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Apr 30, 2024

Early America with Ed Kohout!

Saturn-Uranus: Old Order v New Order

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

With ongoing challenges to our established system of government by authoritarian forces determined to topple our nation, the conflict heating to a boil as Election 2024 nears, I'm very pleased today to present gifted astrologer Ed Kohout with his thoughts regarding a question I recently posed to him concerning the Freemasonic founding of America, and whether the venerable Secret Society continues to influence our nation via current events.

Q: Ed, how do you see Freemasonry's involvement (if any) during these recent years of Uranian insurrectionists attacking The Establishment with the goal of toppling the US government, changing its form from a democratic Republic to an authoritarian dictatorship in league with foreign dictators - and is the order's influence being felt or utilized in modern-day Washington DC?

My first reply is to ask, which Freemasonry? The AFAM, the FAAM, or the Scottish Rite? Of these, the AASR (1801) is the brand that is truly only in the USA. The rest are beholden to the English and Scots-Irish realm, or the UK - the British Empire.

It's interesting because I've been meaning to get my old 2019 prediction stuff up on the blog, and I think part of the answer to "revolution" has to do with how the early "revolutionary" freemasons who took on the Crown had tapped into Plutonian energy that they could not have known to exist astrologically. Back then, they were the Uranians (upstarts), trying to do away with the Saturnians (English rule). All these years later, the upstarts are the Saturnians, and the new upstarts are the Uranians, who are basically trying to undermine the Saturnian rule of law.

In 1717, the Grand Lodge formed, and this was right before transiting Jupiter/Saturn conjoined transiting Pluto [JU/SA = PL].

In 1774 and 1775, a new [JU/SA = PL] did a triple-whammy from basically the moment the First Continental Congress warmed their seats until the battle of Bunker Hill and the "shot heard 'round the world" on April 19.

FF to 2020, and another triple-whammy of [JU/SA = PL] takes place, all during the pandemic, prompting both the overthrow (by the people) of Trump, and then the attempted Autogolpe of Trump. Trump is not just Trump, but a consortium of foreign despots and ankle-biters who want to weaken the USA and NATO because that's easier than growing more powerful on their own.

In short, Trump and his minions are pretty far away from the Masonic world, and it was the Masonic world's efforts to protect us from Trump. They were able to do this not just internally, but because the old Masonic network is truly international, and efforts to degrade the Trump regime from multiple angles went into action.

I have doubts that Modern Freemasons run the West anymore, as they have become a ceremonial relic for the most part, succumbing to bigger monied interests that can act without the Masonic networks, but we can still see their staid influence in institutions like NATO, the UN, the OAS, the FED, the CFR, and so on.

The AASR is still a formidable group, but one has to wonder if there is not a majority of its members who are sympathetic to the New Trump Order that wants to undo so many civil rights and Federal norms, them being based in the South.

By Ed Kohout, master of the pan flute.

Ed Kohout, Thank You so much. Your wider view of Freemasonry in America is, dare I say it, enlightening! And I hope readers unfamiliar with your extensive research will visit the deep-diving Occursion blog where you write intriguingly on "Hidden and Cryptic Astrological Histories."

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