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Jun 26, 2016

Clinton vs Trump: the New and Full Moons of July 2016

Anyone who pays attention to a combination of Politics and lunations has marked July 2016 as quite an interesting month with a New Moon for America's Solar Return on July 4th and the New Moon's culmination, a Full Moon @27Capricorn conjunct US natal Pluto that perfects during the Republican National Convention--on the RNC's 2nd day, July 19th, to be precise. Will Pluto add violence, transformation, power, sabotage, wealth--or some combination of each to the political events of July 2016? Can NeverTrumpers shut him out of the process? Will the GOP stop pretending Trump's bigotry isn't their own deep down inside?

Previously I had typed aloud whether the Gemini New Moon imprinted upon Mr. Trump's presidential bid announcement of June 16, 2015 would somehow crescendo, culminate, and/or fulfill at the RNC Full Moon of July a political sense, that is. Cosmically, the July 4th New Moon @12Cancer (conjunct US natal Sun, leadership) is the seeding stage for projects and activities that will come to fruition on July 19th during the RNC and it will be interesting to see how the Cancer-Capricorn energies of New and Full Moons play out for Donald Trump and for our nation. This is assuming that his candidacy isn't aborted prior to or during the convention. Apparently, security, domestic, business and career matters are on the agenda and, until about September 1st, we're still under the auspices of the March 9, 2016 Solar Eclipse with its themes of separations, partings, and endings (18Pis55; Brady).

Plus, as reported in the news, Hillary Clinton's approval ratings are said to be widening lately, inspired perhaps by candidate Trump's lack of professionalism, disdain for ads and staffing, sketchy campaign funds, issues that are interfering with his smoothly sailing into the Republican nomination in the way he had expected given his overbearing lead in the Republican field. Unless the whole scheme is a sham intended to elect a baggage laden lady president!

Now during DNC 2016 a lunation perfects as well: on July 26th at 6:59 pm there's a Quarter Moon (Sun @4Leo square Moon @4Taurus), a Fire-Earth combo of Fixed energies with 'staying power' that curiously enough is the natal Sun-Moon blend of her husband, former President Bill Clinton, master Leonine showman. Guess his DNC 2016 speech will seem like old times to many of us! Yet he'll appear onstage with what some say may be a difficult job--to sell President Hillary Clinton to the American people.

Therefore, let's consider what could be two clues hidden within the Sun Leo-Moon Taurus blend during DNC 2016 for it contains a couple of interesting Images for Integration, according to Charles and Suzi Harvey in their excellent Sun Sign-Moon Sign book. Perhaps you'll agree that the word pictures apply to Bill's DNC 2016 task:

"Eliza Doolittle is transformed into a Duchess...A master potter turns dull clay into an exquisite vase."

Care for a Duchess Hillary in the Oval office, anyone? As opposed to real estate mogul Mr. Trump?