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Mar 26, 2014

"Former FBI Agent Reveals Who Really Killed John Kennedy" video

What a former FBI agent says in this 5-minute video about the JFK assassination makes more sense than the white-wash conclusions of the Warren Commission though he does not address the possibility that someone or a group of elites ordered the killing of an American president:

1960s: Pluto, the Assassin, Meets Uranus, the Anarchist

If you wish, you may view a totally unmarked version of the JFK assassination horoscope here. Among other chart factors, you'll notice the explosive, 'collapse of the old order' duo lining up for their mid-1960s Great Conjunction/s in mid-Virgo, Uranus and Pluto. The old order v new order pair now transit in a Cardinal Square aspect (next exact square April 21, 2014) and are supporting mayhem across the globe.

The horoscope also shows the Sun (leader) at a critical 29th degree of secretive, betraying Scorpio, and near fixed star Bungala (Alpha Centauri), aka, Toliman, a star that is only visible in southern latitudes but since I deal here with symbology, I'll add that Bungala has a Jupiter-Venus nature and indicates themes of relationships with females that are somehow spoiled (adultery can do it); or, a happy relationship that is suddenly stricken by exceptional circumstances...such as your husband being assassinated.

Aug 27, 2007

Aug 28: Lunar Eclipse 4Pis47

Here's the Lunar Eclipse chart for Tuesday which as you see is rising over the White House.

If you click chart to enlarge you may be able to read my chicken-scratch notes. And be sure to check out a cool photo of the March 07 Lunar Eclipse over DC with details of tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse, Turn Around, Bright Eyes at The DCist.

Rising in the chart is the South Node of the Moon so recently a visitor to George Bush's natal Mars which therefore is rising, too. (Hot air also rises.)

So is America about to be separated (SN) from its Martian president? Asteroid Sisyphus is conj Bush's n Mars these days; keyword: determination. And you know how Sisyphus kept on keepin' on rolling the Iraq up the Capitol Hill. Or something along those lines.

And with the 'executive privilege' fights that are coming up, Al Gonzales was jettisoned today, yet still the hot air balloon of state is dipping perilously close to the ground (ground = Saturn, in Leo--29 degr, a critical or crisis degree, Leo = leaders, yet Saturn is conj Fixed and Royal Star of Persia, Regulus, success if revenge is avoided.) In Washington? Puh.

At MC is Fixed Star, Alcyone, one of the weeping sisters: something to cry about, exile; lack of luck; suffering; mystical but judgmental. MC is, as you know, the Career/Public Status/Aspirations Point.

At IC, the Foundation of the chart is Toliman, aka Bungala, at a critical degree, 29Sco37: self-analysis; occult interests; honors; insensitivity; stubbornness; cruelty.

IC's degree is the "Grand Army of the Republic campfire" degree of "1Sag" and so the Iraq invasion/occupation is at the base of this week's reflections and hidden issues which the Lunar Eclipse may bring to light, for this is a Full Moon over the White House.

There are a lot of other details in the chart, of course, but my typing finger is spazzing. More later if I can manage. Perhaps tomorrow--although my more-than-able colleagues have published on this Lunar Eclipse all over the web!

And then there's this:

Space Weather News for Aug. 27, 2007

LUNAR ECLIPSE--FULL COVERAGE: On Tuesday, Aug. 28th, the full Moon will enter Earth's shadow for a 90-minute total eclipse. People on the Pacific side of Earth will have the best view as the Moon turns a dreamy shade of sunset red. Favored areas include the Americas (especially western North America), Hawaii, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, east Asia and Antarctica. The show begins Tuesday morning around 2 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (0900 UT).

Although the dominant color of a lunar eclipse is red, sometimes another hue appears--turquoise. Earth's shadow has a turquoise-colored fringe caused by our planet's ozone layer, and this can be seen for a few beautiful moments at the onset of totality. Today's edition of shows you what the turquoise fringe looks like and explains how to catch it.

Also, amateur astronomers are encouraged to assist NASA during the eclipse by scanning the darkened Moon for explosions caused by Helion meteoroid impacts. Typical flashes reach 6th magnitude--easy targets for mid-sized backyard telescopes equipped with digital video cameras. The eclipse is a great time to look for these "lunar meteors."

Observing tips and more information are available at along with full coverage of the eclipse, including maps, animations, timetables, and links to live webcasts, begins now on