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May 30, 2024

DC Horoscope: Parade of Planets June 3, 2024

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

As you've heard, pre-dawn on June 3, 2024 comes a planetary alignment of 6 planets being called a Parade of Planets. Here's a DC Horoscope of the alignment set for the speculative time of 5:45 am edt with 12Gem19 Ascending, Venus 12:56, Midas 12:50, Sun 13:18, and asteroid Panacea rising; it's an Hour of Mercury, planet of sight and observation:

For more information ABC News has details.

Naturally, slow-moving generational planets Uranus and Neptune will require binoculars or telescopes to be visible but depending upon your location in the Northern Hemisphere, weather conditions, and your good eyesight, you may likely be able to view the rest of the planets. However, isolationist Pluto is, of course, out of everyone's view yet astrologically, Pluto leads all the planets in a BOWL shape denoting leadership or advocacy of a cause or a mission. Same in the chart, below.

But if you miss the planetary panoply on June 3rd, fret not for there will be other pre-dawn opportunities to catch the cosmic show:

August 28, 2024; January 18, 2025 (two days prior to Inauguration 2025), and on February 28, 2025 when a total of 7 planets will align. Here's the DC Horoscope:

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