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Oct 30, 2015

Proof That Republicans Have Gone Off the Rails - video (plus, Poe's mysterious death)

Here Thom Hartmann corrects one by one several of the whoppers told during the recent Republican debate--and gives sources for his information:


Half truths used as a tool are very popular among politicians of all stripes! And you know they take classes and rehearse them right?

Oh and Happy Halloween, everybody! Please be safe. And if you find yourself in a macabre mood (or even if you don't) here are a few astro-notes plus the death horoscope of Edgar Alan Poe whose untimely demise may have been facilitated by a political trick of the day known as cooping in order to force individuals to vote for certain candidates. See The Mysterious Death of Edgar Alan Poe.

Image: Fork'd Way (c) a mildly spooky illustration on paper by Jude Cowell from the Secret Moon Art collection. Actually the title of this drawing reminds me of politicians with forked tongues!