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May 24, 2009

forgotten: the cost of a free and undivided republic?

"Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time testify to the present or to the coming generations that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided republic."

- General Logan, May 5, 1868

May 5, 1868: Sun conjunct Pluto 15 Taurus, the Oxen Point. At noon in DC (and operative for the day) the strongest midpoint picture I see is: Pluto/NN = Uranus: an intense need for recognition; crush the opposition. (Tyl.) Oh dear - sounds like Gen. Logan was taking a...dare I say it...political stand.

Yet on another level 'recognition' may refer to the day of recognition of the fallen. Midpoint pictures may work in an any, all, or none manner for manifestation often depends on being triggered by transits or progressions...or as transits themselves, they may stimulate an individual's, an entity's, or an event chart's placements.)

Yes, General Logan's sentiments are noble words for noble standards, portraying the lofty ideals which America, we've always been told, was founded upon.

My problem is that usurpers who coup our government, with their comperes - the possessors of concentrated wealth who have *always been in control and have manipulated our natural sense of patriotism against us, against those who serve - hide behind our patriotism as a cynical means of establishing their own personal armed forces.

A standing army is a bad idea for the health of the nation, said the Founders, but Capitol Hill tossed that idea out the White House window several decades ago in the interests of grasping and holding political power.

Like Lucifer's suave entry into the matrix of this world by way of a lie, to motivate us into war required a lying way of insinuation and jingoist hype to pull the wool over the sheeple's eyes. Propaganda? Yes, Memorial Day is progandistic to the extent that each citizen allows it to be used as such.

And there's no telling what subliminal messages they're preparing for us after we're triumphantly shoved across the 'Digital Divide' in June. For one thing, more political polarization, I assume, as in: 'Digitally Divide and Conquer.' The best slaves are unaware of their enslavement!

Yet families with fallen loved ones have feelings informed by experience, and if one goes back to all US wars, here and abroad, a larger percentage of our populace have fallen family members to remember on Memorial Day.

My great-great grandfather, Turner Simmons, is buried at **Goldsboro, NC, perhaps in the mass grave there, perhaps not. Either way his sacrifice remains valuable to my family and to the nation and was certainly a huge blow to my mother's side of the family and to the wife and children he sadly left behind.

My dad's side of the family lost at least two brothers that I know of, also in the 'Civil' War, and one of them was the eldest of the crew born in Oglethorpe County, GA, circa 1821+. I believe these ancestral losses and the grief associated with them are in my DNA...I have great interest in studying the Civil War but can only take so much at once before a sense of deep despair overcomes my empathetic heart, and I must end my delving for a time.

Since Hawaii's Senator Inouye first introduced a bill to restore Memorial Day to May 30 (March 17, 1989), Memorial Day as a tribute of gratitude to America's fallen has degenerated into vacation activities for most of us. I have no problem with the restoration of the May 30 date (of my childhood - I am a child of the Revolution as are many) but must wonder what Congress thought it was up to when it changed the date.

(My first intuition is that they were up to No Good, of course!)

So if you'd like a better presentation of these ideas than I can give you, I recommend David Merchant's website set up to argue persuasively for the restoration to May 30 as Memorial Day and as a higher mark of respect for America's fallen than a 3-day weekend of cook-outs and weiner roasts can ever be.


*(US Pluto in Capricorn out-of-bounds of the earthly plane - not party to the other actors except for a loosey goosey relationship with Mars in Gemini and Venus in Cancer, also OOBs in the July 4, 1776 chart.)

**Georgia's 3rd under Gen. Ambrose Wright, Gen. Burnside's NC Expedition engaged the 21st Massachusetts and 51st Pennsylvania forces, commander: Brig. Gen. Jesse Lee Reno; April 19 - 22, 1862, known as 'Camden County' or the Battle of South Mills. The Confederates were building ironclads at Norfolk and so the march to carnage was on.