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Jul 3, 2024

8 South 2024 a Cosmic Time Link to July 4, 1826

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Please Note: The following consideration of certain 8 South Eclipses operating as what I call cosmic time links, plus, the history rhymes factor evident within Solar Eclipse Cycles, is inspired by recent political events in the US including the possible stepping down of President Joseph Biden due to medical concerns. On a personal level, my heart is with the Biden family and absolutely no disrespect toward the President is intended by this post.

Now as you know, thanks to the "conservatives" (theocrats) on the Supreme Court, We the People seem to have lost the American Revolution to a fascist form of "monarchy" and this resonates with the loss-separation-injury themes of all 8 South Eclipses. That we may also lose Joe after all his accomplishments for the people is a potential with the 8 South Eclipse of October 2, 2024 influencing both Election 2024 in November (a Mars Return for Vatican II), Inauguration 2025 in January - and the 119th Congress.

Then there's another prominent political event to consider which will fall under the auspices of the 8 South Eclipse of October 2024: the J6 Solar Return 2025.

8 South Cosmic Time Links: 2024 to 1826

Concerning the natal horoscope of Thomas Jefferson there are time unknown charts and there is a Horoscope rectified by Isaac Starkman based on Jefferson's life events set for 8:51:08 AM LMT. This is the natal horoscope you see, below, followed by Mr. Jeffersons's Death Eclipse Horoscope in the 8 South Saros Series of loss, separation, partings, physical overstrain and/or injury (B. Brady); as you know, both Jefferson and John Adams passed away on July 4, 1826. The 8 South Eclipse Horoscope of 1826 is followed by the upcoming 8 South Eclipse chart of October 2, 2024 @10Libra set for Washington DC:

As you see above, the 8 South Eclipse of 1826 @14Gemini fell upon the natal Ascendant in Jefferson's rectified Natal Chart with restrictive, karmic Saturn, planet of stoppage, recently conjunct Ascendant. Jefferson's death on July 4, 1826 came within the time frame of his Jupiter Return, and fever-prone Mars had recently opposed natal Venus. With Neptune inconjunct the 8 South Eclipse of 1826, some measure of inability to adjust to reality is suggested. Yes, 83-yo Mr. Jefferson almost reached his Uranus Return which would have occurred three times all through 1827. Considering the health and financial messes that Mr. Jefferson was in late in his life, I suspect that falling short of his Uranus Return was a blessing.

Now previously, we discussed both 8 North and 8 South Eclipses manifesting in 2024 and in 1934. Obviously, this synchronicity resonates with the current fascist and neo-Nazi barbarians now causing all the trouble around the globe and in Washington DC as evil (death) pretends to vanquish good (life) - despite the fact that good won the battle centuries ago. Therefore, their brutal game is based merely on appearances and illusions, folks, so Vote Blue in November 2024 as if our lives and our country depend on it.

And as Thom Hartmann always says, despair is not an option. So still I'm wishing Happy Independence Day 2024, Everyone!