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Apr 28, 2024

Re: The Project 2025 Transcript

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

From Media Matters, comes a Guide to the Heritage Foundation's extreme right-wing Project 2025 agenda that they hope will be implemented by the next Republican administration, whether it's Herr Trump or another.

And results of their psychosis? A total collapse of America and of our social safety net are the objectives of this fascist plot for brutality, revenge, lawlessness, misery of the masses, and even more income inequality that favors the wealthy class. If implemented, agent orange's mentor Putin and our country's other enemies, foreign and domestic, would be extremely pleased, their wishes for global domination fulfilled - which is a continuation of Herr Adolf's dream.

My plan? To Vote Blue in November 2024 as part of a Blue Tsunami for democracy!

Now here's a DC Horoscope of the Predictive New Moon Prior to Election 2024; see what you think:

Then with the Summer 2024 political conventions expected soon, this related post might be of interest: Let's Moon-Track RNC 2024.

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