trio of Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter. There are religious implications therein along with grand schemes aided by Mercury-Neptune fantasies and spins of the truth. Lies promoted for political reasons are suggested.

Now Netanyahu was born with a Neptune-South-Node conjunction (with his Libra Moon nearby) while Trump was born with a Moon-South-Node conjunction. Both these Nodal conjunctions indicate lack of popularity with the masses and fluctuating success. And with shady Neptune, intrigue and unfortunate circumstances are attached. With the Moon, emotional alienation or estrangement are denoted, and with both Nodal conjunctions, a tendency toward bad timing is indicated.

New Associations, Fresh Intrigue, More Theft

Curiously, Netanyahu will experience a Nodal Return (@16Ari41) on February 20, 2024 and this will cast a cosmic spotlight upon his Neptune-SN conjunction (SN = the "tail of the dragon") - conjunct transit Chiron @16Ari47 conjunct his Aries North Node - just as transit Neptune @26Pis23 precisely conjuncts Netanyahu's natal IC (also @26Pis23) of Endings, The Drain, and Domestic Scene. Somehow, an undermining influence is in store for him, perhaps with a 'spies enter the country' flavor. Yet we must add that the Neptune-to-IC transit is exact (26:23) as long as the birth time of his natal chart is accurate. Perhaps this transit will confirm it!

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