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Mar 11, 2021

AG Merrick Garland: Sun Scorpio-Moon Libra

March 11, 2021: Back in the olden days of 2016 a post appeared here concerning President Biden's now-confirmed Attorney General of the United States Merrick Garland. You'll remember that 2016 was a discouraging time for our country with the "former guy" hunkered down in the White House and using AG Bill Barr as his own personal attorney to shield him from answering for his scofflaw actions and crimes.

But now with AG Garland, there's a 'new sheriff in town' and it looks as if the same favors will not be forthcoming.

Merrick Garland, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Astro-Notes on the Personality of AG Merrrick Garland

Here are a few details concerning Merrick Garland and below are a few of my notes on his misty Water-Air Sun Scorpio-Moon Libra personality blend. Even without an accurate birth time for him I can tell you that during the 24-hours of his birth day (November 13, 1952 Chicago, IL) Luna remained in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice (00:01 to 12:21), and the Sun in Scorpio ranged from 20:48 to 21:48.

This blend of conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) energies when well-coordinated decribes someone with a shrewd intellect, a commitment to fairplay, and someone who's poetic and has a keen sense of drama. Furthermore, AG Garland is a cooperative fellow and needs to be liked yet underneath it all he's actually a "tough cookie"! Toughness supplied by intense Scorpio along with a placid Moon in Venus-ruled Libra.

We can also see toughness via the closest applying aspect to his natal Sun, a square with manipulative Pluto (1A55 at noon). This suggests a determination toward power and control, and possibly a volatile temper (probably learned from a plutonian, domineering father). As an adult, one assumes that AG Garland's calming Libra Moon can dial down what could be destructive emotional energy when necessary in spite of his ego (Sun) needs.

Also notable in the solar department is his Mars-Pluto inconjunct (ruler and co-ruler of his Sun sign, from Mars exalted in Capricorn to dramatic Leo) which can lead to a depletion of energy due to taking on too much at one time. Hopefully, he has this tendency under control by now at age 65.

Now in closing, here is one of the blend's 'Images for Integration' which seems more than a little descriptive to me:

"A criminal lawyer auditions for the lead part in a new play about heroes of the second-world-war resistance movement."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Does "resistance movement" remind you at all of current political, legal, and social dramas now playing out in America with AG Merrick Garland snagging "the lead part"?

Feb 24, 2021

Horoscope: CPAC 2021 Orlando, Trump to speak

February 24, 2021: Last I heard, Donald Trump is to speak at this year's CPAC in Orlando, Florida on Sunday February 28, 2021. The following horoscope is purely speculative since I have no hour for his address (of "Appeals and Grievances") so the chart is set for 8:00 pm EST. Please enlarge the image if you wish to read my study notes since I don't care to spend further time on the blighter nor on an event for which I have no accurate time for setting up the horoscope; as you see, Trump natals (June 14, 1946 10:54 am edt Jamaica, NY) are penned around the chart, highlighted in pink; a few chart details will follow:

Update: Have just located the time Trump is scheduled to speak on Sunday - at 3:40 pm, but I don't care enough to change the horoscope! However, at 3:40 pm ASC 5Leo48 (so Trump's natal Pluto rises), MC at a critical 29th degree (29Ari34), and Moon remains in Libra @00:50 in 3rd house of Communications); chart-ruler Sun will conjunct Neptune a few days later so expect a lot of propaganda and disinformation spawned by this event. For CPAC 2021 details, see the CPAC 2021 Agenda.

Original post starts here:

At 8:00 pm, chart-ruler Venus applies once - a sextile to quirky Uranus (see lower left for details in blue); Moon @Lib28 rises (publicity; the public mood: sociable and dependent on others when in Libra) and rules MC (Career; Public Standing = popular). Luna is handle of a Sling shape of the planets and therefore is the point of application. Yet opposing the rising Moon is the destructive Mars-Saturn midpoint (so active in his natal chart) suggesting that his feelings about losing something will be on display as will other grievances (ex: his wounded sense of 'justice'), along with appeals for support (a 2024 run?), seductive plans for change or reform of the party, vanity, a sense of martyrdom and betrayal, and other factors visible in the horoscope. Jupiter the Broadcaster, Politician, Corporatist, Guru, Military General, and Financier stands out as well since the planet of expansion (5th house) is apex of a Thor's Hammer pattern.

Please note that as yet I've read no reports on what topics he might pontificate upon at CPAC 2021 and am merely attempting to translate for you some of the factors I see in this speculatively timed horoscope. (At 8:00 pm social events may still be ongoing. Or not!) You may of course, see many more interesting details and naturally, with his first natal planet to rise being Neptune (and knowing Neptune's ability to diguise), I wish you success finding them. And share your on-topic observations on this chart or on a 3:40 pm chart if you like!

As for the cosmic weather of February 28, 2021, we find a Sun Pisces-Moon Libra (Water-Air) blend of misty, ethereal energies. Rationalization will occur and the ideals to which he holds other people will be impractical. As always, Trump will express beliefs in what is most pleasant and convenient to himself. The Harveys give this blend two 'Images for Integration' that seem to apply: "A theatrical-musical artist entertains his entourage of friends and fans...A team of writers creates a masterpiece."

We'll see whether Trump follows their script or indulges himself by blabbing his usual stream of consciousness.