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Dec 8, 2016

Meet the Republican Elector Who Is Refusing to Vote for Trump - interview

When the Electoral College meets December 19, 2016 to decide whether (the unqualified) Mr. Trump is a demagogue and thus unfit to be US president, there is the possibility that 'faithless electors' may intervene and refuse to vote Trump which is precisely why Alexander Hamilton championed the Electoral College method--to deny demagogues the presidency in times when a gullible public is swayed.

Here Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, interviews Christopher Suprun of Texas who penned an op-ed in The New York Times on Monday describing his reasons for turning into a 'Hamilton Elector':

For a few astrological influences on December 19th which will affect the natal planets of Donald Trump, check out the day's Cosmic Conditions, a post for which I have had some Republican push back. Yes, 37 electors changing their votes and refusing Mr. Trump is a long shot but that's all it would take!

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Why the Electoral College?

Brief astrology notes on John Kasich, mentioned in the Suprun interview as a potential write-in candidate on December 19th.

Apr 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton: the Choice of Venus in this Year of the Outsider?

Is Hillary Clinton Outsider Enough to Satisfy Election 2016 Venus in Sagittarius?

by Jude Cowell

Sagittarius is the sign of the outsider or the foreigner and last year, when I posted to SO'W the article on the Venus Cycle and its influence on the upcoming US presidential election of November 8, 2016, it was early days and the field of 2016 candidates had not yet narrowed to Hillary, Bernie, Donald, Ted, and John. At that time, a brokered (or, open) convention had not been mentioned with its allure of a Republican nominee appearing from 'outside' the current field of wanna-bes. Perhaps in July a nominee from who-knows-where can still appear at the RNC (from outside the campaign) but apparently it will not be GOP favorite, Speaker Paul Ryan.

Now May 2016 is almost upon us and the Republican establishment is said to be coming around to the acceptance of wild card circus barker Donald Trump as their nominee for president, outsider as he is said to be. Hillary Clinton seems a shoe-in for the Democrats so I'm wondering: is she enough of an outsider to satisfy Venus and thus be the next resident of the Oval Office (the Venusian egg-shaped power base in the White House). My thought is that Hillary may be enough of an outsider due to her status as a female--and perhaps lady Venus will be satisfied with a president who isn't a traditional member of the good ole boys' network even though Hillary's decades as a political animal identifies her to most people as being as 'establishment' as anyone. But if she's indicted...well, Bernie can still step in and I suspect that his political status as a Democratic Socialist, not a Democrat, may qualify him as an outsider.

(Yes, I know Trump is seemingly more of an outsider but we're talking Hillary here.)

So if you'd like to consider more on Hillary's status, see Hardball's Chris Matthews discussing how Clinton Survives in the Year of the Outsider.

"The Year of the Outsider"! Such an appropriate description of America's 4-year election cycle and the influence of planet Venus upon who wins the day!


Here's an astro-peek at the horoscope of Inauguration 2017 set for January 20, 2017 noon ET Capitol Building, Washington DC.

Blog Note: if you wish, scroll to the Search box and type in any of the candidates' names (including Ted Cruz's VP running mate Carly Fiorina) and you'll find a list of posts concerning the 2016 candidates, many of them astrologically inclined. jc

Apr 5, 2016

Astrology of 2016 Republican Candidate John Kasich

If you're curious, here is a bio of John Kasich which you may find to be quite mild. And without a known birth time for the former US Representative (1983--2001) and current Governor of Ohio (since 2011), we must depend on a somewhat out-of-focus reading of his natal planets since an accurate birth hour would helpfully time the Ascendant and other house cusps if we knew it. The natal info below is based upon a horoscope set for noon on May 13, 1952 (age 63) in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. Angles are not considered:

Governor Kasich was born under a 22-degree + Taurus Sun with the Moon in Capricorn for the entire 24-hours of May 13, 1952. This personality blend gives him a double-Earth nature of practicality and common sense. No, there are not a lot of frills here, but there is a traditionalist willing to take on responsibility--one who relies on logic and realism, and possesses a paternalistic authoritarian mindset. (You know, like old men who want to dictate how a woman makes health decisions for her own body? see the Thom Hartmann clip, below, where he mentions Kasich's recently stated view on punishment for abortion.) My thought is that John Kasich campaigns on being his own man (as a conservative Republican) so from this I gather that his paternalistic keep-women-down nature fits perfectly with the misogynist GOP agenda--their attempt to take America back to the pre-1850s. (Or with theocrat Reconstructionist Ted Cruz, back to the laws of ancient Israel.)

And with John Kasich's Sun Taurus-Moon Capricorn personality, we know that ambition and striving for possessions, power, and control are foremost for him and yes, this is a good blend to have if you're a politician. Many people tend to place their confidence in such a dependable Taurus-Capricorn fellow and this one has a strong inner sense of confidence and integrity. Shrewd in business dealings, Gov. Kasich as a critic can be severe and completely honest in his assessments and he commands respect from others. Not one to forget when he's been wronged or slighted, he can also be kind and affectionate in private and when feeling secure though Taurus always adds a streak of pig-headedness to most any personality.

Mercury, Planet of Thinking, Planning, and Communicating

John Kasich's Mercury in late Aries widely opposes his Mars Rx in early Scorpio (7A27) and hints at a brusque manner and way of speaking to the point. This pair of planets relates quite often to Politics and shows an alert mind and good intellectual capacity. With maturity he has learned to avoid arguing whenever possible and perhaps the art of compromise has somehow been absorbed. One must wonder if he should become the denizen of the Oval Office how much compromise he'll feel is appropriate with his opponents. This opposition may cause him to draw conclusions too readily before hearing or knowing all the facts. Plus, Mercury is also in an out-of-sign conjunction (4A51) with expansive Jupiter in Venus-ruled Taurus which denotes far-reaching plans, a talent for communications, and a deep thirst for knowledge (which probably aids him with his Mercury-Mars opposition's tendency to jump to conclusions--he's something of a know-it-all.)

So does any of this Astrology portend Governor Kasich to be the victor of the November 8, 2016 Presidential Election? No. It doesn't. Actually, we're talking personality traits. Yet perhaps more importantly, I see no close links from his planets to US natal Moon in Aquarius (We the People) which may be one reason he's had difficulty gaining approval with the general public. Yet when folks listen closely to his message, they tend to be impressed (Mercury sextile North Node--2S25).

Of course, if we knew Kasich's accurate time of birth we might find US Moon on an Angle of his chart which could boost his presidential aspirations yet with his long career in government I don't think he sounds much like the outsider that Venus portends in November, do you?

April 5, 2016 Thom Hartmann reports:


Related: Astrotheme has posted an untimed version of the natal horoscope of John Kasich if you're interested in checking it out.

Dec 13, 2015

Horoscope: RNC 2016 Full Moon 27Cap40

A Brief Peek at RNC 2016 Through an Astrological Lens

by Jude Cowell

Assuming that the Republican National Convention of 2016 is held as planned from July 18--21 in Cleveland, Ohio, here is the horoscope of the Full Moon that will perfect on July 19 at 6:56:32 pm EDT in that city, during that political convention and noting that Full Moons can affect events in unexpected ways as significantly as 'wild card' eclipses:

As you see the Hour is Mercurial and chart-ruler Jupiter @19Vir57 is in his own 9th house of Ideology, Philosophy, and Foreign Affairs but makes no major applying aspects to other planets--unless you wish to count an opposition to Chiron @25Pis01 Rx in the 3rd house of Communications. Chiron in Pisces represents mentors and gurus so perhaps this is significant considering how bought off most politicians are. And expansive Jupiter is a quite corporatist himself (as as Republicans) and can signify several other roles in society such as politician, banker, religious leader, broadcaster, and/or The General.

And when in Mercury-ruled Virgo, Jupiter is an excessively ambitious organizer who doesn't mind using superficial criticism to get his point across. He can possess moral values and follow ethics but materialism may take the lead. This Jupiter is no longer the lead planet in a Locomotive pattern of the high-powered executive, by the way, for this chart has the shape of a Seesaw indicating a weighing of pros vs cons approach of constant conflict which supports the possibility recently touted that the Republican Party may end up with a brokered convention (first time since 1976); (edit: it didn't). Reporters are giddy over the prospect as I type (12.13.16) and this is said to be due guessed it...the popularity of Donald Trump, the guy the power elite would like to jettison from consideration, thank you very much. At least, that's the line being sold by pundits these days. Of course, Mr. Trump may not be a political candidate by July 2016 so don't fuss at me if his candidacy is moot by then! (edit: he wasn't moot and was selected to play president in order to undermine the institution and milk the cash cow dry).

So if we look at the chart (enlarge to read my notes if you wish) we find planetary patterns of interest. In turquoise (or aqua) I have marked a KITE pattern which includes the Moon and Sun, activist Mars @25Sco39 in 11th house of Groups, and Chiron already noted in 3rd house. KITEs suggest success ('high-flying') yet for that Chiron might be better replaced by a planet (you'll want to refer to other astrologers who have more recent info on Chiron, the Wounded Healer, than what I have.) All I can say is that a mentor or mentors (edit: or a Russian leader?) are aiding the GOP with their high-flying White House ambitions, financially and otherwise. Successful teamwork is denoted by Mars (ASC-MC = Mars) and of course, there's the culminating Full Moon @27Cap40 conjunct US natal Pluto (27Cap33 Rx) denoting fulfillment but also endings of relationships (see chart for themes of the PE in the 18 South Saros Series.) I usually take Pluto to represent hidden manipulators and puppet masters of the secret society persuasion but natal Pluto at can on one level, also stand for the Pentagon ('28Cap' = "A Large Aviary"). With US natal Uranus and Mars in the 6th house of Military and Police Service, a Pentagon influence on the nomination seems even more likely.

Another prominent planetary pattern (highlighted in orange) is a Cardinal Grand Cross--but only if we allow the Midheaven (MC) as the 4th point. In a case like a political convention I prefer to use the MC as the outlet for expression of the energies of the Full Moon which squares Uranus at IC and listed on the chart you see my paraphrase of Ebertin's description of Uranus in Aries: rebels, zealots, anarchists, Utopians which I have taken to mean (since 2010--transit Uranus to Aries Point = US natal IC) the tea party contrarians and anti-government shutdown artists who have infiltrated the US Congress such as the hammy Mr. Cruz. Of course, Mr. Trump may be part of the anarchy, too, given the way he has so far shaken things up--but this is significant only if he's still in the game by convention time.

So as you can tell, I'm reading the Full Moon horoscope as a representative of Republican National Convention 2016--can you blame me? The Democrats don't get a Full Moon for their 2016 convention (July 25- 28, Philadelphia, PA), only a 4th quarter Moon, the 'crisis in consciousness' phase. We'll have to discuss more about the DNC 2016 later on but for now, why not marvel at the GOP Full Moon conjunct US natal Pluto which is perhaps a signal for terrorist events that Republicans will tactically propagandize across their echo chambers in an attempt to frighten US voters into putting alleged safety over best interests by voting Republican in spite of the anti-government ideals they represent. In Campaign 2016 the Rs can't divulge what policies they really have in mind or no American would vote for them--ever!

Actually, the terror-touting has already begun since the Paris and San Bernadino attacks of 2015 and the tactic (which got them elected before) is paying off for the GOP in higher poll numbers if you can believe mainstream media reporting. I don't. But you can if you really want to. This is 'free' America after all.

UPDATE Jan 26, 2016: Trump, Cruz, Kasich

Well, Mr. Trump not only remains in the race, he continues to lead in various polls. Now it's Senator Ted Cruz that establishment Republicans are anxious to jettison--he, whom everyone dislikes, the flame thrower who'd like to burn Washington DC down to the ground and start over according to know-it-all Senator Green Eggs' theocratic specifications. It's tricky because both Trump and Cruz are pied pipers with plenty of supporters in the audience if not in the voting booth. But soon (Feb 1) the first primary will separate Republican candidates into plausible and implausible on a day that the Moon goes void-of-course at 7:35 pm (est) so the name of the victor will be 'baked into the cake', as political pundits like to say, before all the ballots are counted (which may take all night). Yes, Trump has an edge yet John Kasich is looking stronger as an establishment candidate and town hall audience pleaser. Can Kasich go national? His Sun Taurus-Moon Capricorn has the pragmatism and practicality needed to run corporate America but perhaps a lack of a connection to US natal Moon in Aquarius is missing unless we count his Pluto @19Leo opposing visionary Aquarius.

Still, it's curious that Kasich announced his nomination bid on July 21, 2015 with Mercury, planet of announcements, messages, plans, and deals, @26Cancer...conjunct US natal Mercury Rx, and his natal Uranus @11Cancer falls within the midst of America's Venus-Jupiter-Sun line-up. It will surprise me if these links are enough to pull off a victory for John Kasich unless the power elite who select our presidents decide he's their best bet for following the global government script.

From Wikipedia: John Kasich born May 13, 1952 McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. His birth hour seems to be unknown ('noon' Moon @15Cap30).

Jul 29, 2015

For my Republican Friends: Thomas Jefferson on Religion and Conscience - and John Kasich

Perhaps you'll join me in my current mood for considering a revealing quote from Thomas Jefferson on the topic of religion which Republican politicians seem to compulsively use for burnishing their political status among Evangelicals and other Americans of a religious persuasion (conservative or liberal) who may be tempted to vote in November 2016 for intolerant, austerity-promoting, materialistic politicians whose policies and campaign promises ignore the question of conscience while turning cold shoulders against the Scriptural admonitions to care for the least of these and to be our brother's keeper:

"I have ever thought religion a concern purely between our God and our consciences, for which we were accountable to him and not to the priests. I never told my own religion, nor scrutinized that of another. I never attempted to make a convert, nor wished to change another's creed. I have ever judged of the religion of others by their lives...For it is in our lives, and not from our words, that our religion must be read."

(Excerpt from Thomas Jefferson's 1816 letter to Mrs. Samuel H. Smith)

By their fruits you shall know them. Including the rotten ones.

Yet there is one Republican 2016 candidate speaking and acting via the "compassionate conservative" model of conservatism, Governor John Kasich (R-OH) whose state of Ohio is doing better than the rest:

Sounds like Governor Kasich follows his own conscience more often than his party hierarchy's ideology. Hmm. If that's the case, good on him. And good for the people of Ohio.

Previously on SO'W: Personality Blends of Franklin, Washington, Paine, and Jefferson.

July 29, 2015 Blog Note: I have just now received my first notice from Blogger (Google) concerning European rules about cookies that are placed from this website. Third party code may interfere with the notice Blogger has placed on behalf of European readers, I am told, and it is my responsibility to make certain all is done properly to suit Europe though yours truly is no techie. Therefore, I have much research to do on this topic and will attempt to find precious time to figure out if SO'W is in compliance with EU Internet standards which now override US laws on such an issue. jc