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Jan 30, 2017

Transits to Inauguration 2017 Planets Bring Frustration

Recent political developments in the US inspired a look at the first 6 months of planetary transits to the Inauguration 2017 horoscope. This resulted in slight amazement at how many transits offer frustration and delay for the White House. Perhaps you are not surprised, dear reader, since recent news reports contain only partial success for Mr. Trump's and Mr. Bannon's policies such as banning visitors to the US from Muslim countries (though not the ones that participated in the attacks of 9/11). When the outcry was more than the White House anticipated, an attempt was made to blame President Obama's previous list of nations but that ploy isn't working very well either for the amateurish crowd now mishandling the White House.

But whether or not you agree that Mr. Trump and his minions are 'mishandling' our government, the 2017 planets in their courses are objectively showing a picture of frustration and a stalling of the administration's dearest objectives with only partial success at best. So by the time of a major signpost, when the Sun opposes Inauguration 2017 Sun, aka, POTUS, will plans and aims progress for the White House and thus for the nation?

Here's a bi-wheel with the Inauguration 2017 horoscope inside and transits for July 23, 2017 set for 8:08:40 am edt, the moment the Sun @00Leo49:53 opposes the POTUS Sun (00AQ49:53) in what some call an 'un-birthday'. If you enlarge the chart perhaps my scribbles will become legible for almost everything I wish to say about the matter is squished upon the chart including the primary point about an un-birthday: time to measure progress or the lack of it; unfavorable for ego-related pursuits (such as those driven by ego); reassess priorities and change course, if necessary:

Outside the chart/s are penned Mr. Trump's natal planets, plus, the Solar Eclipses of September 1, 2016 (9Vir21) and February 26, 2017 (8Pis12) are added. Actually, transit Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Inauguration 2017 Mars (24Pis21) is quite enough to block, restrict, or delay initiatives and skew their plans. Calm persistence and patience (not Mr. Trump's best qualities with natal Mars rising with royal Regulus in vain Leo) are the keys to success. However, this Saturn-Square-Mars transit perfects three times in 2017--once already on January 29th, again on June 17th, and finally on October 29, 2017 so frustration is in effect the entire year. (Of course, other transits aid or deny POTUS plans as well but that's a post of a thousand words so let's not for now.)

Now Mr. Trump's 'first 100 days' ends on April 29th (or the 30th at noon, the way I count it) so that has become an important presidential benchmark since the days of FDR. When I looked at transits of that day there's a Lunar Return to the New Moon in Gemini which timed Mr. Trump's announcement of a White House run in June 2015 (as he descended from on high in Trump Tower to speak before a paid audience). Shortly before 9:00 pm on April 29, 2017, Luna sails across the 00Cancer Cardinal World Point of manifestation which creates two Sun-Moon blends of cosmic weather for April 29, 2017: Sun Taurus-Moon Gemini (dusty Earth-Air) and Sun Taurus-Moon Cancer (muddy Earth-Water). For comparison's sake, here are the Images for Integration for both blends which may or may not relate to the condition of Mr. Trump's administration after its first 100 days:

Sun Taurus-Moon Gemini: A wealthy publisher launches another new project...A restaurateur earns a reputation for delicious souffles and meringues...A scientist brilliantly discourses on the mysteries of nature.

Sun Taurus-Moon Cancer: Dr. Spock teaching mothers how to bring up their children...A baker undertakes to feed an orphanage...Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.

So apparently by the end of April we'll have fluffy souffles and/or the angry swan of the Cygnus constellation. Well, I don't know about you but I'm not certain which, if any, to cheer for.

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Recommended as always: Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Jul 4, 2015

Summer 2015: a Starry Summer Triangle, Pluto's historic flyby - Cosmic Pursuits (plus, astro-notes)

Cosmic Pursuits, Brian Ventrudo's excellent astronomy website and newsletter, gives us a heads-up on the brilliant Summer Triangle of stars Vega, Altair, and Deneb (Adige) with double star Albireo twinkling colorfully in the triangle's center.

Of course, depending on your vantage point, the trio may be called the Winter Triangle!

Now let's consider a little astrology concerning Vega (Alpha Lyrae, the Lyre of Orpheus in the Lyra constellation), Altair (Alpha Aquilae, constellation Aquila, the Eagle), and Deneb in constellation Cygnus the Swan, with Deneb (Alpha Cygnus) as its tail.

Among others, these stars have appeared here on Stars Over Washington in previous posts, some of which are linked below or are searchable via the sidebar Search field by name, or try 'fixed stars' if you dare.

Keywords and themes for Vega (or, Wega) include magic, mysticism, other-worldliness, and charisma. As with all stars that are prominent in a horoscope, Vega's expression depends upon the planet/s or chart angles it is linked to by conjunction, opposition, or by paran (rising, culminating, setting with, etc.) Artistry is indicated either positively as in the Arts, or negatively as in criminal activities; plus, its connection to the Lyre of Orpheus provides a magical divine spells implication along with musical talent. Leadership ability and social awareness may also be noted with Vega but a caution is to avoid pretentiousness.

Keywords and themes for Altair include boldness, dogged determination, and achievement through risk-taking. Altair is a masculine star of strength and action that is taken--not just for the self, but for others when its energy is positively directed. Yet its swift and bold action traits may also express themselves with rashness and excessive aggression as we see by the eagle symbols of the Roman Empire and the American Empire acting under a foolhardy urge to conquer, vanquish, devour, and/or control. Still, a planetary or angular link with Altair promises high honors and preferment though they may be temporary (as with everything other earthly thing, This too shall pass).

With starry Deneb we find keywords and themes of the willingness to become aware, mystical or transcendental qualities or interests, spirituality and the inner journey, and the shamanistic legend of the World Egg. Deneb prominent in a horoscope bestows intelligence, artistic talent, and scientific ability. In addition, there is a duality surrounding Deneb for it can express both the strength and the aggression of a swan, one of the more vicious guardians of the animal kingdom--the "strong fighting bird and the swan-god"!

Popular Pluto To Have Professional Photos Taken!

Then for discerning Pluto fans, this summer marks the planet's (okay, dwarf planet's) historic flyby 'rendezvous' with NASA's New Horizons spacecraft set for July 14th which puts everyone in mind of another historic flyby of distant Neptune and its moon Triton by Voyager 2 in 1989 (see video recreation, below). On July 14, 2015 Pluto Rx will fall upon its current zodiacal degree of 14 Capricorn and some minutes--still within orb of US natal Sun (13Can19) which conjoins Egyptian goddess star, Sirius (The Scorcher) and Canopus (the navigator or pathfinder).

#Neptune #Triton #Voyager2 #NASA #Pluto #NewHorizons

Astrology of 1989 vs 2015: Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto

Voyager 2's closest encounter with Neptune and Triton occurred on August 25, 1989 (yes, Taylor Swift's birth year and album title) when Neptune was at 9Cap48 in the Tropical Zodiac. Perhaps you recognize 1989 as the year of the last Great Conjunction/s of Saturn and Neptune, a pair that has much to say in societal and political realms. Meeting three times through the year (March 3, June 24, November 13) in the degree range of 10 to 12 Capricorn, we note that transiting Pluto has very recently stomped on and around this degree of Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business, and remains within orb.

So if we use a 5-degree orb on either side of slow-moving Pluto we see that 4Cap to 14Cap is our focus though its powerful influence has been stronger while applying to the 9/10Cap area where gaseous Neptune floated on August 25, 1989. We have noted Pluto conjoining the Saturn-Neptune conjunction/s of 1989 in previous posts since its implications suit politicians and the corporatists who fund and direct them perfectly within the midpoint picture formed by this significant trio which includes these potentials:

Saturn-Neptune = Pluto: denial of responsibility by the guilty; fear of loss. (Tyl)

Naturally these potentials apply to both political parties in the US yet I think first of the GOP since 1989 implicates a Republican White House! Plus, America's ongoing socialism-communism-capitalism "debate" is found within the Saturn-Neptune duo as is secret or invisible (Neptune) government (Saturn), a description nearer the truth imho.

So when ancient Pluto has its close-up on July 14, 2015 and clocks in from our earthly vantage point at 14Cap, it qualifies as a Pluto-to-Neptune transit for society--ongoing since late November 2010. It marks a period of moral and religious issues such as abortion, mercy killing, executions and methods used, genetic engineering, GMO food contamination, chemically eroded health, racial and minority prejudices acted out, social welfare programs, workers' and Civil Rights as power and control slowly erode via unseen forces--or are seen to be only illusions and delusions.

Several other social concerns of the 1989 era still need to be addressed such as environmental degradation (Earth Day was revived in 1990), climate change, oil spills (now add coal ash leaks, bad water quality, and fracking), droughts and floods, 'mysterious' fish and bird kills, whale beachings, shark attacks, election irregularities, uranium and plutonium leaks, revolutions, conflicts, and topplings of government leaders across the globe along with the Fall of the Berlin Wall (and of Communism) which at the time seemed to justify America claiming victory in the 'Cold War' (which some say has returned). You can think of more examples, I'm certain.

Yet many if not all of these events were and are staged by those who profit from the wars and revolutions they take none of the blame for (denial of guilt) so let us note that on a deeper level the Pluto-to-Neptune transit indicates political, economic, and physical power struggles that actually have as their foundation uplifting spiritual ideals that identify the Collective's deep thirst for honesty, compassion, and clear-eyed solutions instead of the charlatanism, fraud, corruption, and propaganda we and Mother Earth continue to endure and accept at our peril.

Aug 6, 2007

Stars in the Summer Sky 2007

Just found a well-written article by my Gather friend, TK Rosevear which you might wish to check out. It has good info on Summer Stargazing for you including the Total Lunar Eclipse of August 28 which is a must-see if you can...those on the West Coast of the US will have the best view.

Full Moon will be at 4Pis47 (so Sun at 4Vir47) with the Lunar Lady snugged between two Fixed Stars: one a Royal Star of Persia, mystical Fomalhaut, keywords: success through noble ideals; humanitarian and poetic (Brady's Fixed Stars.)

Then there's Deneb Adige, keywords: a willingness to become aware. This Star is in the constellation Cygnus, the Swan and is of a Mercury/Venus nature.

This is a subtle Star yet it connects to the strength and hostility of the swan. There is an arts and sciences flavor so perhaps there will be an announcement of a break-through since Full Moons are good for publicity. Yet when a Lunar Eclipse is involved, there's something hidden there, too.

Deneb Adige has a mystical, shamanistic quality attached which relates specifically to the myth of the World Egg. Mother Teresa had natal Sun and Moon linked to this Star.

The journey of self-awareness, the archetypal Hero's Journey is a large part of Deneb Adige's legend so keep an ear out for mentions of such things at the end of August and into September. Perhaps Mother Teresa or her selfless work in India will be in the news again!