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Sep 23, 2015

A 2015 Government Shutdown to Blame on Republicans?

As a 2015 Shutdown Looms, Bitter Memories of 2013 Linger

With another political stunt by scorched-earth Republicans on the horizon, Capitol Hill's irresponsible Government Shutdown of 2013 holds bitter memories for many Americans including those engaged in business start-ups, as Jeremy Quittner details. And check out today's HuffPost coverage here including political gamesmanship information.

In 2013, the political-jacka*s shutdown of the US government was allegedly perpetrated over Obamacare and predictably ended in failure for Republicans who took the majority if not all of the blame for wasting money, causing hardship for certain government departments, loss and disruption for the civil servants who work for paychecks, and 'governing' in breach of the public trust and contract. Some have called it treason and obviously, We the People cannot trust the anarchistic zealots and usurpers not to pull the same undermining stunt again, perhaps around the end of September when the fiscal budget expires and Congress is traditionally required do one of its jobs and fund government operations. However, their stupidity may peak in October whether a cyclical Shemitah is in force or not.

So in spite of the usual misdirected energy of certain politicians (with ulterior motives of shrinking the US government so it can be dispensed with and replaced in their beastly image), it is my understanding that there is already a law on the books that government funds (taxpayer money, one assumes) cannot be used to support abortions at Planned Parenthood facilities if that's genuinely their worry. In that case, what's the point of a government shutdown over funding an organization that provides women with health screenings and other necessary medical exams and counseling? And with an astounding amount of cognitive dissonance, the GOP insists they fight no 'War On Women' but how can women agree with such obvious hypocrisy? Apparently they think Americans are even stupider than they are and women stupider still!

Okay, this woman will hush for now but here's a recent post with informative videos (one from Ed Schultz) concerning the chances of a 2015 shutdown and the misbegotten shutdown of 2013 but you'll have to supply your own green eggs and ham.