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Sep 18, 2019

Sept 18, 2019: 226 Years Ago the Capitol Cornerstone Laid

After yesterday's circus theatrics and stonewalling before the House Judiciary Committee one is tempted to wonder if the United States Capitol Building remains standing on Capitol Hill where George Washington put it. Well, though its foundation may be somewhat shaken, it still stands even as the power of Congress over a rebellious Executive Branch is in question. For after all, the temple-like building is all of 226 years old if we count its genesis from the Laying of the Cornerstone by Freemason George Washington and his brothers in Masonic ceremony (bros from Lodges No.22 Virginia and No.9 Maryland). Their solemn procession gathered in Alexandria at 10:00 am LMT, crossed the river, and must have reached Jenkins Heights (aka, Jenkins Hill) around lunch time or thereabouts, give or take.

The symbolic founding horoscope I use for the US Capitol Building is set for 10:53 am LMT September 18, 1793 when expansive, freedom-loving, protective Jupiter @27Scorpio peeked over the horizon; The Sun, Mercury, and North Node were in Virgo which is typically a prominent sign in any horoscope dealing with the founding of Washington DC and is highly important in Freemasonry symbolism with its wheat shaft, the goddess/Virgin, and 'widow's son' implications along with Ceres, an asteroid of nurturing that is sometimes used to represent democracy. Yes, there are goddess archetypes galore across Washington DC, Zodiacs and horoscopes, too.

Actually, in December 2017 I posted on the Laying of the US Capitol Cornerstone with a little Astrology added for good measure (see The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David Ovason for more details). Or as Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and the others must have called it, Sacred Geometry.

So here's wishing a Happy 226th Anniversary, US Capitol Building! But in future, please figure out a way for your proceedings to do without the infiltrators and saboteurs currently undermining your very foundation.


Your friend,

A Child of the Revolution.

Oct 25, 2016

Who Started The Destruction Of Public Trust? - clip (plus, Astrology)

Destruction of the Public Trust has been a topic through the years here on SO'W so I'm glad to find that progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann and Professor Robert Reich have something to say on the subject. In the brief video, below, Thom discusses Professor Reich's recent article which points to the win-at-any-cost antics of Republican Newt Gingrich during Bill Clinton's presidency as one of, if not the, culprit.

Remember that destroying the American people's trust in the US government is an integral part of the Global Government plan for domination so that when the dust clears after the chaos they create, we'll all say, Oh, please please establish a One World Government for our problems are too difficult for Washington politicians to handle, or something to that effect. Puh! Well, there are many examples of dry runs on behalf of this devilish Hegelian scenario but one that comes to mind is the creation of a "super Congress" in 2011 so that sequestration (austerity measures) could be shoved into place, funds diverted, and 'Congress' wouldn't be blamed for the results.

If you recall there was even a Sequestration Solar Eclipse in November 2011 with sinister vibes of "a peculiar turn of events" to reflect in the heavens the non-traditional behavior on earth of our infiltrated US government and its 'officials' who continue to act in breach of the public trust.

Also note that Mr. Trump and Mr. Gingrich were born under the exact same personality blend of Sun Gemini-Moon Sagittarius, if that tells us anything. See Trump and Gingrich: Peter Pan and the Pied Piper for more details. Or view A Natal Chart for Newt Gingrich where you'll see his Sag Moon that will soon (Feb 2017) be hit by a transit from restrictive Saturn (same as Trump's Moon but earlier) followed closely by Saturn opposing their natal Suns.

This transit would be doubly difficult for anyone--unless in the realms of Politics, Saturn brings them authority and responsibility instead of, or along with, loss, ill health, family concerns, broken relationships, and/or an end to their shared desire for power. Whether the Saturn transits are positive or negative for them, I Do Not Want Gingrich, Cheney, Rove, Delay, or any of their particular criminal brotherhood in power, do you? As if all they perpetrated is now okay. It isn't.

So in spite of all globalist ploys to undermine our trust and betrayals of American sovereignty, their Hegelian tactics don't work with this Child of the Revolution because I continue to esteem our form of government while calling foul on the corrupting infiltrators and agents who work from the inside to dissolve our Republic on behalf of a 'new order'. (Perhaps you've seen my 11+-year-old blog description under the title, above--it has not changed!) Do globalists underestimate the fervor of those of us whose ancestors sacrificed, fought, and died for the sake of America? For that is my suspicion!

Now here's Mr. Hartmann:

Astro-Notes on Solar Eclipses of 2015--2017.

Sep 27, 2016

Anonymous: Message to the United States Government 2016 - video

The US government, aided and abetted by the global corporate syndicate, is working to undermine the US Constitution. Tyranny has been the result of this infiltration and the time for resistance is Now.

Update Dec 5, 2022: the video by Anonymous has been deleted from this post by unseen forces and, as it turns out, it's the Republican Party of Herr Tr*mp wanting to delete the US Constitution because the orange albatross thinks destroying it will shove him back into the Oval Office again so he can steal more national security documents and make mega-profits off the Office of the Presidency. Again. Oh, this would greatly please his foreign handlers. jc

Original post continues here with mild edits for clarity:

The main purpose of Stars Over Washington: "Astrological comments on America, on Washington DC, and on the politicians who infest them..."; so types yours truly, A Child of the Revolution, whose ancestor, Francis P. Power of Maryland (1756--1818), joined John Glover's Marbelhead Mariners and risked his life participating in the ferrying of George Washington and 2,400 troops and artillery across the icy Delaware River, December 25/26, 1776, and who fought in the Battle of Trenton which changed the tenor of the Revolutionary War.

Therefore, writing SO'W is the least I can do for the sake of America! Jude

Related posts include: Christmas Day and a 'Double' Ancestor (the natal chart of my 4th-great grandfather (paternal and maternal!) David Barnett born that auspicious day, December 25, 1776 in Christiansburg, VA); The Solar Eclipses of Valley Forge 1777; and the natal Horoscope of the US Constitution set for September 17, 1787 4:00 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and showing the document's Sun Virgo-Moon Sagittarius blend of 'moral certitude' -- which is one of the reasons that criminals are determined to be rid of it and We the People must be even more determined to defend it.

Jude Cowell

Aug 9, 2016

If Trump Quits, Would His Replacement Be Even Scarier? - video

Thom Hartmann poses an interesting question and so close to the November 8th election: who could (or would) replace 2016 Republican nominee Donald Trump on the GOP ticket and how awful would this be?

And may I say that as a *child of the Revolution, I deeply resent how the political establishment has gone along with the power elite who have provided the American people with a rock and a hard place in the 2016 selection of the next president (as if our votes matter) and yes, I believe this was done on purpose precisely at this time to further the instability and disintegration of the US government and the other institutions we have traditionally depended upon. As I've blogged for years (as have others), forget the Rs vs Ds/cons vs libs ploys--this is class warfare of a most vicious kind.

Here's Thom:

Corporatism + Statism = Fascism; replace 'Statism' with Nationalism and you have Mr. Trump, the Mussolini wannabe.


*My occasional reference to A Child of the Revolution is due to ancestral participation in the fight for independence, yes, and to the '30 Cancer' Sabian Symbol which is the Illumination Point of my natal Mars @30Capricorn. I dissent from the destruction of all that they fought, sacrificed, and died for--and reserve the right to do so on behalf of my country. jc

Feb 22, 2014

Natal Horoscope: Ukraine with Jan-Feb 2014 Transits

The following horoscope for Ukraine is one of three given in Campion's Book of World Horoscopes. It is set for December 1, 1991 6:00 EET when the announcement was made after a referendum that Ukraine was legally independent and the country "began to function as a genuinely independent sovereign state." I choose to show this version of a Ukraine natal chart because one of the current transits involves government-toppling Pluto in Capricorn now crushing natal Uranus @11Cap57 in the 6th house of Police and Military Service:

Ukraine December 1, 1991 6:00 pm EET Kiev; Hour of Venus; Ascendant 3Leo29; chart-ruler Sun (Leadership) @9Sag02, Moon (The People) @17Lib48. This is a Fire-Air blend which denotes a 'live wire' relationship full of bombast and impracticality--the 'Utopian idealist' or maverick with many ideas who lives at a very fast pace.

An On-Going Conflict: Independence v Dependence

Sun Sag-Moon Lib reveals Ukraine to be replete with philosophers who possess social consciences, and those who like to frequent coffee shops and theaters. It is a warm-hearted combo of energies with a streak of prophecy tossed in yet it can be assertive, aggressive, and temperamental when challenged or treated unjustly as The People have been of late when President Yanukovych succumbed to Russia's trade deal rather than agreeing to the one offered by the EU.

See How Much Money Did Ukraine Lose When It Nixed the EU Deal? and more on the violent protests which began peacefully.

Now as natal chart-ruler, the Sun makes only one major applying aspect in the chart, a square to Jupiter which is the lead planet of the chart's Bowl pattern. This IDs the country and its leaders (Sun, Jupiter) as wheeler-dealers who don't mind bending the truth when it suits. Alan Oken calls a Sun-Jupiter square 'the squanderer' aspect if that tells you anything about the quality of the leaders the good people of Ukraine have had to put up with (as in America and elsewhere!).

Now let's discuss current transits to Ukraine's natal horoscope and as you see (please tap or click to enlarge), the ones for February 21, 2014 (coup d'etat?) are penned around the outside of the chart. However, in my quirky Uranian way (Uranus in 10th house), I'm going to list the transits for January 22, 2014 since that is the date of the first deaths of protesters and police officers.

So by consulting the displayed horoscope with February transits you can see how far the planets have moved since January 22nd--and that Mercury Rx now sits upon the country's natal 8th cusp of Death and Transformation. Mercury Stations Direct on February 28th @18AQ09 and will cross 8th cusp again; Mars will Station Rx on March 1st @27Lib31 (in natal 4th house of Domestic Scene--Mars = activists, protesters, police, military, and males between 25 to 35, give or take a year or so); Jupiter Stations Direct on March 6th @10Can21 and is, as you see, conjunct natal South Node, a point of separation, in the 12th house of Politics.

you'll undoubtedly notice more aspects to natal planets but these are the planetary influences I see as most affecting current events in Ukraine.

Key: UKR = Ukraine; 2014 = position of planets on January 22, 2014:

2014 Sun conjunct UKR Saturn @2AQ49 in 6th h: authority is highlighted, police and military are used by the president;

2014 Venus conjunct UKR Neptune @15Cap08 in 6th h: someone is out of touch with reality and hard to pin down, disguise is afoot, and mysterious events take place;

2014 Jupiter conjunct UKR South Node of the Moon (the public) which may be on one level a karmic picture of a president stepping down as he did; Jupiter also opposes UKR Uranus @11Cap57, the exact position of the January 1, 2014 New Moon and transiting Pluto! Jupiter opposite Uranus shows it to be a negative time for Politics and Group Endeavors as everyone goes off in different directions--including fleeing presidents and resigning cabinet members;

2014 Saturn conjunct UKR Pluto @21Sco01 in 5th h of Risk-Taking, but very close to the 4th h: situations are too large to be kept under control and there may be deep disappointment about something from the past;

2014 Uranus square UKR Uranus in Capricorn supports disruptive circumstances, separations, and unpredictable events as obstacles to personal freedom are met with an independent spirit; additionally, you see that transiting Uranus, planet of rebellion, rioting, and revolution, is at the top of the natal horoscope at Midheaven (11Ari32), the Goal Point of any chart with revolution and fire in the streets of Kiev being highly visible upon the World Stage--in Independence Square! What better place for the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square to trigger its work of rebellion?

You may wish to view the following video concerning the Divide in the Ukraine--Russia v EU, with astrological Uranus' 'separation and disruption' vibes on display:

One last note about the natal chart: in UKR's 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Secret Deals contains the country's Pre-Natal Eclipse @18Can58 in the 11 South Saros Series. Its themes include: 'the need for sudden reforms, old ideas and methods fail and new systems are needed to deal with events; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) 11S last manifested on July 22, 2009 @29Cancer+ with '30Can' being the "A Child of the Revolution" degree in Sabian Symbols. 11S also occurred in the years 1901, 1919, 1937, 1955, and 1973, and will next turn up in year 2027.

During this dangerous time, my heartfelt prayers go out to the good people of Ukraine who, like all of us, deserve much fairer treatment from the government that is allegedly serving them. jc

May 24, 2009

forgotten: the cost of a free and undivided republic?

"Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time testify to the present or to the coming generations that we have forgotten as a people the cost of a free and undivided republic."

- General Logan, May 5, 1868

May 5, 1868: Sun conjunct Pluto 15 Taurus, the Oxen Point. At noon in DC (and operative for the day) the strongest midpoint picture I see is: Pluto/NN = Uranus: an intense need for recognition; crush the opposition. (Tyl.) Oh dear - sounds like Gen. Logan was taking a...dare I say it...political stand.

Yet on another level 'recognition' may refer to the day of recognition of the fallen. Midpoint pictures may work in an any, all, or none manner for manifestation often depends on being triggered by transits or progressions...or as transits themselves, they may stimulate an individual's, an entity's, or an event chart's placements.)

Yes, General Logan's sentiments are noble words for noble standards, portraying the lofty ideals which America, we've always been told, was founded upon.

My problem is that usurpers who coup our government, with their comperes - the possessors of concentrated wealth who have *always been in control and have manipulated our natural sense of patriotism against us, against those who serve - hide behind our patriotism as a cynical means of establishing their own personal armed forces.

A standing army is a bad idea for the health of the nation, said the Founders, but Capitol Hill tossed that idea out the White House window several decades ago in the interests of grasping and holding political power.

Like Lucifer's suave entry into the matrix of this world by way of a lie, to motivate us into war required a lying way of insinuation and jingoist hype to pull the wool over the sheeple's eyes. Propaganda? Yes, Memorial Day is progandistic to the extent that each citizen allows it to be used as such.

And there's no telling what subliminal messages they're preparing for us after we're triumphantly shoved across the 'Digital Divide' in June. For one thing, more political polarization, I assume, as in: 'Digitally Divide and Conquer.' The best slaves are unaware of their enslavement!

Yet families with fallen loved ones have feelings informed by experience, and if one goes back to all US wars, here and abroad, a larger percentage of our populace have fallen family members to remember on Memorial Day.

My great-great grandfather, Turner Simmons, is buried at **Goldsboro, NC, perhaps in the mass grave there, perhaps not. Either way his sacrifice remains valuable to my family and to the nation and was certainly a huge blow to my mother's side of the family and to the wife and children he sadly left behind.

My dad's side of the family lost at least two brothers that I know of, also in the 'Civil' War, and one of them was the eldest of the crew born in Oglethorpe County, GA, circa 1821+. I believe these ancestral losses and the grief associated with them are in my DNA...I have great interest in studying the Civil War but can only take so much at once before a sense of deep despair overcomes my empathetic heart, and I must end my delving for a time.

Since Hawaii's Senator Inouye first introduced a bill to restore Memorial Day to May 30 (March 17, 1989), Memorial Day as a tribute of gratitude to America's fallen has degenerated into vacation activities for most of us. I have no problem with the restoration of the May 30 date (of my childhood - I am a child of the Revolution as are many) but must wonder what Congress thought it was up to when it changed the date.

(My first intuition is that they were up to No Good, of course!)

So if you'd like a better presentation of these ideas than I can give you, I recommend David Merchant's website set up to argue persuasively for the restoration to May 30 as Memorial Day and as a higher mark of respect for America's fallen than a 3-day weekend of cook-outs and weiner roasts can ever be.


*(US Pluto in Capricorn out-of-bounds of the earthly plane - not party to the other actors except for a loosey goosey relationship with Mars in Gemini and Venus in Cancer, also OOBs in the July 4, 1776 chart.)

**Georgia's 3rd under Gen. Ambrose Wright, Gen. Burnside's NC Expedition engaged the 21st Massachusetts and 51st Pennsylvania forces, commander: Brig. Gen. Jesse Lee Reno; April 19 - 22, 1862, known as 'Camden County' or the Battle of South Mills. The Confederates were building ironclads at Norfolk and so the march to carnage was on.