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Jul 7, 2018

Farewell from The Environment to Scott Pruitt

Thanks for sharing, Candice! The message may be on the naughty side but can't one picture say So Much?

Well, hey! Remember in September 2017 how we discussed disruptive Uranus entering the environmental preservationist-conservationist sign of Taurus in mid-May 2018? Then in April 2018 we talked about the transit of shocking Uranus through Fixed (rigid) Venus-ruled Taurus as Nature's Revolution. And we added to the post the appropriate Sabian Symbols for a couple of degrees.

No, Mr. Pruitt will not be missed by anyone unless it's the industrial and other crooks he did 'business' with while playing head of the EPA (and selling out our country).

Blog Note: if you're of an age (18+) why not check out a newly published drawing Blue Mermaid which you'll spy in my Cosmic Persona Designs collection! (Please ignore the many Google 'triangles' where I shut down the gallery previously and images were 'disappeared'. Yet some images are still available for viewing and some embedded links in various posts remain alive for the tapping or clicking! jc