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Apr 8, 2024

A 2024 Candidate Has a Jupiter Return in 2024!

Which Candidate Has a Jupiter Return in 2024?

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

First, the elephant in the room. At the tragic Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, the leading Democratic presidential candidate in 1968, his son RFK Jr was only 14 years old. The negative effects of such a horror are incalculable upon a young son, a son now running for US president in 2024. We might think that such a potential includes a large measure of courage, however, if it weren't for the fact that as a third party candidate in November 2024, RFK Jr may act as a "spoiler" who will siphon votes from President Biden and toss victory to fasc*st Trump, aka, 'agent orange'.

Jupiter in Gemini: the desire for many connections; a love of change; a carefree attitude; superficiality (R. Ebertin).

Now Jupiter the politician, banker, priest, and/or corportatist isn't the only factor when it comes to winning elections but, out of Biden and Trump, it may be a significant factor in the 'good fortune' department that Robert Kennedy Jr is the only candidate with a measure of Jupiterian support in 2024 - into 2025. And since his natal Jupiter links to his natal and Return 9th house via Sagittarius and Pisces cusps, we could be talking foreign money rolling in.

The point is, on a cosmic and political level the years 2024 into 2025 will bring RFK Jr a three-fer Jupiter Return (once his currently operative April 30, 2013 Jupiter Return wanes). Above is a dual image of his natal horoscope (lower left; January 17, 1954) along with the first of his three-fer Jupiter Returns on August 18, 2024 (upper right), with Jupiter's cycle of approximately 12 years' duration.

The cyclical repetition of a three-fer Return suggests an extended period of learning whatever lessons his natal Jupiter, leading a Locomotive shape of ruthless determination toward success, should teach him. Naturally, one assumes that finances are part of the picture. Or perhaps that's financiers (with an ulterior motive of aiding Trump). However this may be, Saturn squares his natal Jupiter in August as does Venus (see the T-Square listed, below) so delays and blockages are indicated - and may relate in some way to his father.

Now a variety of astro-notes messily penned on and around the charts are only a partial reading, and mostly relate to his natal Jupiter. The dates of his second and third Returns are listed and highlighted in green. And as you see, today's 8 North Solar Eclipse of 'dreams and visions' manifested precisely upon his natal Midheaven (!) which probably provides a lift to his professional objectives, or at least to his druthers.

Planetary Returns Repeat Natal Planets' Aspects

Notably, each of his Jupiter Returns through the years have repeated the only natal aspect to his natal Jupiter - an inconjunct from natal Mars in Scorpio. This aspect reveals Mr. Kennedy to be a gambler or risk-taker with a need to impress people. The inconjunct may attract fairweather friends, and suggests that obstacles to success may be based on unusual perspectives, a lack of realism, and/or a tendency to misjudge people or situations through overrating or underrating others; this may cause him to belittle those who deserve his respect (A. Epstein). Yet we shall see if maturity has improved his perspectives as the campaign trundles on.

Then as you see listed on the August 18, 2024 Return chart, transit Venus and Saturn oppose one another and form a dynamic T-Square pattern with his natal Jupiter at apex. This planetary trio suggests tricky legalisms and illegitimate relationships (R. Ebertin).

There are more cosmic factors of note, of course, but let's close this post for now. If Mr. Kennedy stays in the 2024 race perhaps another assessment will be appropriate so let's see how the 2024 campaign goes, then decide.

Previously on SO'W: Robert F. Kennedy Jr and the Great American Eclipse of 2024 which contains my source for his birth time (Black Swan!), a dual image of both his unmarked natal chart, plus, today's 8 North Eclipse set for Washington DC.

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