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Nov 21, 2005

Homeland Security Is Hatched

Homeland Security Nov 25, 2002 1:44 pm est DC (Click image to enlarge)

Considering the natal chart for the governmental increase we call, "Homeland Security"...from the cabbage patch of terror and control it has been sprung upon us.

With Pisces, sign of idealism, confusion, and possibly deception, arising, what may the nation expect from this entity?

Let's take a quick look and see what we can see...

The Sun/Moon combo is Sag/Leo, a very grandiose blend with a tendency to grab the limelight from others to hide its insecurity (that's INsecurity). You may remember that President Bush was against creating such an agency before he was for it--yet when Joseph Lieberman's legislation was nearing passage, Bush swiped the ball and ran with it--and Voila! We have HoSec, as I so fondly call it.

The word picture* for Sun Sag/Moon Leo: "At an emotionally moving ceremony, the shaman of the gypsies is given an honorary degree in herbal lore and ancient geography." Hmm-m-m...wonder who the shaman could be? Guesses, anyone? How about head honcho #1, Tom Ridge, who was marginalized in what might be described as an "honorary" position, si?)

With its birthday imminent--Nov 25--and a triple Mercury Return (due to retrogradation) in process, it's a big month or so for HoSec, and should be quite eventful.

The three dates for Mercury's Return to 9Sag51 are: Nov 10, Nov 17, and Dec 20 upcoming. This degree is conjunct the Fixed Star, Antares, keywords: "success which can be obsessive." Antares is seldom benign, and is most often connected with Mars, war, violence, and terror. Appropriate considering the trumpeting of terror and fear which HoSec stirs up whenever it deems necessary...although the "threat alert mauve/magenta/puce", etc, seems to have been discontinued due to excessive ridicule.

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury's "10Sag": "A golden-haired goddess of opportunity" =
REWARD: positive: an irresistible confidence in self and a tireless outreaching to all the wonders of an everday world.

Neg: consistent diversion of effort to worthless ends. (Oh dear...this one is proving alarmingly true. Waste and fraud, anyone? Boondoggle to boot?)

Since a triple Mercury Return usually brings much review, reconsideration, often a re-expression of information, or perhaps some paperwork deja-vu, it'll be interesting to see what communiques issue from HoSec (aka, DHS) around Dec 20, 2005 and onward into 2006.

The natal lunar phase of HoSec is Disseminating so the spreading and sharing of information is its basic nature. This also would refer, of course, to the catapulting of propaganda, which seems to be a favorite past time of our big fat government, as you've surely noticed...and the president says it's his "job."

And so at the basis/foundation of the natal chart is Saturn of control and authority fame. Perhaps it is the Geminian Saturn who is the shaman referenced above--Saturn at the foundation of the formation of Homeland Security, with control and the use/misuse of authority at its base. Perhaps Saturn is the One Who's Really in Charge--and Tom Ridge is long gone!)

(Plus, was Saturn the trigger for the mayhem of 9/11/01? More likely Venus @18Leo.)

Geminian issues concern thinking and communication, as we know, and it is also a dual sign of the light twin and of the dark. Wherever we find Gemini, we may also find duplicity, plus Gemini loves to bring the news. Archetypally it's supposed to be the Good News, but somehow that's not what we seem to hear from HoSec, is it?

Whether Saturn's transformation will end for good or ill we can not yet know for sure, but, as usual, I am wishing the best for our nation, no matter what plots may be hatched for or against us as we go forward...for go forward we surely must.


*from Sun Sign/Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey