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Aug 6, 2007

Stars in the Summer Sky 2007

Just found a well-written article by my Gather friend, TK Rosevear which you might wish to check out. It has good info on Summer Stargazing for you including the Total Lunar Eclipse of August 28 which is a must-see if you can...those on the West Coast of the US will have the best view.

Full Moon will be at 4Pis47 (so Sun at 4Vir47) with the Lunar Lady snugged between two Fixed Stars: one a Royal Star of Persia, mystical Fomalhaut, keywords: success through noble ideals; humanitarian and poetic (Brady's Fixed Stars.)

Then there's Deneb Adige, keywords: a willingness to become aware. This Star is in the constellation Cygnus, the Swan and is of a Mercury/Venus nature.

This is a subtle Star yet it connects to the strength and hostility of the swan. There is an arts and sciences flavor so perhaps there will be an announcement of a break-through since Full Moons are good for publicity. Yet when a Lunar Eclipse is involved, there's something hidden there, too.

Deneb Adige has a mystical, shamanistic quality attached which relates specifically to the myth of the World Egg. Mother Teresa had natal Sun and Moon linked to this Star.

The journey of self-awareness, the archetypal Hero's Journey is a large part of Deneb Adige's legend so keep an ear out for mentions of such things at the end of August and into September. Perhaps Mother Teresa or her selfless work in India will be in the news again!