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Feb 10, 2014

Police confiscate priceless statue of Apollo, Obama still president

A Priceless Bronze Statue of Apollo has turned up in the Gaza Strip and has been confiscated by police.

So given America's 'cult of personality' presidential worship along with the fact that President Obama was likened to god Apollo, a sun god, in the 2008 campaign, it may be interesting to note where asteroid Apollo (#1862) now travels in the Zodiac since it isn't mentioned in the article (above) the precise date the fisherman says he rescued Apollo from the Neptunian sea!

fyi: Today, Monday February 10, 2014, Apollo clocks in at 13 Libra28 Rx, one degree from US natal Saturn. On the evening of August 28, 2008 (Mr. Obama's acceptance speech, video below), Apollo was at 9Vir46 between his natal Mars (22Vir34--conjunct US natal Neptune of hopes and dreams, our 'rock star' link and one of disappointment, as we now know) and his Pluto (6Vir58) in the 7th house of Relationships.

Here again, for old time's sake, is our media-touted 'Apollo' in 2008 speaking while asteroid Circe (where we seek rescue) conjoins the Moon (We the People):

Jan 10, 2009

US Senate okays Gaza aggression, Saturn-Uranus opposition in the fray

US Senate Endorses Israel's War on Gaza

By Jeremy R. Hammond

The US Senate on Thursday passed a non-binding resolution promoted by the influential Israeli lobby AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee), effectively endorsing Israel's war on Gaza.

The resolution, entitled "A resolution a resolution expressing solidarity with Israel in Israel's defense against terrorism in the Gaza Strip."


US weaponry is being used by Israel (Goliath) - and I want to know where Hamas is getting its rocketry (David.) Ironic that David and Goliath seem to have have switched sides since the olden days, and I suppose it's Iran providing David his rocks and slingshots.

Well, the aggression of the Saturn-Uranus opposition is really showing itself, isn't it? Saturn-Uranus as a pair represents the Middle East and specifically Palestine and Israel.

Their appr 45-year cycle began with conjunction 3 times in 1988 in the 27 to 30 degree area of Sagittarius where transformative Pluto, god of Hades, has traversed so recently.

So at the risk of boring you, here's the midpoint picture again which Pluto's transit has stimulated so grievously:

Saturn-Uranus = Pluto: acts of violence or brutality; rebellion against one's lot in life; harm through force majeure; tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; the desire to overcome a difficult situation through extraordinary effort.

With Pluto now into Capricorn to stay, we might hope things will be resolved (as much as they ever are in that region of old and deep animosities) but then we have World Point 00Cap00 to consider where world events manifest, and the deconstruction of Pluto in Capricorn, ruled by authoritative Saturn. Any contact of Saturn and Pluto seems made for cruelty of various kinds.

'Forgiving the unforgivable' seems very far away as the New Year rolls on, doesn't it? But it's the only way to stop the cycle of violence and revenge in Gaza - and within our own hearts.

As Scriptures say, we should Pray for the peace of Israel. For the sake of the world, let us pray.

Jul 4, 2007

BBC Reporter Alan Johnston Freed!

Such great news!

BBC Reporter Freed! and had it been a few days ago you could almost relate it to the US-Iranian hostage crisis when Carter did the work and Reagan took the credit. Talk about political opportunism...oh wait...that's what we do 24 hours a day now.

Congratulations to Mr. Johnston and his family and friends!

It will be a rare pleasure to take the Free Alan Johnston button off this blog.

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!