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Feb 12, 2010

The Olympic Games, 9/11, and the Illuminati Flame

Everyone knows without researching that 'eternal flames' burn on JFK's and Princess Diana's graves, and on others. Their obvious connection to the Olympic torch may not be as well known to many but they should be if we ever hope to see things as they really are.

So when transiting Saturn conjoined America's natal Neptune 22Vir25 (and President Obama's natal Mars simultaneously) in late August 2009, the 'grim face of reality' transit (Saturn = realism and a drench of cold water, Neptune = illusion, deceptions, and dreams) made this an imperative for the American people to deal with, and for some it seems to have aided in tossing off the rose-colored glasses that most folk tend to wear so happily.

Yet others still can't or won't 'see' what the Illuminati has been illuminating for centuries...their control and manipulation from behind the curtain of illusion as they take action when a sudden change of direction is thought to be necessary for furthering their agenda of domination.

A political assassination tends to have that effect and I doubt anyone can deny it.

Tonight with the Vancouver Olympic Games underway (and right off the bat - the death of a luger - perhaps a tragic accident), the Olympic Eternal Flame
(so often protested by the people including in Vancouver) burns brightly several miles north of here and I want to shine a light on these 'movers and shakers' who deserve to be more than outed, they deserve to be prosecuted. Difficult, yes, since all institutions are now infiltrated by them including justice systems of every nation.

In Dallas, after JFK's assassination in Masonic Dealey Plaza, the Scottish Rite of Freemasons erected an obelisk (another favorite, an Egyptian-esque symbol similar to that in Mecca, now that I think about it) and placed a brazen 'eternal flame' at the site which marked their mayhem and his sacrifice.

And I'm reading that an 'eternal flame' was lighted soon after the attacks of 9/11 at Ground Zero which, if true, shouts out the perpetrators or their backers, at least. Now I haven't been to NYC since pre-9/11, so if you've seen the flame or some rep (such as a statue) of it there, please advise. Think of Rockefeller Center with its golden statue of Prometheus with a torch, the torch of illumination, knowledge, and the Sun.

As you know, mythical Uranian Prometheus stole fire (Mars) from the gods for mankind's use and was punitively chained to a rock (Saturn, ruler of Capricorn) with a great eagle (Scorpionic symbol) arriving each day to eat his liver (Sag = the liver) which regenerated (Pluto) itself each day.

Perhaps obvious 'fire' references to the US' atomic bombing (Pluto) of Japan might be inserted here. And I tend to think of Illuminati in Mundane Astrology work when I consider the Sabian Symbol (Babylonian symbols intuited by a psychic named Elsie Wheeler in 1925 after 10 years' worth of study of Charubel's work from 1898; his interpretations were primarily for Ascendants' degrees) for '13 Capricorn' = "A Fire Worshiper" as relating to the subject of Illuminati and their arrogant interference in the natural course of events and the 'eternal flame' which ordinary folk unknowingly 'worship' at these gravesites - and in the Statue of Liberty's hand, among other places.

And of course, if we use the degree of a symbol without rounding up, we get an Illumination Point (the opposite degree which holds unconscious information) that illuminates America's natal Sun degree of '13 Cancer'. (When rounded up the US Sun = '14Cancer' of course.)

There's less than one degree difference there. Columba and her dive-bombing doves would be proud of modern-day fire worshipers who balk at absolutely nothing to achieve their ends! (See site link below for more details on Columba.)

Well, if you can take more of the subject I ask you to check out a site with a plethora of info on this and related subjects such as Atlantis, other secret societies, and conspiracies.

Guess I should close with the rest of the '13Cap' info from Marc Edmund Jones, no slouch in the Babylonian department himself...

Keyword: is ideality brought to the point of miracle...

positive expression: extraordinary skill in enlisting every resource of the world for the exaltation of self and the consummation of its ambitions;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: consistent overestimation of personal capacity.

Note the emphasis on the 'exaltation of the self' and 'its ambitions'...and on 'every resource of the world' which they apparently are hoarding in a dark cave somewhere after the financial collapse of 2008/09/10+ - which makes this sort of info of intimate concern to everyone on the planet, now and in future.

Here's a related post with links to follow and interesting videos to watch about the global agenda uncovered.

And perhaps I can add one more apt symbol for '11 Pisces' where transiting Jupiter is headed in early March 20-10...

"Men Seeking Illumination"...Keyword: DEDICATION...the immortality of man as dramatized in some form of apostalic succession, or a living tradition of spiritual achievement. The divine spirit is fundamentally a matrix of itself...", he goes on, and one may wish to consider the 'apostalic' succession of Illuminati bloodlines that undergird the exaltations of their will to dominate us now. The DaVinci Code was based on the ridiculous idea (propaganda) that Christ had children with Mary Magdalene - an absurdity that would completely undermine His ministry and sacrifice if you allowed the fantasies of these 'illuminated' Luciferians to take hold of your imagination.

To continue with '11 Pisces'...

pos: high accomplishment in an effective alignment with ultimate reality;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: obvious hypocrisy.

And a massive web of lies and deceit...a matrix of tentacles, I would add.