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Apr 5, 2024

An Overview of the April 8, 2024 Eclipse

A Total and Visible Eclipse During Election Year 2024

by Jude Cowell

The Presidential Election of our first official president, George Washington, was held from December 15, 1788 to January 7, 1789, and results have long been known.

As for our Election 2024, on Tuesday April 8, 2024, a Total Solar Eclipse in the 8 North Series repeats as The Great American Eclipse, the third of three (also in 1878 and 2017) visible across the US.

So because next week's April 8th Eclipse is in partile conjunction with wounded healer Chiron, both @19Ari24, and because America's founding Chiron of 1776 is @20Ari08, I looked back at the 1700s time frame for the manifestation of an 8 North Eclipse during that era and found that an 8 North Eclipse perfected on May 16, 1789 @25Sco16:15 - conjunct the initial 8 North 1501 Eclipse's Pluto, apex planet of the YOD pattern as noted, above, and representing power and transformation. Astro-notes are penned on the chart shown, below.

Now I haven't checked out all the 8 North Eclipses in between, but the Eclipse-Pluto contact does qualify as a cosmic time link between 1501 and 1789, and at its worst, can denote manipulation, criminal and/or violent offenses, with war being an obvious potential, then and now. Yet unlike individuals in 1501, one major difference in 1789 is that George Washington refused to accept the title of "king" and was inaugurated, not crowned. Such is the example our government has followed yet nowadays, malicious malcontents threaten violence and another "civil war" in order to force their wills upon the rest of us.

Because with current events and individuals of our day - there's one candidate who really really wants to be crowned "king of America" so he can fulfill Herr Adolf's "vision," avoid a prison sentence, and settle old scores. Curiously, the 8 North Horoscope of 1789 in NYC at 10:18:02 pm LMT, shows a rising asteroid, Tisiphone, with retaliation her primary objective.

Meanwhile, take a look at the initial 8 North Eclipse:

Above is the DC Horoscope of the initial 8 North Eclipse, with the Gemini lens through which all subsequent 8 Norths may be viewed in order to gain a deeper or broader picture of what was a violent era in human history (Saturn-Uranus square; Mars-Pluto trine) and how its energies may pass down to our era. As you see, the Eclipse perfected on May 16, 1501 @4Gem51:24 with Eclipse Pluto Rx @26Sco10 at apex of a YOD pattern with a Mercury-Jupiter sextile at its base. Somehow, communications and logical problem-solving were involved with this Gemini Eclipse. Check the Events of 1501 link, below, for clues.

Now besides the YOD's turning point/crisis/karmic opportunity implications, the planetary trio of 1501 forms a midpoint picture with potentials for: suggestive oration; rebuffed theories; elimination of discussions on philosophical or religious books; the big proposal; the quick advance (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl). So with history's tendency to rhyme if not repeat, the Events of 1501 are instructive and include several kingly events, treaties, battles, the Ottoman-Venetian War (1499--1503) - the arrest of Christopher Columbus, and more.

You may also wish to see the DC Horoscope of America's Chiron Return of April 20, 2024, the day of the Great Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction @21Tau50, the beginning of another of their 14-year cycles.

Additionally, Eclipses may also link years and events by degree in totally different Saros Series, creating a sensitive degree. One example is the 8 North of April 8, 2024 in Aries which conjuncts by degree a certain other Eclipse in Aries - from 1986. Check it out!

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