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Dec 12, 2009

Matt Taibbi on Obama's Big Sellout to Wall Street

In a Dec 9, 2009 Rolling Stone article, Matt Taibbi details Obama's big sellout to Wall Street.

One had to figure we were being plunged deeper into doo-doo soup when newly minted president, Barack Obama, quickly surrounded himself with Clintonites of a lofty (if self-promotional) variety. Why, he simply filled his cabinet with spawn-of-robber-baron curios who bed down near their Wall Street troughs!

Exalted professors can rob you blind as well as street fighters like Bush, Cheney, and Rove can, y'know.

And as typed previously (ad nauseum for me, too) Jan 20, 2009's Inaugural in DC was but another 'peaceful' baton-passing of presidential imperatives which are agreed to beforehand by the prospective White House mouthpiece, aka presidential shill for the new world order.

No, it never leaves me:

The sense that America's natal degree of moneybags Jupiter (the archetypal professor, lawyer, banker, actor, and seeker) is @ '6 Cancer' from July 4, 1776 = "Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests"...not your threadbare nests, common worker pawn...their cushy nests.

Because they want more cushy. And they intend to get it, too.

Do you assume differently?

Well, now I know why President Obama didn't 'go to work on Wall Street after Harvard' as his fable touted loudly during the 2008 campaign...someone knew he'd be a contender for the Oval Office one day, and we-the-people had to believe that Senator Obama would be iikely to do something about greedily out-of-control, corrupt bankers.

Rock Me Gently

The 'Oval Office' borrows from ancient symbols of fertile Venusian eggery and was chosen in tandem with Astronomy, Sacred Geometry (Astrology), and the myths of the copper lady-goddess we-the-people inadvertantly worship, the Statue of Liberty, aka Columba or Columbia.

It's much like when millions of people pay homage to the Olympic Games' "eternal flame" passing by - but it's Saturday night, and you don't want to get me started on that little illuminism.

Been creating a couple of interesting Art Slideshows today - like the new Sepia Art Theater video, so check them out for a refreshing Art Break as you may!