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Feb 17, 2020

US Judicial System and the June 2020 Lunar Eclipse

Political Power vs Eclipse Power: Wild Cards and Cosmic Blinks

by Jude Cowell

The Judiciary Act of 1789 was signed into law by President George Washington in "the early afternoon" of September 24, 1789 to establish the federal court system of the United States of America. Now under serious assault by saboteurs and villains, the US court system will be eclipsed on June 5, 2020 by a Lunar Eclipse which possibly may bring to light unsavory matters and certain inconvenient facts previously hidden. Major leaks may occur along with some measure of disruption, and as you can see in the charts, below, various cosmic factors may be descriptive of events in relation to the US legal system and to those who are involved with the system including judges, attorneys, officials, and/or culprits and inmates. As Above, So Below.

Using "1:55 pm LMT" (as suggested by expert astrologer Richard Nolle), September 24, 1789, below is the Judiciary Act Horoscope with the June 5, 2020 Lunar Eclipse Horoscope snugged around it as a transit chart. As you see, 1789 Moon @15Sag52 meets the 2020 Moon Eclipse (15Sag34) head-on and a few basic notes are scribbled upon the chart for those who dare enlarge the image to read them (recommended!).

Also notable with the Moon involved is almost certain to be a large amount of publicity in and around June 2020 (in time for Supreme Court decisions) along with the implications of a Moon in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius, a placement with general potentials for inconstancy, alternating optimism and pessimism, idealism guiding actions, striving for wisdom, and/or multiple changes and fluctuations (Ebertin).

Additionally, July 5, 2020 brings a second Lunar Eclipse which opposes America's natal Sun (13Can19) so for the second year in a row, our nation receives an eclipse for Independence Day--a Lunar Eclipse this year, a 3 North Solar Eclipse in 2019. Then comes the 4 North Summer Solstice 2020 Eclipse @00Cancer, a Cardinal World Point of manifestation and echoing the Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2001, during the chaotic days of 'Homeland Security', and soon followed by a Lunar Eclipse on July 1, 2001 @13Cap39, another eclipse of US natal Sun (at critical-crisis degrees).

Meanwhile, with my decided preference for keeping our democratic Republic in working order rather than 'hollowed out', this variety of eclipses seems to identify significant signposts upon the path to wherever America is going and indicates a period of time chocked full of important changes and multiple events after which our nation is forever altered. And though few if any politicians want the American public to notice the fact, it remains for We The People to determine which path we trod and where our collective ship of state comes to dock.

Apr 16, 2018

Homeland Security to Start Tracking Journalists and Bloggers and Monitor Their "Intent"

April 14, 2018: Farron Cousins reports for The Ring of Fire:

Support independent media by visiting the Ring of Fire patreon account!

Also see: Homeland Security to Compile Database of Journalists, Bloggers and Monitor Their "Intent." That's blogs and reporters with a national following. Hmm. Not Stars Over Washington. But I would have thought the Pentagon's 'Total Awareness' mission (TIA) already had gathered such a database. Guess Trump'n'company are demanding more information on resisters and dissenters--and America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition across the Cancer-Capricorn axis of security is always up for such 'Big Brother' shadiness.

So in case you haven't seen one (and while you still can), here's a rather light-on-details post from 2005 which does, however, contain an image of the Horoscope of Homeland Security (November 25, 2002 1:44 pm Washington DC--debuted under the spell of a dramatic, volatile double Fire blend).

Feb 12, 2015

February 2015: Presidents Day and a White House Security Summit

Week of Monday February 16, 2015: President's Day Heralds a White House Summit on Wednesday

by Jude Cowell

In honor of Presidents Day, here is a 3 mins 58 secs video of US Presidents "From George Washington to Barack Obama--A Long Way--Original Video":

With the recent Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris as justification, the White House has scheduled an Anti-Extremism Summit for Wednesday February 18, 2015, the day of a major Solar Eclipse at a critical-crisis 29th degree in secretive Pisces, plus, the day of Spring Equinox 2015, aka, Aries Ingress 2015 when the Sun reaches 00Aries00, a World Point of manifestation and prominence. Tap or click for a view of the eclipse horoscope set for Washington DC.

This year February 18th is also Ash Wednesday on the Vatican calendar so it is quite a big day in the Cosmos and in America with the rest of the world in the cross hairs of the East vs West conflict now being brewed to boiling with both sides determined to 'rule the world'. And since a Solar Eclipse is a New Moon denoting a period of darkness with a potential for the beginning of shady undertakings, we may expect that Summit topics of 'security' and anti-terrorism measures will not be fully shared with the public though, of course, the resulting propaganda will.

Wonder if the topic of Homeland Security running out of funds on February 27th will be discussed? The Department has certainly been the money pit boondoggle it was expected to be. Here's my original post with the 'birth' horoscope of the Department of Homeland Security if you're interested. Curiously HoSec's natal Jupiter @17Leo59 is now activated by Jupiter's current retrograde and direct path through Sun-ruled Leo which indicates a Jupiter Return so generous rewards seem to be on the cosmic menu no matter what the political thespians on Capitol Hill say.

Jan 11, 2015

1/11/15 Paris Unity Rally as world leaders line up for photo op

Today in Paris France thousands of people from across the globe rallied against the recent terrorist attacks and murders that began in a big way with the mayhem perpetrated upon the offices of a radical French publication and its political cartoons. Placards with Je Suis Charlie and Liberte were held up in the streets of Paris today in solidarity with the concept of freedom of expression which the victims were exercising via publication of satiric cartoons spoofing Islam. This morning American news broadcasts and other sources focused upon the Rally in Paris and the "historic" gathering of world leaders, hypocrites though they be.

Venus-Loving Paris, 'City of Light' Where the Term 'Terror' Was Coined

How opportunistic that world, I mean, leaders...positioned themselves at the head of the massive crowd of marchers while posing for the cameras in their black garb! Especially since many if not all of these same leaders and others before them have thrown journalists in prison for exercising their right to free speech. Mais oui, it's all happening today in Grand Orient Paris, City of Light--and underground City of Skulls (see link to creepiness at end of this post).

Back in the days of the French Revolution, Robespierre and his cohorts thought they would establish a 'new order' with France at its head--a 'Rational' State based on the Enlightenment principles of Uranus-Neptune (sans God) with the bloody guillotine at its ready disposal and aimed at the heads of all who disagreed. Has France's Reign of Terror ended or has a new phase now begun?

Astro-Notes: January 11, 2015 and February 18, 2015

Well, today's Rally in Paris, the attacks that inspired it, and other recent events fall under the auspices of the last lunation, the January 4/5, 2015 Full Moon @14Can3---conjunct Egypt's favorite star, Isis goddess Sirius. The January Full Moon also triggered US natal Sun (the president) and it's of interest that during this morning's broadcast concerning the Paris Unity Rally, it was announced that President Obama (who is not in Paris today but Abbas, Netanyahu, Cameron, Merkel, and several other leading chuckleheads of the monarchical bloodline persuasion are) has called for a "Security" Summit of global leaders to be held at the White House on February 18, 2015--the day of a Pisces New Moon and what the Vatican calls an 'Ash Wednesday'.

Yes, global leaders (signified by Jupiter Rx leading a Locomotive pattern) placed themselves at the head of thousands of marchers today yet Jupiter is unaspected, suggesting their complete detachment from the public and our concerns as they gathered for this weirdly stage-managed photo op--as if Merkel and her crew are really part of the event rather than mere opportunists.

And we must mention the 6th exact Cardinal Square between Uranus and Pluto on December 15, 2014 and the generational clashes and power struggles it's brought to the world as the ancient regime of Pluto attempts to block upstart Uranus, planet of a New Age. Their last exact square is on March 16, 2015 and we must hope that social stalemates can simmer down a bit as 2015 proceeds though the serious effects upon everyone's Civil Rights lie in the balance.

February 18, 2015: Some Shady Doings Under Cover of Lunar Darkness

The Summit will already have begun in Washington DC when, in the midst of lunar darkness, the Feb 18th New Moon perfects at 6:47:13 pm EST during a Solar Hour with 12Vir34 rising, a 6th house Neptune @6Pis59 as the chart's final dispositor (says SolarFire v9), a 6th house New Moon @29AQ59 (anxious to reach the depths of murky Pisces--squared by Saturn and reaching for Neptune's veil), and Jupiter Rx @16Leo02 in the 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing.

Financial planet Jupiter Rx is the handle of a Bucket pattern and as such, links the hemispheres of the chart together with cautious preparedness his aim. Leo is, as you know, the royal sign of the 'natural ruler' though until April 8, 2015, Jupiter will regress toward President Obama's natal Sun once again so perhaps we should consider this Bucket handle Jupiter to represent Mr. Obama since the Security Summit will be held at the White House. He will be using the physical assets of the White house to appear more attractive to the Summit's attendees (Mercury-Venus = Sun) with an increased sensitivity to the desires of others (Mercury-Venus = Moon) though one wonders with asteroids Sappho and intoxicated Bacchus conjoining quirky Uranus in the 8th house of Sexual Relations! Will some of the Summit's shady doings under cover of a darkened Moon involve drunken drugged-out orgies? If so, then...peep-eye! Of course, this trio in 8th house could just as easily be seen as practicing a delirious pagan ritual in honor of an ancient goddess, couldn't it?

A Bucket pattern of planets indicates an uncompromising direction of effort with little if any concern for conservation of resources or for the end results. Jupiter here is the executive, yes, but in a reviewing of resources role since he's retrograde--not weaker, but more inward facing. Allegiances tend to be adapted with a Bucket pattern so that 'efforts can count for the most'; Jupiter here is the motivator and inspirer of the Summit and provides us with clues to his 'unremitting zeal'. Historical figures born under the influence of a Bucket pattern include: Napoleon Bonaparte (handle: 'new order' planet Uranus), Dante (handle: Pluto, god of Hades), William Jennings Bryan (handle: Mars), and Evangeline Adams (handle: Saturn, traditional ruler of Astrology). (The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Another chart factor in relation to Jupiter is trickster Pan and wealthy Midas both Rx and conjunct Midheaven (The Goal Point) which falls at 10Gem01 so the Virgo Ascendant elects Mercury, planet of meetings, discussions, communications, crossroads, trade, and speeches, as chart-ruler (and MC-ruler) so we may expect the financial aspects of circumstances to involve the usual fraud and trickery (fraudulent Neptune as Final Dispositor, instigator Mars--at a critical-crisis 29th degree and about to join his own Aries Point--ruling the New Moon's corporate 8th house of Transformation with disruptive, zealous, new-agey anarchist Uranus in Aries therein.

Speedy traveler Mercury @4AQ05 (in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Speculation) closely sextiles Saturn @4Sag27 (in 3rd house of Communications), the Manager and Task-Bringer, and their near-exact sextile, the only applying aspect made by chart-ruler Mercury (0A22), offers clues about the underlying purpose/s of the White House "Security" Summit of global leaders, plus, with both planets at 4 degrees of their signs, we may say there are fated undertones to this "home grown terrorists" discussion during the February 18th "Summit on Countering Violent Extremism" (translation: suppressing all opposition to Global Government implementation by Global Police and Military Forces).

Certainly on at least one level there are fated undertones afoot of the reap-what-was-sown variety since 'blow back' due to the expansion of a controlling Global Government (forcing a 'new world order' upon the masses) has created many enemies for the West with innocent people the victims and Easterners attempting to enforce a global Caliphate of their own, Sharia law and all. The ancient East v West conflict continues to be about who will 'win' global control over the planet as World War III is triggered (you saw the Illuminatists out in force today in the streets of Paris if your eyes were alert! The true instigators remained behind the scenes, of course, but the nwo's political mouthpieces had their 'historic' photo op in full view of the public.)

A Talented Mercury-Saturn Sextile Tells a Tale

So what might Mercury sextile (60 degrees) Saturn intend to say and do during Security Summit 2015? Here is a list of potentials: issue warnings which may or may not be listened to, set priorities, manage resources, explain guidelines and rules, and organize expressions of discontent (of the group and/or of the masses). This sextile also indicates that conflicts and bickering may erupt among the chuckleheads in attendance.

Let me add that my above remark about attendees of a 'monarchical bloodline persuasion' is based in part on Mercury's rounded-up Sabian Symbol for '5AQ": "A Council of Ancestors" which aptly describes the February 18th Summit, imho, especially since even modern world leaders' descendancy from a certain bloodline has been recorded and includes despots like Alfred and Alexander the Greats, Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, pharoahs such as Cleopatra (natal chart shown), French, German, British and other monarchical families including Queen Elizabeth II, PM David Cameron--in America, George Washington (a Star family descendant), Thomas Jefferson, John Adams (a Dragon family descendant), the Roosevelts, the Bushs, Bill 'Clinton', the Rockefellers, Barack Obama, and others you may think to name.

Oh and btw: New Moon Mercury conjoins America's natal South Node which denotes the karma of past behavior the US government so often depends upon to deal with current problems while expecting different results--though I suspect that all governments prefer expectable results from their actions and don't really want 'different' outcomes at all.

Now if you're interested in the family ties of US presidents, here's a 7-minute video presentation posted October 4, 2013 concerning the topic:

Related articles include: Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson's remarks to the CFR concerning domestic terrorism and "suspicious individuals" and such on September 10, 2014; 3 quotes from Thomas Jefferson on newspapers and despots ; and, a previous posting of the Republic of France horoscope of 1792 in the midst of the country's Reign of Terror days and just after the discovery of revolutionary Uranus.

Being adventurous, you may also wish to see 9 Creepy Things you Should Know about Paris.

Oct 22, 2008

The Fed and the pandemic rooster

"We have what is known as the Federal Reserve Bank System. That system is not owned by the Government. Many people think that it is because it says "Federal Reserve." It belongs to private banks, private corporations.

So we have farmed out to the Federal Reserve Banking System that which is owned exclusively, wholly, one hundred percent to the private banks - we have farmed out to them the privilege of issuing the Government's money!"

--Wright Patman [John William Wright Patman] (1893-1976) US Congressman (TX-D) Source: Congressional Record (Sep 29, 1941)

"No State shall...coin money; emit bills of credit; make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts...."

--US Constitution Source: Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1

"...first ascertain exactly the position of the various capitalists, then control them, influence them by restricting or enlarging, facilitating or hindering their credits, and finally they can entirely determine their fate."

--Vladimir Ilyich Lenin [Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov](1870 - 1924), First Leader of the Soviet Union


Quotes courtesy of Information Clearing House; broken financial system brought to you by the Bush-Cheney administration, the pocket-liners of Capitol Hill, the World Bank and IMF, the wizards of Wall Street, and the global corporate syndicate of criminals and thieves.

Did I leave out anyone besides the Vatican?

Ah yes! the secret actors of the high and mighty monarchical 'royal bloodline' persuasion who think they're so-o-o much better than the rest of us...and their minions who think they're 'in with the in crowd' because they know a secret handshake and a chant or two.

If those who think this way along with me are only half right about an invisible power network, things will be bad enough.

Driving out of town this evening, I saw a new billboard by the side of a major highway with words along the lines of: "Be prepared for pandemic flu." There was an artist's rendition of a rooster's head next to the words. Lovely. Thanks.

Makes me think that someone experimented with avian flu in Asia, got it just how they wanted it, and now a strain is on the way to our shores. It's like 1984 all over again.

If that's what they Want me to think, it worked like a charm on this citizen.

After all, the Sabian Symbol for America's natal Pluto, planet of fear and psychological control ('28Cap') is: "A Large Aviary." COMMUNITY...

pos: exceptional success in making all personal concerns a matter of common welfare;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: loss of all character in sheer officiousness. (MEJ.)

Now, mind you, this is the same highway that Homeland Security has under consideration for building an infectious lab facility to be placed in the same area as UGA animal laboratories and pastures. Sounds like a darn good idea if you don't mind a little hoof-and-mouth disease escaping amongst your cows' and sheep' hooves and mouths.

So what could possibly be wrong with this picture?

And yes, the local community has been fighting the lab's location here but the final decision will probably be made elsewhere in spite of the natives' wishes, as you might expect. We have 'input' as long as it doesn't interfere too much with their plans.

But back to the new pandemic rooster billboard:

It seems ironic to me how the scientific community never tires of crowing cock-a-doodle-doo about its marvelous accomplishments when it wants to sell you a new and more expensive med, but then it acts all wimpy and worried about preventing animal-to-human infections when the government orders a new wave of fear mongering to be unleashed upon the public.

One of my childhood favorites:

Foghorn Leghorn would've been ashamed of his cousin appearing on such a billboard in order to unnerve the American people. Foghorn Leghorn has more integrity than that.

And I can't imagine what good such a billboard can lead to...if you have any ideas, please let me know, because as it stands now, I'll be training myself to ignore the pandemic rooster billboard every day as I head to and from work...but who knows? Perhaps I shouldn't.

May 7, 2008

Spotlight on Homeland Security 11.25.02

Stars Over Washington has previous posts concerning the Department of Homeland Security but today I published a Page at Jude's Threshold with details on DHS' natal chart if you wish to take a peek. While there, please add imperialism to the list of -isms for Pluto/Chiron.

My original wet-behind-the-bloggedy-ears HoSec post from Nov 20, 2005 may be found here--image of this money-grubbing boondoggle's natal chart included but with none of my messy notes gouged upon it.

Actually you may like that.

Feb 11, 2008

another Bush clampdown on freedom

News Update from Citizens For Legitimate Government Feb 11, 2008

All items are here: LegitGov Breaking News

Bush orders clampdown on flights to US--EU officials furious as Washington says it wants extra data on all air passengers:

The US administration is pressing the 27 governments of the European Union to sign up for a range of new security measures for transatlantic travel, including allowing armed guards on all flights from Europe to America by US airlines. The demand to put armed air marshals on to the flights is part of a travel clampdown by the Bush regime that officials in Brussels described as "blackmail" and "troublesome", and could see west Europeans and Britons required to have US visas if their governments balk at Washington's requirements.

According to a US document being circulated for signature in European capitals, EU states would also need to supply personal data on all air passengers overflying but not landing in the US in order to gain or retain visa-free travel to America, senior EU officials said.#

This reminds me of what may be a similarly themed issue: building walls on the border between the US and Mexico--and I can't shake the feeling that it's meant as much to isolate the American people as to keep others out. The above-mentioned "blackmail" seems part of the same ploy.

Then there's the recent mysterious cutting of Iran's internet cables. And although I would be among the first to suspect the Bush regime or others in the cutting yet I can't help but wonder if it's the Iranian government closing in on the Iranian people, just as the Bush-Cheney 1% gang is busily doing to America.

Hmm...this "feeling" is probably simply a part of the fear-esque atmosphere they're advancing upon us 24 hours a day, for years on end. Right?

Or perhaps another mixed "blessing" from Mr. Freedom-is-the-default-position-of-humanity!

Feb 8, 2008

Martial Law: before November?

News Updates from Citizens For Legitimate Government Feb 8, 2008

All items are here:LegitGov Breaking News

'They have permission to 'shoot to kill' in the event of martial law.' The FBI Deputizes Business By Matthew Rothschild Feb 7, 2008:

Today, more than 23,000 representatives of private industry are working quietly with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. The members of this rapidly growing group, called InfraGard, receive secret warnings of terrorist threats before the public does--and, at least on one occasion, before elected officials... One business executive, who showed me his InfraGard card, told me they have permission to "shoot to kill" in the event of martial law... This business owner says he attended a small InfraGard meeting where agents of the FBI and Homeland Security discussed in astonishing detail what InfraGard members may be called upon to do...

"Then they said when--not if--martial law is declared, it was our responsibility to protect our portion of the infrastructure, and if we had to use deadly force to protect it, we couldn’t be prosecuted," he says.#

Jude's Threshold now has a Page with the chart of the Aug 1, 2008 Solar Eclipse (10 South Series) which I will be updating with more details as time permits.

You'll see in the chart that on August 1 this Eclipse is RISING in Washington DC at 6:12:30 am edt. And boy is it. Plus, this is the Pre-natal Eclipse of the November elections so we'll want to keep our eyes on it.

Aug 10, 2007

HoSec's 'BioWatch' still doesn't

On Nov 1, 2005, George Bush painted a glowing picture of his aspiration to set up and administer programs which would detect bio threats to Americans, but as with so many of Bush's pies-in-the-sky, this one is still undercooked.

Biological Detection Program Delayed says WaPo, and if you need a job, Bush'n'friends are quite desperate to interview you to disappear within the bowels of HoSec. But you must be science-challenged like the rest of the Bushies.

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution puts it this way: Biological surveillance falls short, report says.

However you put it, "no one is really sure what it is supposed to do."

Perhaps it's similar to the usual Bush program--it's for doing the opposite of whatever it says it does.

Department of Homeland Security shows ineptness yet again:

HoSec's natal chart has Mercury where the recent Jupiter Direct Station occurred (Jupiter hasn't left "10Sag" yet..."The golden-haired goddess of opportunity" degree.) Jupiter expands and increases whatever he touches and Mercury represents ideas, thinking, communications, paperwork, and such.

And today's Pluto is opposing Nov 1, 2005's Saturn which echoes the cruel Saturn/Pluto opposition of 9/11/01--and deep-leveled Pluto can outweigh heavy Saturn bwo constructional, long-time-coming power issues. Seems the contruction of the BioWatch program wasn't much to begin with, assuming it existed at all.

The Swindlers of Washington are such duds, aren't they?

Aug 3, 2007

a squinty eye on Congress

Because astrologers much prefer to have exact times for setting up charts--whether it's for persons or events--I was happy today to find a Library of Congress website that gives bills, resolutions and their statuses, and the congressional schedule--times noted.

So often we get stuck with "approximately", or "shortly after" the hour, etc...which makes it scintillatingly challenging to use angles, planets, degrees and such to pinpoint a correct time, and all astrologers are accustomed to doing just that esp with rectification work.

Rectifying charts to a correct birth time, for example, while fascinating, is one of the more time-consumimg facets of astrology--how much easier to have the correct time in the first place.

Why no one has given me a heads-up on the existence of this marvelous resource, I don't know, but it should make my charts more accurate as far as congressional shenigans go. Feeling pretty miffed about it, but that will pass...

So...have you met 'Thomas'? Named after Thomas Jefferson, this site has search features for bills, resolutions, for what's happening on the floor NOW--why, it's stunningly helpful for using the time-focused art of astrology. is great for when you need to know What, Who, How, and WHEN (it's the Why that remains highly questionable.)

Oh! And Bush signed the new and improved we're-draconian-so-that-you-don't-have-to-be "Homeland Security" bill today. Yippee.

It's more of America's increasing isolation and police state mentality on the way for John Q. Public as the USA's Secondary Progressed Mars Rx focuses inwardly on the Lunar-named "Homeland" for now more than ever their target is We The People.

Besides--Saturn's "Fatherland" was already taken.

Nov 21, 2005

Homeland Security Is Hatched

Homeland Security Nov 25, 2002 1:44 pm est DC (Click image to enlarge)

Considering the natal chart for the governmental increase we call, "Homeland Security"...from the cabbage patch of terror and control it has been sprung upon us.

With Pisces, sign of idealism, confusion, and possibly deception, arising, what may the nation expect from this entity?

Let's take a quick look and see what we can see...

The Sun/Moon combo is Sag/Leo, a very grandiose blend with a tendency to grab the limelight from others to hide its insecurity (that's INsecurity). You may remember that President Bush was against creating such an agency before he was for it--yet when Joseph Lieberman's legislation was nearing passage, Bush swiped the ball and ran with it--and Voila! We have HoSec, as I so fondly call it.

The word picture* for Sun Sag/Moon Leo: "At an emotionally moving ceremony, the shaman of the gypsies is given an honorary degree in herbal lore and ancient geography." Hmm-m-m...wonder who the shaman could be? Guesses, anyone? How about head honcho #1, Tom Ridge, who was marginalized in what might be described as an "honorary" position, si?)

With its birthday imminent--Nov 25--and a triple Mercury Return (due to retrogradation) in process, it's a big month or so for HoSec, and should be quite eventful.

The three dates for Mercury's Return to 9Sag51 are: Nov 10, Nov 17, and Dec 20 upcoming. This degree is conjunct the Fixed Star, Antares, keywords: "success which can be obsessive." Antares is seldom benign, and is most often connected with Mars, war, violence, and terror. Appropriate considering the trumpeting of terror and fear which HoSec stirs up whenever it deems necessary...although the "threat alert mauve/magenta/puce", etc, seems to have been discontinued due to excessive ridicule.

The Sabian Symbol for Mercury's "10Sag": "A golden-haired goddess of opportunity" =
REWARD: positive: an irresistible confidence in self and a tireless outreaching to all the wonders of an everday world.

Neg: consistent diversion of effort to worthless ends. (Oh dear...this one is proving alarmingly true. Waste and fraud, anyone? Boondoggle to boot?)

Since a triple Mercury Return usually brings much review, reconsideration, often a re-expression of information, or perhaps some paperwork deja-vu, it'll be interesting to see what communiques issue from HoSec (aka, DHS) around Dec 20, 2005 and onward into 2006.

The natal lunar phase of HoSec is Disseminating so the spreading and sharing of information is its basic nature. This also would refer, of course, to the catapulting of propaganda, which seems to be a favorite past time of our big fat government, as you've surely noticed...and the president says it's his "job."

And so at the basis/foundation of the natal chart is Saturn of control and authority fame. Perhaps it is the Geminian Saturn who is the shaman referenced above--Saturn at the foundation of the formation of Homeland Security, with control and the use/misuse of authority at its base. Perhaps Saturn is the One Who's Really in Charge--and Tom Ridge is long gone!)

(Plus, was Saturn the trigger for the mayhem of 9/11/01? More likely Venus @18Leo.)

Geminian issues concern thinking and communication, as we know, and it is also a dual sign of the light twin and of the dark. Wherever we find Gemini, we may also find duplicity, plus Gemini loves to bring the news. Archetypally it's supposed to be the Good News, but somehow that's not what we seem to hear from HoSec, is it?

Whether Saturn's transformation will end for good or ill we can not yet know for sure, but, as usual, I am wishing the best for our nation, no matter what plots may be hatched for or against us as we go forward...for go forward we surely must.


*from Sun Sign/Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey