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Oct 29, 2015

What Have You Always Wanted to Know about Social Security? video

Oct 29, 2015: With tears (of relief) in his eyes, this morning Speaker John Boehner gave his farewell speech to the House, Democrats offered Nancy Pelosi's name for consideration (Minority Speaker), and Paul Ryan went round shaking hands as the Republican nominee. Yes, I am glad Rep. Ryan stood up for weekends with his kids which shows personal priorities in the correct order. It's now 10:30 am edt and the vote is being taken though of course the 'Freedom Caucus' Republicans may stage a protest vote for Daniel Webster (R-FL) to no avail. It is expected that Speaker John Boehner will announce the name of the new Speaker in a few minutes.

And even though it's good to see the US Congress moving forward, my primary fret is that a vote for Paul Ryan is a vote for Ayn Rand (who gladly collected Social Security benefits in her old age, let's not forget.)

Related: FDR signs the SS Act August 14, 1935 where you'll find a reference to the 'Catfood Commission' something the soon-to-be Speaker of the House Paul Ryan knows a lot about though he may not prefer his budgetary targeting of the social safety net be called that.