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Jul 31, 2021

Blue California in Peril with Newsom Recall Election

California Governor Gavin Newsom; 2020; {public domain image}

Saturday July 31, 2021: Here on Stars Over Washingtion the primary focus has always been on national politics, issues, and conditions (hence, "Washington" itself as the symbol for America herself) but today, thanks to Jon Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer of Pod Save America current political conditions in the state in California such as the Governor Newsom recall election is due attention.

As Favreau and Pfeiffer ably point out, it doesn't matter whether Califonia voters 'like' Governor Gavin Newsom or Senator Dianne Feinstein, what matters is the peril a Republican authoritarian take-over of the state would bring to its inhabitants. Besides, a recall election is expensive (wasteful!) especially considering that Governor Newsom, if voters prefer, can be voted out of office in 2022! So speaking for myself, the rabid determination of California Republicans to rid themselves forthwith of Gavin Newsom from the governor's office makes me wonder if they harbor doubts about their own election-rigging prowess in blue California! Yet as always the case with any election, the question is one of voter turn out so hopefully California Democrats will get off their duffs and vote to keep their state out of the grasp of the GOP.

Just know that SO'W is cheering for you California!

Meanwhile, other topics informatively discussed in the Pod episode linked above include the powerful testimony to the January 6th Select Committee by Capitol police officers and Republicans' reactions to it, plus, special elections in Texas and Ohio.

Now in case a dear reader should hanker to view certain natal horoscopes, here are links to the astrology charts of Dianne Feinstein (RR: AA; Sun Cancer-Moon Gemini) and Gavin Newsom (RR: AA; Sun Libra-Moon Capricorn); plus, Pod host and former Obama speech writer Jon Favreau (RR: AA; Sun Gemini-Moon Gemini along with 1981's deep thinking Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction). Finding no timed natal chart for host Dan Pfeiffer, his Wikipedia page states Dan's birth date and place as December 24, 1975 in Wilmington, Delaware which gives Dan an Earthy, practical Sun Capricorn-Moon Virgo personality blend and a Saturn-Uranus square from Leo to Scorpio which, if harnassed as such, works well for progressive social and political issues.

Recent and archived podcasts are available at Pod Save America #ad.

Jul 29, 2015

For my Republican Friends: Thomas Jefferson on Religion and Conscience - and John Kasich

Perhaps you'll join me in my current mood for considering a revealing quote from Thomas Jefferson on the topic of religion which Republican politicians seem to compulsively use for burnishing their political status among Evangelicals and other Americans of a religious persuasion (conservative or liberal) who may be tempted to vote in November 2016 for intolerant, austerity-promoting, materialistic politicians whose policies and campaign promises ignore the question of conscience while turning cold shoulders against the Scriptural admonitions to care for the least of these and to be our brother's keeper:

"I have ever thought religion a concern purely between our God and our consciences, for which we were accountable to him and not to the priests. I never told my own religion, nor scrutinized that of another. I never attempted to make a convert, nor wished to change another's creed. I have ever judged of the religion of others by their lives...For it is in our lives, and not from our words, that our religion must be read."

(Excerpt from Thomas Jefferson's 1816 letter to Mrs. Samuel H. Smith)

By their fruits you shall know them. Including the rotten ones.

Yet there is one Republican 2016 candidate speaking and acting via the "compassionate conservative" model of conservatism, Governor John Kasich (R-OH) whose state of Ohio is doing better than the rest:

Sounds like Governor Kasich follows his own conscience more often than his party hierarchy's ideology. Hmm. If that's the case, good on him. And good for the people of Ohio.

Previously on SO'W: Personality Blends of Franklin, Washington, Paine, and Jefferson.

July 29, 2015 Blog Note: I have just now received my first notice from Blogger (Google) concerning European rules about cookies that are placed from this website. Third party code may interfere with the notice Blogger has placed on behalf of European readers, I am told, and it is my responsibility to make certain all is done properly to suit Europe though yours truly is no techie. Therefore, I have much research to do on this topic and will attempt to find precious time to figure out if SO'W is in compliance with EU Internet standards which now override US laws on such an issue. jc