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May 7, 2007

The 'New' Masons

Did you miss NPR's report over the weekend on the current state of Freemasonry?

New Masons Drawn by Brotherhood, Not by Myths asserts that the brotherhood teaches moral lessons bwo allegory and secret rituals.

It's the secret rituals part that opens the door to cult accusations...even by the Roman Catholic Church. Guess the vatican likes to keep the market cornered on the secret ritual stuff.

Then you've got the the craft moniker--use of that term stirs the pot with the general public since it sounds wiccan or something (stirs the pot--I so foony...must be my n Jupiter/Saturn trine!)

Yet the US had 50,000 lodges and 4 million members in the 40s and 50s--now approximately 1.8 million, and the membership's average age continues to lower as their WWII-era brothers are passing on at a rapid rate.

See: Why 'Stars Over Washington'? in which I defend the naming of this blog along with some info concerning the founding of America and our nation's early connections to Freemasonry, if you wish.