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Mar 1, 2024

The current Saturn Return of SCOTUS

Legal Eagle Planet: Karmic Saturn in the SCOTUS Chart

by Jude Cowell

Until the arrival of the next Saturn Return of the US Supreme Court ("SCOTUS") on March 2, 2025, the Court and the American people remain under the influence of SCOTUS' third of three Saturn Returns which perfected on January 19, 1996 at 6:59:15 pm est. Dates of numbers one and two returns are listed on the 1996 Saturn Return chart, as you can see, along with my messy study notes.

Some amount of information about restrictive Saturn's rulership of our court system and those who work there may be extrapolated from the cosmic clues herein until the SC's 2025 Saturn Return becomes operative about one year from now:

Possibly significant to our decade, which contains the 2024 Election (post includes Gavin Newsom) and Inauguration 2025, are events of 1995 and 1996 with conditions and/or events rhyming if not repeating precisely. Specifically, we can cite the November 5, 1996 Re-Election of President Bill Clinton. Perhaps you remember the constant harassment, legal and otherwise, that the Republican Party subjected Bill Clinton to - and thus, the American people. Then there were the 1995/96 government shutdowns, a Republican tactic now in the cards once again. The GOP has become tiresomely predictable, hasn't it? Why, taxpayers pay their salaries and insurance premiums while they work to sabotage the country - not to govern it - to undermine it!

Saturn: Planet of Authority, Accountability, Realism

A possibly related fact at that time is that America's natal Saturn of 1776, exalted in Libra, had progressed into Scorpio, a more serious and obstinate placement for The Judge and The Lawmaker, and that US Saturn turned retrograde by progression on January 4, 1997 (9:09 am est) @3Sco24:53 which to me denotes a slow shifting of America's reputation in the world as a fair and free nation where the rule of law and the US Constitution hold sway. The Clinton Impeachment over a personal relationship is an unfortunate example that made our Justice System look stupid to the entire world, and certainly not "exalted."

In other words, much harm has been done, as we discussed in a previous post, Baseless Impeachment Undermines US Authority, says Saturn, and Republicans have been trying it again, this time against President Joe Biden. Baselessly!

Meanwhile, there's an interesting Saturn transit upcoming in a few weeks involving the fantasy-prone Republican Party (1854) which sports Neptune in mid-Pisces - and transit Saturn to Neptune is the "grim face of reality" transit. This may be operative around the timing of the various Trump trials, but who knows with the way court schedules shift about, thanks to Trump's endless ways of delaying (another Saturn word) accountability (another).

So here we are in 2024, and there are too many examples of how the Saturnian shift into Scorpio has played out in the US so I'll leave it to you, dear reader, to consider these things for yourself.

Now here's an unmarked version of the same Saturn Return Horoscope of 1996 shown above, in case it might be useful to you:

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Note: the above US SP Saturn Rx information issues from America's July 4, 1776 Horoscope for 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA. Other versions of the 1776 US chart will give similar results although timing may differ somewhat as per your choice! jc

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