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Oct 2, 2023

Baseless Impeachment Undermines US Authority, says Saturn

Enemies of America Busier Than Ever

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

When the Impeachment of President William J. Clinton took place on December 19, 1998, House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his Republican comrades thought they were destroying the Democratic presidency of the 42nd President of the United States. Two articles of impeachment were entered: lying under oath (about an illicit sexual affair!) and obstruction of justice (aka, standing in the way of his Republican opponents' goal of removing him from the White House).

Yet with 'Bill' a highly popular president, the American people were having none of it so Republican machinations against Mr. Clinton, unsubstantially based to begin with, didn't turn out to be as harmful as they'd intended. Hillary had outed the "vast right-wing conspiracy" but it needed more practice to achieve its anti-societal aims. However, certain results did occur, and of these I fuss today!

Fuss because the Clinton impeachment campaign (and his unsavory behavior - but no "high crimes") undermined the reputation and authority of America and of the US Presidency around the world by the late 1990s and into the New Millennium. With the weakness of the Republican impeachment argument against President Clinton, the GOP went a-searching for justification just as they've attempted in 2023 - and have become laughingstocks.

A Tarnished Political Party - But Which One?

Back then, America's authority and reputation were tarnished by zealous Republican anarchists - just as the GOP-MAGA zealots try to do now against Democratic President Biden via his son, Hunter. And during both periods of time (1995/96 and 2023), GOP efforts to shutdown the government while they stew in tantrum mode occurred (more damage) and are occurring in order to make their Democratic rival for the White House 'look bad' at the 2024 election. Radical reactionary GOP-ers are really quite predictable, aren't they? No good policies from them for the American people, only malicious obstructionism and spiteful schemes of sabotage (exs: J6; government shutdown; Project 2025).

Pouty McPoutfaces then, Pouty McPoutfaces now

President Clinton's second Inauguration occurred January 20, 1997, and 1998 was also a very eventful year as US SP Saturn was getting underway in backward, inwardly turned motion; therefore presidential authority had subtly shifted and was not as 'looked up to' as our exalted Saturn had been. After all, an impeached president isn't a 'good look' for a boastful America, leader of the free world, as we styled ourselves. Of course, symbolically, US Saturn had progressed from Libra into Scorpio some time back but that's beyond the scope of this post. The point here is that by progression, US Saturn stood still in a manner of speaking, on January 4, 1997, changing direction - and that particular point in time is what you see in the horoscope, below, with a real time transit chart underneath showing Saturn conjunct Aries Point +1 degree:

And below are the planets at 9:09 am EST on January 4, 1997 Washington DC ('Trs' = transits), 16 days prior to Bill Clinton's second Inauguration. Wonder if Bill ever thanked the Republicans for re-electing him!

Saturn Rx Energy: Washington a Law Unto Itself?

So given the importance of karmic planet Saturn when it comes to authority, accountability, reputation, authenticity, limitation, consolidation, and other things such as government, law, and business, America's 1776 Saturn, exalted in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice, suggests that the US system of justice has also been affected by Saturn retrograde by progression and, symbolically, no longer in Libra. Plus, Saturn represents the safety urge and with its energies turned inward toward isolationism, little if any concern may be shown toward the consequences of America's actions which are often taken independently. On some levels, SP Saturn Rx reminds me of an unaspected Saturn, capable of acting without conscience in a lawless manner, never mind the collateral damage.

Now if any of these Saturnian shifts and conditions suggest to you the feeling that many Americans have noticed in recent years - that our national leadership, and others in authority (CEOs, etc), act as if they're above the law, domestically and in the world, while wearing a mantle of authenticity - then sorrowfully, dear reader, I must say that you and I appear to be on the same page.

And so! In November 2024, let's not further lower the US presidential office and America's standing in the world by allowing a convicted criminal and fraudster to take the helm of the Oval Office, agreed?

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