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Jul 1, 2024

SCOTUS: The Purge and The Joke

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the comon good

Update Monday July 1, 2024: As expected this morning, SCOTUS decided to kick the presidential immunity case back to the lower court of Judge Tanya Chutkan presumably, using a hair-splitting official vs personal acts justification. And in a decision favoring corporations, the court has also performed a purge of governmental agencies and experts' decisions about clean air, water, and so forth.

This ruling is part of the GOP's long-dreamed-of deconstruction of the administrative state, a facet of the purging that Project 2025's fascist agenda will codify into law if dictator-wanna-be Trump manages in November to commandeer the Oval Office helm and take control in January. If so, this would be a case of a convicted felon's short but greedy finger on The Button. What could possibly go wrong?

My original post begins here:

At this juncture, there are two SCOTUS Horoscopes saved in my files. One is set for April 30, 1790, the day that President George Washington signed into law the Crimes Act of 1790 which determines punishments for crimes such as treason.

The positions of today's planets highlight the nearness of the next Saturn Return of SCOTUS 1790 with Saturn @20Pis55:05 (1st session) and you see the Return 2025 Horoscope, below, along with a bi-wheel of SCOTUS 1790 (inner) surrounded by a July 1, 2024 Horoscope set for 10:00 am edt Washington DC - America is now a monarchy, We the People have lost the Revolution:

Jupiter For Jokes, Saturn For Laws

Now destroyed in America, ideally the balance between Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction) should be respected by everyone on Earth since their yin-yang relationship creates the flywheel of the Universe which keeps the planets in our Solar System from flying off their courses. Perhaps you're seen the headline about SCOTUS Is a Joke and it isn't funny. The court's brazen, unparalleled power grab decisions, particularly since Dobbs 2022, are harrowing. Then perhaps we should question the cosmic condition of the Supreme Court's Saturn, planet of The Law.

Because with legal eagle Saturn as the karmic planet of law, order, structure, systems, status quo, The Establishment, government, business, work, concentration, and restrictions, the current Saturn Return of SCOTUS (the third of three Returns on January 19, 1996 (Horoscope shown) with quirky Uranus @00AQ27 conjunct POTUS Sun - President Clinton acting out of character, and a fantasy-prone Mercury-Neptune Conjunction that snugs around US 1776 Pluto suggesting purification rituals) should be consulted as often as possible by those who have the time. Then it's on to the March 2, 2025 Horoscope.

So now that transit Saturn, planet of karma, has been in watery Pisces, sign of secrets, subversion, and delusion, for a while now, the position of SCOTUS 1790 @20Pis55:05 will obviously receive a return visit from the lawerly planet which times a new phase of legalities and responsibilities when what no longer serves their objectives is discarded. This 29-year period will begin on March 2, 2025 as shown in the Return Horoscope, above, and the court's ivory tower isolation from the populace (Venus-Saturn = ASC) will continue as they pontificate from on high with an air of imperial arrogance such as the Vatican usually exhibits.

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