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Feb 13, 2007

Congress 2.13.07 1:00 pm

Seems the big debate on the Bush-Cheney war escalation is 'in the House' as of appr 1:00 pm est today...and what Sabian Symbol is rising? you ask.

"28Gem": "A man declared bankrupt" = DELIVERANCE...

pos: an effective and overall resourcefulness in even the worst of situations;

neg/shadow side: a willingness to dodge every responsibility and betray the very core of self.

And Bush continues to bankrupt the nation with the enabling of Congress who yap non-bindingly.

Images for today's Sun AQ-Moon Capricorn blend seem particularly enlightening yet familiar:

A revolutionary is elected president...An alien civilization comes to Earth to rescue man from imminent destruction. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas. and Suzy Harvey.)

I'm not a UFO kinda gal, but I'll flag them in myself if they'll show up for the task.

And yes, the YOD from Monday is still in effect...still pointing at lonely Saturn, our learless feader--and with Mars at critical degree, "20Cap": "A hidden choir singing" (celestial or global puppeteers?)...WORSHIP:

pos: a unique gift for establishing a common interest and making it a power for the good of all (my ideal of America);

neg: personal aloofness and lukewarm loyalties.

Ha ha....lukewarm loyalties...does this describe any politicians YOU know? Lukewarm about the American people's interests, that's for sure.

Personally I appreciate the aptly-named Bill Press' take on the recent shutting down of war debate by Senate Republicans (the Senate--our "deliberative" body!): from the punditry section of The Hill..."The newspaper for and about the U.S. Congress."

Let's sue them ALL, Mr. Press. Okay, I always except 1% of the varmints in case there might be one or two newbies who haven't been spoiled or scarred yet. Call me a 1%-er of the other kind.

So would al-Qaeda think ill of the US is she left Iraq? Yes, say would say we didn't have the stomach for the fight.

Or...would they be disappointed that we'd wised up to their long-range plan to bankrupt America in every way--a plan which is succeeding perfectly, thanks to Bush and the war profiteers?

In Jan 2006, I posted on FDR and Bush's...attitudes.

So whether you like corn chowder, tomato, or sole-of-shoe, you may wish to read it concerning our nation's fiscal situation and the office-of-the-president's relationship to it.

And be sure to sign up with (if you haven't) where Patrick Wood has his finger on the pulse of the fiscal beast and his knee on the Trilateral Commission's throat.

Great work, Patrick, keep it up!