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Dec 17, 2020

DC Horoscope: Barack Obama's Jupiter Return to DC

December 2020 Brings a Very Interesting Jupiter Return and Judicial Possibilities for Barack Obama

by Jude Cowell

Little did yours truly expect she would ever again be publishing the natal horoscope of former President Barack Obama but here you see an image of it (lower left) in dual chart formation along with his December 23, 2020 Jupiter Return (upper right):

Jupiter in Aquarius: a sense of social justice, humanitarianism, good fellowship, knowledge of human nature, democratic ethical values, distrust of Chauvinistic nationalism, respect for karmic law, indecisiveness (Ebertin; Sakoian-Acker.)

Now I don't have to tell you, dear reader, how a Joe Biden presidency 'brings along' Barack Obama in many ways and on multiple levels. With former VP Biden as former President Obama's mentor (his natal Chiron in Pisces requires mentoring for best results), it now seems to be Mr. Obama's turn to mentor President Joseph Biden! And actually, there are multiple indications in his 2020 Jupiter Return chart which I shall list, below, of the potential for an official position in the Biden administration for Barack Obama so I may as well divulge such a possibility: Attorney General. Well, I wouldn't complain, would you?

Of course, there are other possibilities ahead including unofficial advisor/mentor so naturally only time can tell. And note that a 'shadow presidency' could also be suggested especially since Mr. Obama's natal Jupiter @00AQ51 will be exactly highlighted by degree and minute at noon on Inauguration Day 2021 by the 2021 Inaugural Sun (POTUS/Oath of Office) - @00AQ51! The cosmic synchronicity can hardly be more plain. Transit Sun to natal Jupiter suggests courage and confidence, plus, the involvement of the judicial system, one of the aforementioned Attorney General potentials (or even a SCOTUS Justice nomination?) Of course, this beneficial transit was also in effect for both of Obama's own Inaugurations, and the majority of the American people (and the world!) in spite of problems, were much happier then.

Other planetary contacts are involved of course, but here are three more 'official position' factors, judicial or otherwise, that I've so far spied in Barack Obama's 2020 Jupiter Return Horoscope ('good' until his next Return in 2032) though of course you may notice others, and I hope you will!

Transit Pluto conjunct natal Saturn: work and lifestyle are completely altered; attitude adjustment required in order to accept responsibilities; abuse of authority must be confronted and corrected.

Jupiter-Uranus = Neptune: favorable prospects after loss of position; new ideas to make the world a better place. (Yes, please!)

Pluto-ASC = Sun: determination to end forms of injustice and replace harmful practices; authority which is aware (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey).

Now perhaps it's true that these planetary factors won't be enough to spur judicial or official involvement in the Biden administration for Mr. Obama but as previously noted, only time can tell!