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Dec 2, 2007

Ron Paul: rectified!

Thanks to Granny Miller I am now in possession of a rectified natal chart for presidential candidate, Ron Paul, whose exact time of birth is unknown (says he.)

Granny is recommending a birth time of 7:45 am based on her rectification, i.e. timing of events which coincide with angular triggers, etc, and on election day transits for Nov 4, 2008--which she says look good for the Doctor!

Here you see dual charts with Solar chart top right, and rectified chart bottom left. The 7:45 am version adds some midpoint pictures:

Mercury/Neptune = ASC: being exploited, deceived, or harmed by others; potential overreactions; open to others' influence.

Sun/Venus = ASC: a kind-hearted personality.

Jupiter/MC = Sun: success and recognition; illumination of one's life purpose; new opportunities.

NN/ASC = Jupiter: humanitarianism; fortunate associations.

The rectified chart puts Sun and Mercury in 12th house and, as you know, it's quite usual for a politician to have a 12th house (unconsciously arrogant) Sun!

More details: previous post based on Paul's solar chart (sunrise for day of birth) is here.

Solar charts are always good for ego-related or creative issues. They're like a photo of the individual that's slightly out of focus--so all the warts may not be visible; you'll find that the Sun/Moon personality details stay the same.