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May 28, 2024

Le Donald and "Mama Trump"

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

Reams of information and opinions have been written about the presumptive Republican nominee for 2024, and when we look at the natal horoscope of Mary Anne Trump, mother of Le Donald, we find planetary contacts between them as one would expect between mother and son, uncontrollable as Uranian Donald is said to have been, and continues to be.

In fact, a "military" reform school became necessary for the little bully and it's said that the young Donald thrived there, enjoying the "hazing" among other activities. It's also said that Mama Trump left New York each summer for Scotland, her homeland, in order to get away from her son. My suspicion is that there was more to it than this, but escaping from an uncontrollable offspring would certainly have been a plus for her.

An Astrological Comparison of Planets

Handily, both Donald's and "Mama Trump"'s natal charts are RR:AA for accuracy. Below you see a bi-wheel with Mama Trump in center, Le Donald outer, plus, the "noon" natal planets of Fred ("Papa" Trump") are penned around the outside of the bi-wheel and are highlighted in green:

Four significant factors pop out to me between Mama Trump and son:

1. Both were born with Mercury-Neptune squares of fantasy, deception, tone deafness, lack of discrimination, and "the sneaky mind" (A. Oken), and 2. Donald's natal Mars @27Leo opposes his Mama's natal Moon @27AQ which echoes the same opposition between Donald and the US 1776 Moon (We the People) of July 4, 1776, late afternoon. The opposition also reveals something about the "grown-up" Donald's shabby, predatory treatment and rude insults against womankind (symbolized by his early views of Mama Trump) but the topic is beyond the scope of this brief post.

Then perhaps with number 3, we see his Moon-South-Node conjunction showing the duo's emotional alienation and estrangement from one another with separations each summer the best outlet Mama Trump could come up with to manage this unfortunate energy and the lack of sympathy it suggests. And notably, Moon-opposite-Mars is the "Don't tred on me" aspect (A. Oken)!

4. As for Mama Trump's difficulties with Baby Donald, a Lunar Eclipse @23Sag04 on the day of his birth suggests what may have been health concerns for her (Moon inconjunct both Venus and Saturn) along with any emotional issues she may have had regarding the pregnancy.

Actually, some form of violence may have been involved, and since Trump's J6 coup attempt upon the US Congress resulted in violent acts, it seems significant to me, if not to you, that his day-of-birth Lunar Eclipse was activated by the Electoral College Vote 4 South Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 (@23Sag08) with its themes of 'strong emotions over relationships and/or money; anger, lust; events beyond control; a sense of fatedness; a sudden urge to end unions ("ha*g Mike Pence"?); great frustration due to blocked emotions; avoid taking rash action for best results' (paraphrasing B. Brady).

And so the hostility, aggression, distaste, criticism, targeting, scapegoating, and a variety of negative emotions issuing from Mars-rising Donald's vengeful, grudge-holding personality are inherent within this configuration of conflict (Moon-Mars) with its malicious motives and this ought to be obvious, distasteful, and unacceptable to a majority of Americans as they plan to Vote for Democracy in November 2024.

Meanwhile, Le Donald continues to rebelliously act out against deep feelings of unlovability (from Mama), and the bullying he experienced via Papa Fred's powerful Pluto conjunct his natal Sun in Gemini while opposing and devastating Donald's natal Moon and Luna's reigning need (Sag). For as Donald's natal Jupiter in Libra (conjunct his Astraea, asteroid of Justice!) constantly cries into the ether to anyone who will listen, "It's not fair!"

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