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May 28, 2015

Who was Paid What to Fast Track TPA? video - Thom Hartmann

TPA #TPP #FastTrack #FreeTradeDeals #USCongress #ThomHartmann

Well, America's natal Jupiter (the banker; the corporatist; the politician) of 1776 is at '6 Cancer' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" and feather these pocket-liners do.

Source: America's traditional horoscope of the Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776, the date celebrated as Independence Day as recommended by the Founding Fathers, and of course you know that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson expired on the same day: July 4, 1826 with Sun conjunct goddess star, Sirius, which was probably their aim for their promoting that particular day as our nation's day of birth. So because of precession, every time we honor July 4th we are simultaneously honoring (aka, worshiping) Sirius-Isis.

Jul 2, 2013

July 22, 2013: a new Mars-Jupiter cycle begins @5Can54

Mars joins US natal Jupiter at '6Cancer' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"

by Jude Cowell

The current Mars-Jupiter cycle began with their conjunction @22Ari20 on May 1, 2013, the day President Obama announced the assassination of Osama bin Laden, former CIA asset, and said to be the mastermind behind the tragic attacks of 9/11/01.

This month, that cycle nears its end as a new cycle of activity of a Mars-Jupiter nature will soon begin and it falls upon the day of America's Jupiter Return, July 22, 2013. Therefore, this indicates a Mars-to-natal-Jupiter transit for our nation, a time when plans may be exaggerated or expanded (including military actions) and/or there may be improvement in finances, more cultural or spiritual awareness, and/or someone's social status may be lifted. An increased appreciation for comfort and luxury may also be in evidence as the motivation (Mars) toward gaining such comfort is encouraged (Jupiter.) Yes, grand actions may be taken (as on May 1, 2011) and they may be broadcast (Jupiter), too--an 'announcement of military action' may be indicated or heralded on or around July 22, 2013 thanks to the combined energies of Mars (troops; police force) and Jupiter (the General--or, Commander-in-Chief.)

Now since this is a Political Astrology blog, it may be worth noting that in Politics and Business, the combined energies of the Mars-Jupiter duo denotes potentials for:

'Action taken in response to legal judgments; advice that inflames or angers others; too much legal activity or opinions; legislative actions regarding sports; religious activities or festivals (Thesis); Antithesis: misuse of forces when engaging others; an expansion in military hardware; legal opinions which affect the military or metal industries; judgment of enemies seeking to do battle.' (paraphrasing Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey).

To paraphrase Ebertin, the Mars-Jupiter combination may include: 'fortunate decisions, love of enterprise, fortunate business dealings, capable organizers, propagandists, jurists or writers on law, legal academicians, concentration upon an objective, rebellion against rules and regulations, settlement of conflicts, managing directors of firms or companies, civil servants and government officials'. Ambition and coping ability may also be added to the Mars-Jupiter list.

A horoscope of May 1, 2011 shows some interesting midpoint pictures to consider:

Mars-Pluto = Neptune, a picture of cunning, deceit, and harm caused to others secretly; Jupiter-Pluto = Neptune: cheating, deceiving, and seducing others (into believing that bin Laden was killed by US forces?), suffering damage or loss without being aware of it; a general disappointment (Ebertin.)

Plus, the Mars-Jupiter conjunction itself was at apex of midpoint:

Sun-Uranus = Mars: hasty physical actions (the bin Laden raid?), injury, accidents; and, Sun-Uranus = Jupiter: successful reformers, inventors, or technicians.

A titanic 'generational midpoint' was also in effect on May 1, 2011 and seems to relate to the bin Laden raid, protests across the globe, and to whatever you can name including bad actions taken on Capitol Hill in 2011, a year of fiscal stalemates that continue apace:

Saturn-Uranus = Pluto: acts of violence or brutality, overcoming a difficult situation through extraordinary effort, harm through force majeure, and/or rebellion against one's lot in life.

As for the upcoming Mars-Jupiter conjunction of July 22, 2013, a few midpoint pictures apply though we may not guess how their energies will express on the physical plane--if they manifest at all:

July 22, 2013: Venus-Pluto = Saturn describes immorality or tragic relationships, plus, Venus-Pluto denotes such things as intensely passionate obsessions, wealth hidden in secret places, and/or issues concerning bankruptcy.

'Old v new' Saturn-Uranus again, but this time with an apex Moon (the public; We the People) which signifies separations (esp from females--are there any ladies left in the misogynistic Republican Party?), inconstancy, strong emotional strains and tension, and a sudden desire for liberation from said emotional strains.

Last but not least is the tiresomely ongoing picture of Neptune-NN = Pluto which describes circumstances in which various perspectives don't blend well with that of others, isolation from societal influences, and the use of destructive forces to protect privacy. (Munkasey.)

The Neptune-North Node pair relates to spies and/or terrorists, deceit toward the public, leaders who ignore the demands of the people (exs: America, Egypt), inadequate medical care or ill-adapted hospital facilities, and/or scandals caused by foreign concerns.

And of course, Pluto is a master spy and propagandist in his Cape of Invisibility so we may take the Neptune-NN-Pluto trio as denoting the current embroilment with Washington and Russia over NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and the US government's naughty spying on all our communications--even after the Bush-Cheney T.I.A (Total Information Awareness) program with its creepy Illuminati logo was alleged to be discontinued yet was only hidden away with its massive funding now listed under "classified."

But I never believed that the TIA program ended when they said it did, did you? Turns out, it didn't--check out Before PRISM There was Total Information Awareness by MSNBC's Chris Hayes.

Jul 10, 2011

US Default? America's Jupiter Makes the News!

A Sabian Symbol Makes the News: US Jupiter @ 6 Cancer: 7.10.11

by Jude Cowell

With the August 2, 2011 default deadline looming large, this morning's Meet The Press featured Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner laying out the argument once again--for Republicans, it is said. No doubt there's hope that Tea Partisans might listen in from behind the ideological door.

One long-range sort of theory that's come to the top of one barrel since Cantor nixed Boehner's Jupiter-laced 'big deal' with President Obama on the mess Washington and Wall Street got us into is a so-called "feathering in" method which I first heard mentioned this morning on The Chris Matthews Show by reporter Bob Woodward who was citing those who know about economic theory. (Watch!)

And this may be a dedicated link to today's MTP interview with Mr. Geithner in case you missed the, I mean, the program. If not, please search the site for it's something to check out if you missed it on TV (July 10, 2011.) So far, I'm not having much success playing their audio-videos except for the one with Sec. Geithner.

But Let's Talk about *Birdies

Now the "feathering in" concept may be interesting to anyone who uses the 360 Sabian Symbols available for the position on July 4, 1776 of America's Jupiter @ 5 Cancer 56. Rounding up the degree to '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests", the deeper meaning of which I leave for you to discern in these financial matters.

Yet here I shall quote and paraphrase both Dane Rudhyar and Marc Edmund Jones in their explanations for '5' and '6' Cancer since the actual degree of a planet (here, '5Can') applies as well because all flows together and each degree is a part or phase of life's evolutionary process as symbolized by the circle.

The previous degree also represents an unconscious element still of influence just as the next degree represents the next step in development. In this case, US natal Jupiter's '5Can' word picture well describes what's going on in Washington DC in the political theater to which we-the-people are being 'treated'.

(Rudhyar = DR; Jones = MEJ.)

US natal Jupiter, planet of expansion, money, largess, generosity, corporations, and any number of social archetypes such as priest, guru, shaman, banker, financier, professor, attorney, or general, has made a surreptitious "feathering in" cameo in the economic considerations and news of the day.

Both Rudhyar and Jones give the same word pictures but there are nuances within their explanations. First up is '5Can' from DR as we think of the US debt-ceiling-raise tussle (which first off should be presented as a Clean Bill, asserts this American) and a possible first-ever default on debt by the current US government - see what you think, but I'll tell you that the first one reminds me most closely of the corporate-backed Tea Partisans and GOPers in Congress about to drive America off the financial precipice for the sake of some freakish Zionist Utopian ideology from Hades.

But maybe that's just me talkin'...Buckle Up!

'5Can' = "At a Railroad Crossing, An Automobile Is Wrecked By a Train"...

"Keynote: The tragic results which are likely to occur when the individual's will pits itself carelessly against the power of the collective will of society."

This is "an early stage of the new process...all such individual and relatively anarchistic or law-defying attempts are bound to fail. The driver may live but the car will be wrecked."

Yet "--most of the time man learns his lessons through relatively destructive experiences--the via negativa of the mystic, or even the strange occult concept expounded in some sects of 'salvation through sin'. One may speak here more generally of KARMIC READJUSTMENT."

(MEJ) '5Can' = "DISPERSION...

positive expression: a special genius for a creative reorganization of all experience;

negative/**unconscious/shadow side: an insensitive recklessness."

See what I mean about '5Can'? Here's the next symbol for US natal Jupiter:

(DR) '6Can' = "Game Birds Feathering Their Nests"...

"Keynote: An instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life.

'Birds' are spiritual forces "placed within a social context...we see here the beginning of a process; action is definitely oriented toward the future. A new wave of life is starting and a concrete--and no longer symbolical--preparation is made for it. At a social level--we can speak of the pioneering efforts dedicated to the building of a new culture, new institutions."

(That seems to be what the ruling class and their backers, the power elite, have in their global-dominating minds for everyone no matter what we-the-people want for our families and our nation.)


pos: high intelligence and skill in enlisting the potentials of experience for the service of self;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: unnecessary concern over everyday security.

"Unnecessary concern"? On one level I can say that since we couldn't trust the operatives of Washington DC in 2008 after they'd spent years aiding and abetting Wall Street criminality, then rrrushed back to DC to 'save the economy'--so how easy is it to trust them and the dramatic script they present to us now?

Nothing in Politics is an accident!

Check out the Rudhyar Audio Archives and perhaps the natal horoscope of Marc Edmund Jones, as you wish.


*Interesting that the symbol for US natal Pluto (27Cap33 Rx), '28Cap' = "A Large Aviary." You may agree with me that the plutonian death star 'The Pentagon' as Aviary certainly shows great skill learned through the decades in order to keep its cushy nest well-feathered for all its many little birdies. So let's recount for 2011: America now has a transnational-corporation-backed Supreme Court and a military industrial complex on steroids and drunk on its own misguided power while millions of American people are wandering Main Street searching for a job of most any description. (A cynical recruitment scheme for the US military?)

Then it's no wonder the global banking syndicate with its usury interest rates and many underworld tactics have the world's populations 'over barrels' and trapped within a financial system which now, 'they say', needs "feathering in" ("-the pain," Woodward said at one point) in order to fini their big ruse, thereby successfully completing the Greatest Heist The World Has Ever Known in preparation for Bacon's tiresome Great Plan for America.

Yes, dark forces are at work and we've seen what they produce, now and in the past. Please, lone reader - don't succumb to the hypnotic effect of destruction as if before you a king cobra is poised to strike! Though a threatening cobra does make for great political theater, doesn't it? jc

**As usual, yours truly is the very varmint who sassily adds 'unconscious/shadow side' to Dr. Jones' analyses of the negative expression of each degree. His work doesn't need the addition but mine does. jc

Jan 28, 2010

Like Day from Night: Poverty vs Politics in Washington DC

Sadly, the following Day/Night conditions affect nearly every city and town in America now that the fascist state is better established and ensconced in the US than ever before:

Twice years ago I resided a while in the midst of a beautiful city that has a large bit of history dogging its steps -- Washington, the jewel of the District of Columbia. Or more like the bellybutton that holds the jewel, that fount of enrichment that our 'Game birds Feathering Their Nests" politicians *constantly repair to for sustenance and succor. (And silken trappings.)

These days I suspect that there remain more than two levels of lifestyles in DC but only two are portrayed in an article about Washington's sociological unmasking when the sun sets in a Day vs Night theme. The premise of the article works because it is uncomfortably true.

In Georgetown of the 1970s, I saw my first bag lady and had not thought there could be such a woman in that condition in the US. Being a 19-year old and from a more southern region of the country where ladies were still often called 'm'am', it never occurred to me that women - or children - would be left to fend for themselves on the cold streets. Yet there she was, all her belongings fitted somehow into two enormously stuffed shopping bags, a kerchief snugged over her wild hair, a forlorn yet defiant expression on her face.

Greedy vs Needy goes on and on...

Anyway, I recommend the article to you for it captures the underbelly conditions that can result from a perfect storm of bad legislation, purposefully bad legislation, programs that do the opposite of what their cynical titles assert, "unintended consequences" of bad decisions, city resources pilfered and diverted from the people...the list of infamy goes on.

Politics by Day - Poverty by Night shows a snapshot of a suffering city whose Day's veneer at sunrise swallows the starkness of its disenfranchised Night with a cruel smirk of righteousness that chills to the bone.


*My reference is to the Sabian Symbol for America's natal Jupiter from wa-a-y back in 1776: '6 Cancer' = "Game birds Feathering Their Nests"; now we say that Jupiter = the Republican Party and its members in Mundane charts yet party platforms and players change through the years. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar but a liberal isn't a flip-flopper. Nor is a GOPer a not-my-brother's-keeper type but a...oh wait. They are that type. These days. Sorry. The 'magic Christian' dust had me fooled for a second there.

Anyway, America's natal Jupiter @ '6Can' represents Jupiterians during the 1770s and later, but certainly signifies those who were on the scene and in the mix on July 4, 1776. Jupiter represents the banking class, too, as you know, plus religious leaders, professors, and gurus and sages of all persuasions.

Yes, the usual factors that 'come along with' our nation's natal Jupiter's condition (sign, house, rulerships, aspects, etc) are of influence still (because a natal chart = the character) yet, it's difficult to ignore how Capitol Hill, its environs of law firms and lobbyists, and the national and international banking institutions and other corporate entities (in which I include monarchies) who 'donate to' US politicians have wrested most of the control of the US government away from the American people. Not that the 1776 ideal has ever been perfectly realized but these crooks and wastrels have taken America far far away from her ideals, her basic self-esteem, and ability to protect national sovereignty.

And that's one of the more basic things I have against the recent 'Dred Scott Moment' that the US SCOTUS whacked us with last week, an activist move which will open the front door to foreign interests to meddle in our election processes more freely even than we have long meddled in theirs.

Rob Our Treasury, Buy Our Senators (but we must give a No Money Back Guarantee on the politicians - keep 'em, they're yours..."Them's your pigs" - Rip Torn; just take them with you, No Refunds, don't say we didn't warn you of their turdiness)...

Now here in the South we have a tradition, a saying, really: "Y'all Come!" meaning we'll miss you when you're gone, so please come back when you may. Yes, we are polite down here (and I was surprised to find the DC of my day to be much more of a southern city than I had previously suspected; yet a swamp with a fancy city built upon it will always remain a swamp underneath...and Scorpio holds sway in DC.)

So with the recent SCOTUS invitation extended to more fatcat internationals than we can shake a stick at, will it be part of President Obama's duties to stand at the White House front door, issuing "Y'all Come" homilies to meddlers and foreign agents who have long tired of sneaking in and out of the White House back door?

If so, then it's going to be up to the collective 'we' ~ not 'wii' ~ to take back the mike from Kanye and tell them how things are gonna be, for we have the right to determine our own futures without their chaos-creating events designed and implemented to keep us off-keel and weakened.

Might this much-needed mike-snatch be an imperative of the current Cardinal T-Square (2010 - 2014) with its Saturn/Uranus opposition at the pattern's base, and both Saturn and Uranus squaring Pluto as they did in 1875...but in different signs?

(1875 - Saturn AQ/Uranus Leo = Pluto Taurus; now it will be Saturn Libra/Uranus Aries = Pluto Capricorn, sign of government, business, and law; authority, control, and cold-hearted ambition.)

Now there's another way I've been considering the Cardinal T-SQ and perhaps you have been, too. It requires speaking of the planets as 'actors' in a mystery play (life) so the script is determined in large degree by the planetary aspects involved since aspects describe the relationships and energy circuits between them.

Saturn and Uranus (old vs new, tradition vs progress, rules vs freedom) are now 'applying' to Pluto, the puppet master/s of the Universe, and somehow he feels blocked by obstacles caused by adherents in both the 'tradition' and 'progress' camps. The tension within the relationships between the three actors is, of course, more complex than if it were only one actor applying to Pluto at one time.

As it is, a pattern is formed, a T-Square, which awaits a trigger or stimulus to reach the empty point - in Cancer opposite Pluto. Plus, a natal or progressed planet may fill this requirement in a longer-term manner; then the T-SQ 'occurs; to the natal or progressed planet as a transiting configuration.

Ex: The Cardinal T-SQ falls hard on American noggins with our natal Venus (values; money; relationships, etc) filling that empty spot - Pluto opposes our national Venus...and a Grand Cross is thus created with inequalities keenly felt.

Pluto-opposite-Venus is a time when present circumstances adversely affect material conditions, joint ventures, and relationships, so if you have a mo, see what pops out at you from the Events of 1875 list, facets of events or issues which might possibly re-run or re-surface in 2010 and beyond in the Sat-Ura-Plu departments of life. This comparison may supply a hint of shades to come while the Universe is giving us another chance to manage these difficult yet dynamic energies more consciously and maturely - a feat which precludes allowing ourselves to be duped by cynical 'leaders' who manipulate the masses based on a plutonian, draconian ideal of utopian one-world control.

Dec 12, 2009

Matt Taibbi on Obama's Big Sellout to Wall Street

In a Dec 9, 2009 Rolling Stone article, Matt Taibbi details Obama's big sellout to Wall Street.

One had to figure we were being plunged deeper into doo-doo soup when newly minted president, Barack Obama, quickly surrounded himself with Clintonites of a lofty (if self-promotional) variety. Why, he simply filled his cabinet with spawn-of-robber-baron curios who bed down near their Wall Street troughs!

Exalted professors can rob you blind as well as street fighters like Bush, Cheney, and Rove can, y'know.

And as typed previously (ad nauseum for me, too) Jan 20, 2009's Inaugural in DC was but another 'peaceful' baton-passing of presidential imperatives which are agreed to beforehand by the prospective White House mouthpiece, aka presidential shill for the new world order.

No, it never leaves me:

The sense that America's natal degree of moneybags Jupiter (the archetypal professor, lawyer, banker, actor, and seeker) is @ '6 Cancer' from July 4, 1776 = "Gamebirds Feathering Their Nests"...not your threadbare nests, common worker pawn...their cushy nests.

Because they want more cushy. And they intend to get it, too.

Do you assume differently?

Well, now I know why President Obama didn't 'go to work on Wall Street after Harvard' as his fable touted loudly during the 2008 campaign...someone knew he'd be a contender for the Oval Office one day, and we-the-people had to believe that Senator Obama would be iikely to do something about greedily out-of-control, corrupt bankers.

Rock Me Gently

The 'Oval Office' borrows from ancient symbols of fertile Venusian eggery and was chosen in tandem with Astronomy, Sacred Geometry (Astrology), and the myths of the copper lady-goddess we-the-people inadvertantly worship, the Statue of Liberty, aka Columba or Columbia.

It's much like when millions of people pay homage to the Olympic Games' "eternal flame" passing by - but it's Saturday night, and you don't want to get me started on that little illuminism.

Been creating a couple of interesting Art Slideshows today - like the new Sepia Art Theater video, so check them out for a refreshing Art Break as you may!

Feb 7, 2008

Shuttle Atlantis launches 2.7.08 2:45 pm est

After 2 months of delay, the shuttle Atlantis has been launched today from Cape Canaveral, FL at 2:45 pm est as scheduled.

With deception and espionage smeared all over the chart of this long-awaited mission--ostensibly to take Europe's science lab, Columbus, to join the Internatioanl Space Station (a surveillance command satellite if there ever was one) today's launch may be considered a jolly accomplishment by some, another link in the spying chain to others.

Asteroid Icarus 5AQ54 is conj US natal South Node which is at "Medina" degree and if you're a consiracy theorist as myself, you'll recognize the degree as Islam's Neptune Return on 9/11/01. This was Neptune's position when Mohammed entered Medina, thus the name of the 6-7 AQ degree area. Icarus has unfortunate connections with assassination but let's not go there.

With Mercury (air flight) being Rx and conj Chiron 16AQ00, there may be disrupted communications at the least, and I hope that's their only trouble, difficult as that would be for such a flight...launched within hours after a Solar Eclipse.

Suffice it to say, there is much Neptunian action in this chart...secretive Neptune of subterfuge and veils, plus, there's Pluto of the invisible helmet--spying and sabotage are his specialities. Pluto is still on the World Point of 00Cap22.

Neptune 21AQ26 is conj three midpoints which give these pictures (Tyl; Ebertin):

Sun/Moon = Neptune: deceptions; illusions; the undermining of associations.

Moon/Mercury = Neptune: falsehood; exposure to lies and calumny; wrong notions and whims.

Mercury/NN = Neptune: an interrupted contact; confusion about how to fit into the group.

Now I don't wish difficulty upon such projects (overly ambitious as they may be) yet I admit to not believing that they're only what they are purported to be. Honorable science experiments? Pshaw.

Now there is one lovely midpoint pic which may indicate a safe mission--

Jupiter/Mc = Mercury: large scale projects and ventures; a wealth of thoughts; far reaching thoughts; successful plans. (A direct Mercury would be more helpful here.)

At 2:45 pm est, asteroid Pallas (keyword: strategy) crossed the top of the chart, the Midheaven (Mc)--the Goal/Aspiration Point of the launch. Opposite at the Ic at that moment (Ic = the Foundation or Basis of the matter) lurks America's natal Neptune. Idealistic Neptune more often brings dissolution, confusion, insecurity--and veiling.

Asteroid Atlantis is at a critical 29th degree: 29Libra31 in 5th house of risk-taking. Well, space travel of any sort is just that, isn't it?

Uranus 16Pis59 is connected to space travel, science, and technology, and has just crossed Mc near Fixed Star, Ahernar, "risk of rapid endings" yet Achernar may also bring success. We've recently seen Uranus' disruptive ability with internet cables cut under the sea (Pisces) and I'd been wondering for some time where that would occur...more of that disruption may be forthcoming.

At 2:45 pm, 5Can54 is rising along with US natal Jupiter at the "6Can" degree--"Gamebirds feathering their nests."

Wish my intuition said otherwise, but the International Space Station is overhead to pluck out the feathers of the masses for lining those royal nests--and for reporting back to our Orwellian controllers with state-of-the-art spy technology.

Chart-ruler Moon 26AQ38 makes an applying conj to tr North Node--today is the US' Moon Return--with tr NN about to conjunct natal Moon. There will probably be quite a bit of publicity about this mission...but not in a negative way, I hope.

Today's Ceres ("security" in a national chart) is at 14Tau34, the degree of the Inaugural ASC each Jan 20, DC, noon = the office of the president.

The next and only other applying aspect made by today's launch Moon is a helpful and enabling sextile to...sneaky Pluto. See what I mean?

Mar 31, 2007

when killers speak of killers

"The best way to protect this country is to defeat the enemy overseas so we don't have to face them here at home. And for the long-term peace and security of this country, we must advance an ideology that stands in stark contrast to the ideology of the killers. The best way to secure this homeland is to stay on the offense, and in the meantime, encourage the spread of liberty as an alternative to tyranny."

George W. Bush--using same old tired rhetoric with no apparent recognition of the hypocrisy of his sentiments. Guess takes one to know one has seldom been so obviously shown to so many on behalf of so few.

Bush's catapultin' rolls on. Do you accept killing as a "viable" solution to the world's problems? I don't.

Is there a nation on the planet who longs for the same (sham) liberty the Bush-Cheney team has brought to Iraq?

Only their brother dictators could for their own self-serving reasons and for help in controlling their own unwashed masses...their dream? to be part of the world-domination league, the biggest crime syndicate the world has ever known.

The Roman Empire is considered a close second, I suppose, but greedy globalists are taking the world cake.

Now as a US citizen and Child of the Revolution with a dash of noble Cherokee blood, I love America for many reasons--rephrasing...I love the ideal of America which has been espoused since her inception about the time the Angel Gabriel is said to have given George Washington America's natal chart for July 4, 1776 (Sibly's imaginative version of how it happened--even though the signing of the D of I continued past July, some say.)

But it's tres difficult to be proud of my government these days assuming I ever could, so I may as well remind myself of the Sabian Symbol for our nation's natal Jupiter 5Can+:

"6 Cancer": "Game birds feathering their nests"...METICULOUSNESS:

"This is a symbol of the unlimited degree to which the spirit of man may develop and preserve its initiative by utilizing the natural course of things in the world at large, and of the satisfaction anyone may know through his conscious participation in a group destiny. Individuality flourishes whenever it is able to establish its personal rights over some desirable segment of reality, and thereupon justify its own being by fulfilling the expectation of others.

pos: high intelligence for the service of self;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: unnecessary concern over everyday security." (Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.)#

It's our concern for security that's undermining us and liberty taking the hindmost.

But if you prefer "5Can" for our national Jupiter you get: "An automobile wrecked by a train"...DISPERSION:

pos: a special genius for a creative reorganization of all experience;

neg: an insensitive recklessness."

Either way, the gamebirds have themselves well-covered while shoving the rest of us into chaos and despair. Just as they envisioned...the war in Iraq is going so well, says top gamebird Dick Cheney.

By their fruits you shall know them.